Hitman Fan Art


Yes I think I should add some shadows, because the size of the head looks correct (I think), but I agree it gives a strange feeling…


Hey man I really love your work!


You posted three by Patrick Brown. I love his work. ^^


One my dad drew for me, many years back as a birthday present

My dad is currently working on another drawling for me, it’s looking good so far, I can’t wait till its done so I can frame that one as well :smiley:


What are the umbrella and diamond shaped red bits? That’s an awesome drawing is it just a hobby or his profession?


You mean the things on each side of 47??

They are a light brown color and it’s just supposed to represent debris flowing through the wind, as if he were outside… Just to give it a “moving” sort of effect to it.

But thank you, yes I like it a lot myself. And no he just does drawling as a hobby. Unfortunately, I didn’t get his artistic genes. I mean I can draw, but not like my father can. He can draw actual people and stuff like that and it looks amazing. He went to an art school when he was young.


Papa Bear seems to love a lot his cub. Its awesome!


Haha thank you! Yes my dad’s the man! He doesn’t play much games himself, but he knows how much I love Hitman and decided to make me a “caricature” type drawing of 47, for my birthday gift few years back. I like it a lot. I have him drawing me a whole bunch now :laughing:


Every image of Hitman you see has the briefcase meanwhile months have passed and still nothing :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:.


Lmao tell me about it… When we finally do get the briefcase, I’m gonna be going like…



If and when we get it :yum: They will save it for season two to get people to buy the new season.


Changed my Steam Profile:

What do you guys think? What would you change?


I would make it red to fit in with Hitman better but apart from that it’s nice.


Wow… this one really looks awesome
Good job



lets his gun shine in the lighting


This isn’t mine but from a really talented artist that’s a diehard Hitman fan. I thought this picture was both cute and funny.

Dedicated to the onesided-acquaintanceship that is 47xSmith :blush: :joy:

Artist link: http://yibingling.deviantart.com/


:bear::joy::joy::joy:. I can’t help but laugh!!!
Heh. It’s beary well drawn but not my cup of tea.


They have much more artwork of 47 that isn’t of this variety don’t worry


This one hits me right in the feels: