Hitman fan made trailer pitch featuring Mark Strong


Hulu is making a new TV show based on the very popular Hitman gaming franchise, this trailer is a pitch trailer, setting the tone for the TV show featuring the always brilliant Mark Strong as Agent 47.


Mark Strong? (Even though it’s a fan trailer) Sold.

Absolutely love the guy and his shiny done. Can see him as 47.


Yes,he is awesome in everything.


Neat. i thought about him as a nice pick after seeing that awful action/comedy film of the two brothers in which he’s a spy… can’t remember the name though.


Kingsman ?



I know I have spoken at some length about a HITMAN movie here:

But if the subject is trailers that feel like what a good HITMAN movie could be like… I always liked the one for “THE AMERICAN”:

I’d probably see this as something like a spiritual successor to HITMAN 2: SILENT ASSASSIN. 47 wants out. He wants a life of his own, but doesn’t believe anything “good” or “sensible” would ever have interest in him… but he has to try.

In this kind of plot setup, we’d explore 47 at a point in time that is simply impossible for the games: 47 is no longer anonymous, no longer a legend. 47 is a target. Wanted by so many people, agencies, organizations, and corporations. Like George Clooney’s character in THE AMERICAN, 47 would have to face the truth that he’s at the end of both his career and possibly his life. Maybe 47 is forced to think about his life choices -
all the people he has killed and confronts whether he made the right choices in life… maybe he realizes that even as simply a professional, he has killed as a matter of choice.

Maybe 47 discovers the ICA would like to get rid of him since he’s too “hot” now to retain as an asset… Maybe it ends with 47 and Diana ending each other’s lives?

Or maybe 47 rides out the sunset? Maybe he finds a life beyond his career as an assassin?

That’s one of the kinds of HITMAN films I’d be interested in.