Hitman Fan Art


Programming WIP.
UV’s and Edge Verts are borked atm.


What program is this? also this face looks identical like in new game


Did you see they posted this one on the official Hitman fb-page? You deserve it, beautiful work.

edit: http://archive.hitmanforum.com/index.php/topic/56256-fan-art-by-klopotinsha/
This is probably my favorite Hitman fan art. I love the attention to detail and all the small references to the story.


Not sure if it counts as fanart but I painted myself a Hitman-themed Halloween decoration:


Nice work!!


Thought i’d take a stab at Hitman Forum Drinking game and do some texture work for the Delgado Family Vineyard, should totally capitalise on it and put it in HITMAN to make it cannon.


I just love this. All of this. It is amazing! It is great to love something like this, when it brings some creativity inside you. I just love it.


I like that his facial expression of lassitude adds another dimension to his character. It’s as if he’s just shot someone or is about to, and is contemplating the act in a depressive way.


Welp. First fanart of 47 finally. xD This actually turned out way better than I thought it would. I used the new HITMAN face as a reference, and once again, added age to it using Absolution as a reference. My shading game needs work. Be gentle. ^_^;


not too bad. you did well on the shape of his head and cheekbones.

I personally would have preferred to hear that you got inspiration from the older games, not crapsolution haha. Still its a great pic, I really like it.

feels like his making an offer I cant refuse :wink:


I only took facial cues for his age from Absolution. Because his face was a lot more detailed in it than in earlier games.

And yeah, I kinda went with a ‘come hither’ thing. IDK why. Just felt like doing something different. I think I’ll have him with either his Ballers or Fiber Wire next.:wink:

Thanks for the feedback.


Made another one- this time with the Silverballers- which I apparently suck at shading. :pensive: I need to draw guns more. Shading them is hard when you’re looking at the light source like ‘Okay…why isn’t this looking like metal right now?’ :sweat_smile: Also, I got lazy with the shading. Like… a lot. But here it is regardless.

So I asked @silviu if I could color their sketch. They gave me permission, so I colored it like I would a comic. I’m rather fond of the results. :smile:

With gradients.

Without gradients.


Wow this is very good!! I really like this one a lot. Excellent work!


It’s distinctly brighter than most Hitman art, but I wanted to try some new digital painting techniques so I made this for launch day.


I’m speechless, I don’t know how to feel about that picture.

10/10 would look at again.


Hey, I’m just curious how good peoples art skills are here in the forum. Unfortunately mine ain’t that great :confused:
I’m just wondering if anyone here would be able to some how draw out the “stain wash label” either by hand or with whatever you use on tablet or computer.

I know the picture is hard to see, but I believe the yellow words above “stain” says “eliminates stains on contact”-or Atleast that’s what I would put if I were to make it :wink:

If anybody would like to take a shot at creating the label, I would really really appreciate it :smiley: Thanks in advance to whoever gives it a shot!

EDIT: After looking threw this thread, obviously you guys are extremely talented with your artwork. Very impressive! I’m sure whoever decides to make the “Stain Wash label” will have absolutely no trouble at all. You guys are very good!! :+1:t2:


^ Has anyone been able to make that yet? Lol

Just wondering. Like I said, I suck at stuff like that and from all the good artwork I’ve seen other people do on here, I could never even compare :smile:

Very much appreciated if someone could make the label

Cheers! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m currently working on a drawing that’s far from finished, but here’s what I got so far.

I also got this funny meme thing I made in Photoshop a year ago or so.


Don’t know if this is art, it isn’t complete yet. But it was fun to make to play with my nephews against their action figures lol. :smiley:


unfinished Heads and spooky 47 with an axe
(click them!)