Hitman Forum Movie Project - Let's Make a Silent Assasin Movie

2016 Pre-Release
St. Petersburg Stakeout Short Released
First Sneak Peak Announcement
Lord Sinclair And Else Secondary Short Released
The Gontranno Sanctuary Being Redone
Cheats & Console Commands list released
Gontranno Sanctuary Redone Released!
Old Gontranno Sanctuary Short Replaced And Added To Extras!
BETA Build Reward Released!
Invitation To A Party Short Released!
Temple City Ambush Short Released!
Hitman 2: Sno-ssassin Flashgame Released!
Hitman 2: Funny Moments A Released!

What’s It About?
To start off, I have made a project for IOI’s Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. It is based off a game movie, but the difference is, we’re including CINEMATIC GAMEPLAY, not just cutscenes. And trying to make it to be as cinematic as possible.

The basic Idea of this project is to create a Hitman 2 movie with a cinematic event, and give the viewer a nice image whilst watching it.

If you want to use music tracks, or mods that you don’t have or can’t do, consider checking out these two links here for your convenience. But do keep in mind, you can use your OWN sound effects/music, etc. The only rule with that is to make it fit the scenario.

Thread for modding --> Hitman: Trilogy Mods
Thread for music —> **Official Hitman Sound Studio 8**

-You can get frontal shots of 47, without him moving, by pausing the game, adjusting the camera, and resuming.
-Pausing the game will freeze time, and you can still move the free cam around whilst the game is frozen. Good for continuous shots.
-To get successful shots of 47 with a sniper rifle, you need to enter the scope view, and enter free cam whilst in the scope view. This will make the scope overlay disappear, and 47 will still be holding the sniper rifle up to his eye.
-You can move the camera around during IN-GAME CUTSCENES, not MISSION CUTSCENES!!! examples of in-game cutscenes are when you first start a mission, and it shows 47 getting to the destination, or 47 talking to someone, etc. Mission Cutscenes are when they’re displayed on mission intros only, ex. The Gontranno Sanctuary, when 47 picks off a tomato, etc.
-Music choices don’t really matter, as long as your track fits the scenario or Hitman ambience in general…
-You can disable the ui by going into the console and typing in disablecui 1. Credit for this find goes to F61Wolf.
-Playing on NORMAL difficulty will make the enemies’ health lower, making them die quicker, this is useful when trying to do a realistic one-shot-kill short.
-To get rid of music in the short, so it doesn’t cut around in the editor, go into sound, and turn music volume to 0 and record, so music won’t play, and you can add it later.
-The speed control from the mousewheel doesn’t seem to work on this freecamera. So if you want to get slow-panning, go into FPS view, and toggle sneak mode, and walk in a direction. It makes 47 move slowly, and gives for decent shots of the camera moving.

Pre-BETA Build V.122
For all of those who are currently helping with this, Big thank you handed out. As a token of gratitude, a reward, per-say, I’ve gotten my hands on a BETA build of Hitman 2. At the year 2016, this is considered rare. and a free download is here. Thank you so much for the contribution you’ve given on this project! :wink:
BETA Build V.122 ((Download Here))

(Pre-Movie Release)

The buffer of having a full movie made to perfection, is the waiting. So, I decided to create a thread here and see if anybody could volunteer to be involved with this project. And EVERYONE can join, if your resolution isn’t key-lime, or graphics card, etc. if it isn’t too good, still produce your short and submit it to the thread. It needs to be seen! :wink:

How does it work?
Each participant will receive a tutorial on how to access the free camera in Hitman 2, as well as a .Dll file to put into their Hitman 2 directory, to stable out the free camera, so the game doesn’t crash while using it. There are some conditions to keep in mind, so listen up!
-You can sign up to shoot one level, or more, but keep in mind, others want to do it as well!
-Make your short
-Crop out the Hud - The best you can, if you can
-Upload to YouTube and paste the link in the thread
-Submit it to this playlist.
-Do more shorts while you wait for the full movie to be produced!

