Hitman Fan Art


Nice! You’ve got the gun pose down!


Lol hitshark hell strangle his victims with seagrass


Beat dis!

Fun fact: he has another face under this one.


He got spotted, action begins!


how old are you?



Too old to draw like this.


Shiet, i forgot the ears haha



Jealous? Huuuuuhhhhh??



Hey what’s up man? How’s that “47 Golf Coach” drawling coming along? I didn’t know if you were still interested in doing it or not. Just asking, I really think that would look cool. ( Post 134 ^ ) :wink:


My postcard of August 2016. Note the PS (“There were bugs in my room but I took care of it.”). :palm_tree: :smiling_imp:


I think Sapienza’s scientists missed 47 after the destruction of the virus. :sweat_smile: :it:


Someone with skills please give this a go? :raised_hands:
Have this setting…

Then draw 47 (In the disguise, slightly looking over his shoulder) holding up the golfball with a little grin, like this…

(Indicating 47 already replaced the regular golf ball, with the exploding one :smiling_imp:)
(Picture of Caruso about to swing)

@silviu @NE7 @Zyras_Marek
Someone please try it out, I’m very curious how it will look. My skills ain’t great so I come to you artists on HMF :pray:


Found this the other day…


I recreated 47 in Lego Worlds, not really art but did not know where else to post this on the forum…


And here is the Terminus Suit…Unlocked it by getting a Silent assassination rating in an Elusive Lego Target, hahahahahahahaaha, Just kidding its a part of a zombie-minifig that by supercool accident I can make this with, good game, anyone else here play it? then maybe I make a Topic out of it, did not find one here…


Here’s my first fan art from 2012. I was at the time getting into Hitman franchise through Blood Money, so decided to make a drawing of 47.

I do have also a oil painting of 47, but since I’m new to this forum I am not allowed to post it here. But you can check it out at my DeviantArt gallery at http://knilf.deviantart.com/art/19-47-372327089


Ezra Berg

(Not mine)


Sketch of David Bateson; aka: voice of Agent 47.
(Not mine)