Hitman Fan Art


Fuck me that’s a dope piece. Great use of big brushes. absolutely a fan


Really, man. That is awesome. Very talented indeed. Can’t wait to see what ya come up with, with the golf picture! :smile:


(lazy) design student here, practice makes a lot and you have great sketch skills for posing. There are so many great tutorials by artists I love, for example Dave Rapoza, his paintings looks so real bc the awesome use of lighting.

But practice and follow the marks of artists you like makes your own style. On DeviantArt or youtube you could find a lot of great tutorials

@Skizoh your artstation is really neat, great work, Im so jealous of your style

Btw, two fanarts I made the past year

I suck at posing, I use mainly references.


The talent in this thread is unreal! Great stuff!


I just saved those two pictures :sunglasses::+1:


; u ; Thank you!
took a deep breath Oh boiii… Dave Rapoza is a huge inspiration for me as well! I also picked up most of my knowledge by living on youtube tutorials, learning from other concept artists etc.

I love how you playing with the contrasts and shapes! + the RGB channels, it’s a cool effect that I also like to use for time to time.


Your dad has got skillzzz!


Thank you!
Yeah he is pretty good, he been drawing since he was a kid, he just does it for fun. He’s actually in the works of making me a couple more Hitman drawings, he works on it from time to time. When it’s all done I’ll post them here.

I always enjoyed art, but unfortunately I didn’t inherit his creative genes lol I mean, I can draw just not that good, my dad can draw actual people and it looks flawless. I could never do that :sweat_smile:


I tried to do another one. The coloring and shading is something I really need to practice more tho.


Looks good to me. Practice makes perfect, man :slightly_smiling_face:
Keep it up!


What software is that?


Clip studio. It’s really good and cheap too. I use the trial version tho. Buying it at some point for sure


you should try Krita, it’s free and made for painters and illustrators, probably better than Gimp for digital painting

btw when you have things to do but do more Hitman fanart instead

edit: finished


Maybe not as good as the other art here, but made a female 47,
Handdrawn, scanned in, set to all balck and white for colloring easy with paint, I know there are better programs but its fast and easy for what I need and can do.


I’m a simple Hitman fan. I see the WA2000 I upvote


That’s actually really nice, good that you gave her hair though. :smiley: I wonder if those earrings are actually explosives?

Because of that WA2000, I remembered my own simple pixel art version of it. :^)


Nice one, hehe, it’s immediatly recognizable…


Cool, but she’ll draw a lot attention like this. Maybe thats the idea??


It was originaly made for a bigger picture I made, beeing 4 female mercs based on ninja turtles and seperatly as 4 movie/game characs L–>R -leo/killbill–donny/matrix–mickey/47–ralph/terminator–carJurrasicp and reworked 47 for an also hitmanfanartpic,
I’ll post my initial pic but wont derail more after that (litlle bit related beeing my lady47 is still in there


low quality 5 second Photoshop because that mental image was so great.