Hitman Fan Art


I tried to put the light around 47’s head but helooked even weirder the that way so I just used to fill tool to get over with the drawing, very stupid of me. I now remember I haven’t drawn 47’s ears :joy: Thanks a lot I’ll post it one more time with better details on his face soon :smiley:


Didn’t think or notice that you forgot his ears :neutral_face:


Fan Art / wishful thinking…

I’d double dip for that if progress was persistent across platforms. :smiley:



please dont ban me ioi


I sketched out some Hitman : Silent Assassin load screens a few years ago. This is the Shogun Showdown .

And everybodys favorite :joy::wink: Hidden Valley/ At The Gate


Imagine that for the PS2?


Drew 47 in the Classic All-Black suit (mostly because of a screenshot by LordShaw that I saw) and made up a suit for Diana.

I wish I could draw anyone other than these two. My attempts at the SC have been mediocre at best.


Good job!

Diana: “Who are you dressing as at this year’s ICA Halloween party, 47?”

47: “Bond. James Bond.”

Diana: “Nice. But you could use an English accent and more hair.”

47: “Noted. Who are you going as?”

Diana: “You.”

47: “Awkward. And you could use a less English accent and less hair.”

Diana: “Touché.”


Here is some Rotterdam’s Harbor:


I know I messed up. I put 48 overlapping the 47 but its agent 17. Oops.


DUDE you nailed the eyes of the new hitman face :grinning:


Thanks ! Really appreciate it (:slight_smile:


Your welcome, you should do more :smiley:


Any Ideas? Anybody who sees this can request a drawing and I will try my best!


Maybe something with a shadow that makes a shape of something badass?


Maybe a standoff between 47 and Sam Fisher? Both with their signature weapons. 47 with his Silverballer and Fisher with his FN Five-seveN. Clash of the stralth franchises (obviously the old Fisher from 1-3).


What could he be thinking? :wink:

Diana talks way too much

She’s talking to his earpiece, excitedly reading him a delicious fan fiction of her own creation.

Quite the fanfic.


He could be thinking: “Diana sounds excited about this kill opportunity. I won’t tell her that I thought of it myself twenty minutes ago. She’s much more pleasant when she feels like she’s contributing.”

P.S. I like Diana’s banter, but this is for those who feel she sometimes points out the obvious. lol