What do I need?
You need the following items:
-Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
-Hitman 2 Freecam - Readme Download Here
LM4D6TR.dll - Download Here
-Video Editing Program
-Knowledge of Freecam and/or editing videos
-Great Ideas!

Cheats and Commands
There are plenty of cheats that can be found in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. Some can be quite useful. Here is a list of them, and what they do.
CAMS -The distance of which the camera pans close to 47 when next to a wall. An integer of 2.04Y and 1.02X should be consistent.
DUMP - A little scripting tool, typing in R_DoOnce, or Short_47Variablebeta do something, but an unknown effect.
This one may or may not work, but it seems to have worked in my console - Enablesli. It splits the RAM between two different memory cards, thusly having better performance. If it does’t work in console, put it in Hitman2.ini
DISABLECUI - Disables the hud
GRAVITY - Sets the gravity to whatever integer you desire. The default gravity is 3700. Putting it to extreme numbers, like 40000, will make enemies be pushed towards the center of earth, and twitch on the ground like crazy.
GOD - Enables/Disables godmode, depending on if you use 1 or 0
This one only works if you are on the Hitman Contracts engine. GOULASH - TogglesVanity mode, making the camera zoom out a few meters behind 47, to make a scenic view.
FORCEMULT - Adjusts the amount of force applied to an enemy when they die
HELP - no effect
INFAMMO - Unlimited ammo
INFCLIP - Unlimited Clip
INVISIBLE - Makes you invisible
IP_TIME_MULTIPLIER - Speeds or slows down global time
IP_DEBUG - Enables DeBug mode
IP_FLY - Enables Flymode, making enemies fly down on death (Doesn’t Work)
R_FONT_SIZE - Enlarges the font size used in console 2 or 3 is the best size to use. Default is 1.
RELOAD - Restarts the mission
S_SKIT_REDO - Replays the cutscene (Doesn’t Work)
COMPLETELEVEL - Completes the level with SA rating.
KILL_SCRIPT - Kills selected NPC (Doesn’t Work)
D_DO_RESURRECT - Brings selected NPC back to life (Doesn’t Work)
TOGGLE_BOMB - Enables explosive bullets (Doesn’t work the cheat does)
TOGGLE_FIRE - Enables fire bullets (Doesn’t work no cheat)
GIVE BALLER - Gives ALL Ballers (Contracts Only)
GIVE SHOTGUN - Gives Double barrel shotgun (Contracts Only)
GIVE PISTOL - (No effect)
GIVEALL - Gives you every item that exists on current level
IR_MAP_LOD 1 - Loads Full Map (H2 Demo Only)

IOIHITALI - Allows 47 to punch
IOIER - Enables explosive bullets
IOIPENNY - Gives 47 the cardboard tube
IOIGIVES - Gives every item in the game
IOIGRV - Disables gravity
IOIEQPWEAP - Infinite ammo
IOILEPOW - enables One-hit-kill
IOIPOWER - Enables megaforce
IOIHITLEIF - Replenishes 47’s health
IOISLO - Toggles slow motion to dead bodies
IOINGUN - Enables nailgun

List of Levels To Do

The Gontranno Sanctuary - Revamped (Finished)

Anathema - Epic47Sides

St. Petersburg Stakeout - Kcuts_Titogi (Finished)

Kirov Park Meeting - FrankFuchs

Tubeway Torpedo - ? (2nd Priority EricTheAussie)

Invitation To a Party - EricTheAussie - Revamped (Finished)

Tracking Hayamoto - ? ( Silverballer (unsure ; will be 1st priority if he finishes it. )

Hidden Valley - ? (Darkwing47 (Unsure )

At the Gates - ? (Darkwing47 (Unsure)

Shogun Showdown - ? (Darkwing47 (Unsure)

Basement Killing - DingraThePishvaz

The Graveyard Shift - ?

The Jacuzzi Job - ?

