[HITMAN] Fan Soundtrack

Hey all,

I’ve posted this around the square enix forum, and figured some of you lads and lassies who may have missed it might be interested.

Here’s a collection of music created after the announcement of [HITMAN].


You’ll notice the style becomes more electronic / ‘Contracts’-ish near the end - the style switched over the course of a year as more and more of the game was announced :stuck_out_tongue:


These are great man, really nice. Middle Eastern Assignment’s my favourite, the percussion’s mad.

Humbled, mate. Thank you.

I’ve added a few tracks since November - the two newest ones being ‘Window’ and ‘Assassin’. Cheers!

Fantastic work! Really captured the mood of the Hitman series with a lot of these. Nice to see a fellow Canuck on here :open_mouth:

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“Hackin’ a dart ey bud?”

Thanks lad, appreciate it.

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New track added - check out “Devil in the Details”

Heavily inspired by Contracts - very dark globe-trotting assassin vibe.

Can not believe I haven’t seen this before now! Your work is absolutely amazing jesus christ! I really like the way you use percussion.

What daw do you use?

If I had to add any critism it would be that I feel the electronic parts could be done a little better. But that’s only a minor thing. Your music’s great. I can hear that alot of effort went into it.

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Really appreciate the comments, Mr. Floyd!

Ableton 9 is my poison.

I totally agree too, listening back on some of the electronic bits they sound a bit muddled.


what does all of this have to do with the new game?

Nothing at all, you’re right Sir Clarence.

Moved this to Creative Corner

[quote=“radioteque, post:9, topic:3459”]
Really appreciate the comments, Mr. Floyd!
[/quote]I’d prefer Mr. Piss :laughing:

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New track, “Reaper”

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New track, “A House Built on Sand - Hunting and Tension”

Has a bit of a “Revenant OST” vibe to it.

Damn, really love these! :heart_eyes:
These are better than the soundtrack in game right now! :open_hands:

Holy shit, these are great. Awesome work @radioteque, IO should hire you to do the music lol

@Spoderman @RotaryOliver

Wow guys, thank you. Those comments mean a lot. Very motivating.

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Definetly very Revenant-like. What’s your opinion of the current music in-game and it’s tone? Your work is more like what I expect from a Hitman game.

I was pretty vocally against it in the beginning - at one point compared it to the music in ‘Criminal Minds’. That was a pretty harsh comparison though.

In all fairness, they gave Niels a guideline for what the music should sound like, and it sounds like the ‘spy thriller’ that they were aiming for.

Is it Hitman? I don’t personally hear it like that. It is spy thriller though.


@Kcuts_Titogi duuuuuuuude, check this out! :smile:

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I really like the ‘a house built on sand’ tune you made. nice percussion in there.