Hitman Fan Made Trailer Videos

Haven’t seen a thread that was for purely Hitman Trailers. In this thread create your own Videos, using one or all of the Hitman games.

Choose a song and gather some cutscenes, or add some of your own gameplay to make it even more unique.

Just my opinion, but this song would go great with some Hitman gameplay…

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Haha very well put together, I like it. Of course it counts, nice job! You should do more, I’d be interested to see what else you come up with :wink:

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This isn’t my video, but it’s a perfect example of the type of Hitman videos I’m talking about…

They can be cutscenes that you edit together, or you can even add a bit of gameplay here and there to make it more unique. Don’t forget to add a cool song to make it fit even more.

And it can be from any Hitman games, not just the current Hitman. You can even add multiple Hitman games to one video, whatever you guys want!


Cool trailer m8 :):grinning:

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@MrFreeze2244’s trailer is really good.

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My trailer for house of cards that I made when blood money movie project was a thing

Unfortunately I never made an actual movie for this level since my cheat enabler stopped working

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This is actually very well put together! Excellent job on the creator.


The Fiber Wire??

That’s from Absolution, in the very beginning cutscene.

Unfortunately no :sweat_smile:
I thought you were being serious lol

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Wow, thats actually mine :grin: thanks :blush: