Hitman Fan Art


It’s still a very rough sketch but I would love to draw some more connected to the game events. :blush:


I suck at coloring. Learning is fun eh.


Leave it Monocromatic. It looks cool that way.


I use a trial version of that software so I couldn’t save it.


Too bad. At least you have the pic. It’s something. Still cool.


Ahh but it looks so nice! D: it’s such a shame for it. I never saw this program, but I’m sure there are many Photoshop-like alternatives for free.


Gimp is free photoshop but obviously not as good. The program I used here is called Clip Studio Paint. It costs 50$. Fuck photoshop and their subscription based purchase model. it’s a scam


Well, another good program I can recommend is the Paint tool sai or Corel painter. I personally not using those but I heard good feedbacks from other artists.
But I don’t want to sound like a commercial lol. So here’s 47 with daddy long legs. :smiley:


your style is super cool. do you have more of these?


I liked your sketch and I was bored so…


Looks absolutely amazing!


@Skizoh you seem very talented at this. I on the other hand… Not so much :sweat_smile:

I have a request for a picture, if you’re interested…

I was thinking 47 disguised as Roberto Vargas

And slightly looking over his shoulder, back at Caruso about to swing

(Kind of having a devilish smirk on 47’s face, while 47 is holding up the NON exploding golfball.)
Meaning 47 already switched them :smiling_imp:

47’s face have something similar with the look of this.

(Just a very slight smirk)
I’m sure you will do great if you decide to do it. Or to anyone else for that matter. I think it would make for an excellent drawling.


I tried to draw Rose and Graves… :stuck_out_tongue: Not my best shot but it was nice to draw something Hitman-related. Also my phone’s camera isn’t very good for taking pictures of drawings so I had to edit this image a little. :^)


You give out lessons? Looks mint mate


That is actually pretty damn good!
You should give my request (up above) a try!
Be creative. :wink:


Thanks. :smiley: Haha, maybe I’ll draw Caruso later, he’s my favorite target of all time.


Cool! Look forward to see how it turns out. :smiley:

Yeah, Caruso is definitely up there in the best targets list lol


LOL I was holding my rabbit with the same posture when I scrolled to this pic. :joy:

…And got kicked on the face cuz I accidentally tickled her foot. :sob:


Say no more, sir. I have something in my mind.
…also omg that face, I’m giggling like an idiot.


Thank you @Pissfloyd, You can find more stuff on my Artstation. It was just a small part of this bigger picture. >u>

I’m not 100% happy with it but there was an attempt t make something comic like. I admit I miss this film noir feeling from the latest game. Oh, well.
Also, it’s so nice to see this topic is buzzing! o v o