Hitman Fan Art

Dude… that looks outstanding!! (Saved the photo for myself :grin:)

The Piano_Man definitely approves!

I really love the pose, very unique compared to the other artwork with 47 and the Fiber Wire.

(And yes, I still do plan on making that canvas, mark my words lol but I’m gonna hold off on that at least until after H3 and see what the future holds.)

Since it’s gonna be on a huge canvas and probably a bit pricey to make, I want to have ALL Hitman Targets on it. Who knows, they might make more games after H3 but that’s why I wanna hold off on it for a while. But it will definitely come, I assure you :wink:

But yeah again, excellent work on your piece! I love it.

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Yeah… I really researched to find an authentic wire pose that was also a “fighting” pose. Research is always your friend.

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So i got my first ever commission, 47 chills at the Himmapan Hotel pixel art :smiley:


That sparkling water is a nice touch

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That third one is so hyperrealistic. I like the Constant and I think a wallpaper of his face from the top left image would look really cool.
Speaking of which, I need to upload a profile pic!

47 in Mumbai


Great work as always! The only thing that brothers me is the lack of scope on Sieger 300 Ghost but other than that I have nothing negative to say about this.

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This is really nice, even though I have no idea how you did it. Did you have to do it pixel by pixel?

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Thanks :smiley: You can say so, I did the outlines pixel by pixel but used the paint bucket to fill majority of pixels.

That’s really talented, I couldn’t even draw by hand!

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Really cool pic. :+1: But what is the Sun doing there? :joy:


Got the perspective wrong a little bit :joy:

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Let’s just call it a gold coin that 47 tossed just for the heck of it!


Since I’m a fan of Hitman series of games like most of you I had an idea to make some 3D models of weapons and other inventory items that I thought would fit or at least be cool to have in Hitman 2 or future installments. I would really appretiate you opinions. Thank you :slight_smile: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/RYVndv


Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Sooo I found this nice mobile pixel art animation app, here’s the first of many :smiley:

HITMAN character awards

Who wins? Comment!


Does his name rhyme with Dergood Mangan?


You…made these? They look amazing! I wish I could produce quality like this. I’d really like that crossbow, for a truly silent kill.

Instead of HITMAN 2, you’re asking about HITMAN, so my guess is Rocco’s sister.

Get down here any minute!


You mean Rocco shouldn’t be the winner? Unacceptable! Inconceivable!

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