Murder At the Bazaar - ? (Mr.JakyBaky is unsure)

The Motorcade Interception - YourGudBudNel

Tunnel Rat - ?

Temple City Ambush - Slawek382 (Finished)

The Death of Hannelore - ? (2nd Priority Kcuts_Titogi (Finished)

Terminal Hospitality - Slawek382 (Finished)

St. Petersburg Revisited - ? (2nd Priority Slawek382)

Redemption at Gontranno - Codename_Thomson

Don’t be upset if you didn’t sign up and all the missions are taken. You can still do ANY mission you want to film, and since you’re new, it’ll be shown in original movie. If you have already done a level, the second one you do will be alongside the extra shorts, because we want as much variety as possible, and make sure everybody gets a try at the filming!

The Movie So Far:

(( IMPORTANT NOTE )) The only short being used in the movie is St. Petersburg Stakeout, the others are just extras


I take Temple City Ambush ; D

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Is there a way to turn off the hud? I dislike seeing “open door” etc.

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Some programs have an option to record only specific area of the screen.
I use Mirillis Action for that example.

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Good luck! Don’t forget though, I’ll post a .dll and tutorial for Hitman 2 free cam, it operates different from Blood money, and good luck! :wink:

Not that I know of yet, the best bet would be to crop it out, via editing

Can also be fixed in editing, I know. Just wondering if there was a possibility. It would be a better option to just not have the hud at all.

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Hitman 2 hasn’t got that option i think.

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Preliminary dibs on Kirov Park?

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Go for it! I’ll mark you down for it. Good luck :wink:

The tutorial and .dll is here now!

Tutorial - http://www.mediafire.com/download/bc0f9m3r4wr11mj/Freecamera+For+HM2+Tutorial.txt

.Dll - http://www.mediafire.com/download/46h19el5n8e5g4k/LM4D6TR.dll

Once these are downloaded and configured, get filming! Cheers! :wink:

Remember, To access Freecamera, Press K

Disabling UI is possible! I browsed some H2 hex code and there are some console commands specifically listed, but nothing that great.
I wasn’t able to find the answer by playing with H2, but by screwing around with commands that work in other games.

Make sure console is enabled.
disablecui // turns off UI
enablecui 0 or enablecui 1 //turns on UI
If you’re having trouble reading what you type, consider r_font_size 2 or 3

If things mess up and commands don’t work, just reload a save.

Current problem: When ui is disabled, some actions don’t work. You can attack/shoot, reload, run around/sneak, but things like holstering, changing weapons and really any contextual action like opening doors don’t look possible. I will continue to look into this to see if I can find a workaround.


Great job! I may be a glitch finder, but one thing I never did was hexedit, and I don’t plan to. But good work on finding out that! Now the shorts will be better, and have a wider resolution, meaning you dont have to crop out a fraction of the video. Excellent work! :wink:

I’m really a noob at it. What I was trying to say was that browsing the hex didn’t even work. It was just trying commands from other games. Completely pales in comparison to you figuring out a freecam so we can do this in the first place!

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Don’t be hard on yourself, after all, you found something helpful, and actually are something at hex editing. And, True… But you can find great discoveries using commands from other games. Try new combinations, see if you can make a new guideline for good shorts

Okay… I don’t know why your post was hidden, but I’ll put you down as unsure, so you can put it here if you finish. Cheers! :wink:

Even if you’re resolution isn’t key-lime, you can still volunteer! Everyone is welcome to participate! :smile: Best luck to all who are currently working on a short.

I’m thinking I’d do that last mission but I need to figure out a dramatic way to get to the armory. I wish I could implement the jumping down animation from the beginning of tracking hayamoto to when you jump down the big stairs.

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If you want to use the jumping animation, go for it! It will work if you do, because i can modify the haymoto cutscene and make it look different. And I’ll put you down for Redemption at Gontranno. Good luck! :wink:

Thinking about redoing the Gontranno Sanc. Because of the mistake in the beginning. Vivienne McKee shows up twice. :anguished: