Hitman Fan Art



I don’t get it…


It’s because he’s slow, he wasn’t fast enough to repost the art from Steams Publisher sale.


I believe that is actually concept art for Blood money, at least the background pics are. I remember seeing those back in the day.


Yes I’ve seen them before, I do believe they are tied to BM as well. To begin with I thought they might have been from the user manual, showing 47 different moves. But those are much more simplistic.


I remember seeing those in combination with other pics in the exact same style that illustrated stuff that never really came to be.
So I’m thinking they were concepts of what they wanted to accomplish with the game. The ones used on Steam became reality.

One showed 47 pointing a shotgun at a guard, the guard slowly putting his pistol down, and then 47 executing him.
For some reason (perhaps the less than perfect English) I distinctly remember one of the members of the forum describing this as “taking out to kill”


47’s pic looks like a mix of these two, may be a different pic though.



Relevant now that the Entertainer is back


These are great. :smiley: Lmao at the alternative ending.


Thanks! Ye, I couldn’t resist that one :stuck_out_tongue:



Its a old one but still cool. I guess its a celebration of the USA, Whittleton Creek location :smile:


Here is another for you guys to enjoy :grinning:

Let’s see if you can guess what and where it’s from :smiley:


Shammal Hotel



Heeey you got it!! :smile: Then there is only 2 left to guess on


Joaquin Phortysevenix


First one is one of the Honk Kong levels from Contracts and second is Hidden Valley


So true congrats!! Guess my drawing skills are not that bad :smile:


Here’s a Deus Ex inspired fan art of 47 with his Fiber Wire and briefcase!

This is my first digital drawing so a lot of things like lighting suck and it doesn’t look like how I wanted but nonetheless I hope enjoyed it :smiley: :+1:


My honest opinion on 47 in that art. He’s head Could really use some improvements. Here is what I think feels wrong with the head

47 eyes shadows look dumb when the eyes are pretty clearly shown
The head’s shape looks pretty bad, and could use some ligher skin tone and some shadows to add some depht to the head.
You should add some purple shadows on 47 head, mainly because the suit has some purple from the lights behind him

Everything else looks magnificent :grinning: