Hitman FANFICTION thoughts

Hello, recently I’ve had an idea for a fanfiction. It serves as a small, 6 chapter story, and will be the story of 47 traveling to 6 different locations, with some sort of drama happening of course. I already have most of the planning done, but I want to know who would actually be interested in actively reading these.

If you would be engaged in reading a 6 chapter fanfic, please vote below. I would only continue writing this if people are interested, as it’s something I want to do as a sort of gift to the Hitman fans here (some mild fanservice).

If enough attention is garnered, I will release the prologue, gather people’s thoughts on the prologue, then see where it goes from there.

Please pick the first option only if you’re interested, even slightly. I shouldn’t have said “I would read all 6 chapters”, my bad

  • Yes, I would read all 6 chapters
  • Not interested

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Don’t know about the whole six chapters but I would read the first one and give you my thoughts from there.


i should change my wording, but thanks

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@Phoenix might be interested in this. And also @AGENT_58 @Mads47 @SeanBernowicz


I can’t say if I would be interested in reading all six, but I’m willing to give the prologue a go :slightly_smiling_face:

How many Blowjobs were givin in those 6 Chapters?

i would read at least the Prologue.


Sure,I would give it a read

Probably best to fallow your hearth, than publish chapter one/prologue and reactions to that will tell you everythinig you need to know.

That’s what I did with my project. (non hitman related)

Exclusively never read fanfiction before, but would give this a go for sure!

Taking quite some time.

been, busy. and not many people are active on Sunday. will release it tomorrow, i think

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I would love to read some cake fanfic :smiley:

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well you can :^)


Don’t want to steal @cakeblock941’s thunder, but I’m writing some Hitman fanfiction of my own: narrations of Paris and Sapienza. Notes:

  • Dalia Margolis was poisoned during her meeting with Helmut Krueger and Viktor Novikov was subsequently killed after his meeting with Decker.

  • Silvio Caruso has his throat slashed while watching home videos. The virus was destroyed when it overheated and Francesca De Santis was garrotted to death while investigating it.

  • I’m going with the POVs of the targets and occasionally other characters, such as the makeup artist and Helmut Krueger, rather than 47. Adds to the mystery part of him, though 47 would get a POV view when needed.

  • GNN would do a news report at the end, along with the ending cutscene.


Sounds interesting, Markie.

Although if you tell the stories from the POVs of the targets, you won’t be describing the hits, because the targets aren’t aware they’re being hunted until the very moment 47 attacks them.

You say you’d give 47 scenes when needed, and I think that’s a good idea.

My advice would be to intercut the scenes of targets and other characters going about their business with very short but quite frequent scenes of 47 making progress towards his targets. I think that’d help create a rising sense of tension to keep readers hooked.

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From the POVs of the targets and other characters, yeah. I’m thinking of writing up death scenes: rather gruesome and painful ones for Margolis (poisoned) and Caruso (neck slit) and quick and efficient ones for Novikov (neck snap) and De Santis (garrotted). Work on my writing skills for English.

Anyway, would you happen to know the name of the makeup artist who does Helmut Krueger’s make-up?

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I don’t, but I’ll find out for you in a minute when the latest update has installed.

Thanks. We should probably continue this conversation through PMs. Won’t want to disrupt the topic here.

As a fellow creative, I’m sure @cakeblock941 doesn’t mind. This bumps his thread and brings attention to his story (the prologue of which is very good, BTW, you guys should read it if you haven’t). :slight_smile:

The name of the artist who applies Helmut Kruger’s (or rather, 47’s) make-up is David Boyer (or at least it was when I just played it. Not sure if it’s the same person every time.)

Alright, thanks for finding it. Boyer isn’t much of a French surname, by the way.

Also, Heidi Santoro appears in Hitman 2. Not related to my fanfic, but does she talk about Jordan Cross? If so, how does she feel about him? Contempt? Pity? Sadness?