Hitman Fan Art


(20 characters, each one more precious than the last).

Here’s moaarr

from me



Thanks for the feedback, it made me regret taking so many shortcuts. The belt and a few other things were from an old project unrelated to Hitman that I put in unthinkinkingly.

Very nice render!!! !

I like the first one better

Great work Yogosan, I dig the last one really much!
So here’s more from me. This time I spent a bit more time. It was inspired by a James Bond poster, so if you see any similarities yeah, it’s from there :smile:
you can click on the image to make it bigger :wink:


You are very good Silviu, outstanding work, if you are looking for feedback, his right hand, the one not holding his weapon, is the only thing I can find to be a bit off, I think the fingers are too short, making his hand look too small. I’m not half as good as you on painting, but I am a perfectionist when it comes to proportions, everything else looks totally amazing

This? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job dude! i really love your work. :thumbsup:


Definitely the best guy for drawing the concept art for my books!

Dude stop being so amazing.

But don’t stop being so amazing.

wow, glad to see you guys enjoy it. I agree with you @abeg, the hand may be a tad too small. And yeah that’s picture that I drew inspiration from.
@Brownell whenever you feel like doing it, I’m willing to work on it.

Thanks everyone :heart_eyes:


omg this is freakin awesome! :open_mouth:
wish I had a tablet :frowning:

and some of my shit again


If you’re going to buy a graphics tablet in the near future go with Wacom, it’s the best in terms of digital painting.You can buy one of these for starters, they’re pretty cheap and you can do lots more than drawing on a note.
Give it a try man, you definitely have what it takes.

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I have a Cintiq 13 HD. It’s my baby. I started with the Bamboo Fun tablet from Wacom :stuck_out_tongue: I definitely recommend any Wacom product. ANY. They are number one.

What program are you using? You said this was done on your Samsung Note, correct? I just got a Note 4 recently and these pics always get me in a drawing mood.

Its basic s note app
and snapseed filter

Thank you kind sir

Here’s an Absolution piece I did a few years back. It was for fun, not a commission or anything to do with my professional portfolio.