Hitman Forums 'Custom' Targets Thread


Hello… In this (Pure Fantasy) thread, I thought we could all have a little fun in creating our very own custom targets.

Design your own “Target” (no actual people or celebrities)

Create a mission briefing. Explain reasons for termination and be sure to add Intel on the target.

-What’s their name?
-Any distinguishing marks?
-Where are they from and where will this mission take place?
-Are there any additional mission objectives to be completed? Retrieve files… Show photograph to target… Hack information… etc…

What’s their background/story? Let’s really get creative here :grinning:

Maybe some of our ideas will inspire IO for future targets in Hitman :hugs:

Who will be Agent 47’s next target???

Use the following image as a guide, on how our ‘custom contracts’ should appear in this thread…

Add details under the targets photo, Name, age, etc…and then put their backstory in the “Overview” section. Don’t forget that briefing :wink:


‘Good afternoon, 47. You target is 4T7, which is you yourself. So kys pls’
-Diana, after being fed up of her job




I expected that to happen but not in the first reply :smile:.


yeahh… lol

Actually i was thinking more along the lines of something like this…

(Note: This is just an example i made in probably ten minutes lol be gentle :yum:)




What did you use to design your picture of the target of was it off google?


Off google lol

I typed in 3D people


Love the concept of this thread. I’m normally a fairly creative writer so this is right up my alley but my brain is fried atm. Will post when I’m in a better place.

Just wanted to shout out to my Kool Aid bud. :sunglasses::+1:


haha “OH YEAH!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well thanks for dropping by, man. I look forward to seeing some of your ‘Contracts’ here in the future!


I’ve seen a movie series that there’s a criminal became a CIA agent and he operated in Cuba. When USA and Cuba had a peace deal, the CIA wanted to eleminate him because he “knew too much” and if he’s exposed to the public… you know what I mean?
The moment I saw it, I think he’s a potential target for the ICA.


I will do one once I get my laptop out which is falling to bits :joy: Could probably do it on my iPhone too though. I want to add all the classified stuff like to did :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @AGENT4T7.


Yeah man give it a shot :+1:t2:

I’ll keep an eye out for it :smiley:


This was from the old Barcode Society website back in 2012 - Not made by me:


‘Figurine kidnapping??’

So you stole the Jade Figurine?


Yeah I was curious about that too explain @Quinn :joy:.


@AGENT4T7 very nice idea I like yours a lot nice secondary objective you added too :smiley:.


I will get around to this I promise haha keep getting distracted.


@Lucifer likes my idea!

Coming from the devil himself I’m truly honored :smiling_imp:

Hope to see some of your contacts on here, as well as other people’s :smiley:


So you should be human :yum: I will try and get one done tomorrow :smiley:.


Looking forward to it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: