Hitman Forums 'Custom' Targets Thread


I saw this thread before I joined and thought it was a shame nobody had made any targets (except the Psychologist) so I might make one. Won’t have the fancy briefing though, will probably just be typed.


Thanks man, looking forward to seeing yours!

And yeah… COME ON PEOPLE!! This is a cool thread! Lol we’re a creative bunch… Let’s see some targets! :wink:


Okay so I’ve had a mission idea but I’m going to split it into briefing, target 1 and target 2. I’ve finished the briefing and target 1, but not target 2, and I doubt I’ll have it finished until tomorrow evening British time.


Mission name: Murky Waters
Location: Chongqing, China
Asset: 47
Priority: RED
Good evening 47. Your destination is a busy but small community in Chongqing, China, just on the banks of the Yangtze River and near an industrial port owned by TW corporation. Your main target is Gordon Fells, former head of the ICA cyber division. Fells, an ongoing target, left the ICA after a dispute over a secret deal in 2011. He has since had our cyber division under constant siege since yet has managed to remain completely off the radar himself. We managed to locate him through the emails of your second target, Ning Ti-Wang, a prominent businesswoman and owner of the rapidly growing TW shipping company. Ti-Wang, who is constantly monitored by our operatives, mentioned a meeting with Fells that we believe is going down in her apartment. In Ti-Wang’s emails a mysterious organisation referenced as ‘The Source’ was mentioned, along with Alpha Zerox, so be on the lookout for any intel you can find on this shadowy organisation Be careful here 47. Fells knows who you are and will not hesitate to flee when he sees you. We only have one chance to catch him, or he will go under again for even longer. Good Hunting. ((Target status: ACTIVE))


Target 1
Name: Gordon Fells
Height: 5’10
Age: 45
Birthday: 5/17/1978
Last known location: Chongqing, China
Status: Target, Priority Alpha
Gordon Fells was born at the beginning of the age of technology, and as technology got more advanced, as did his expertise. The only son of a wealthy New York stock broker, Fells had access to the newest tech from a young age. At age eight, he knew more about computers than almost all adults at the time. At age thirteen, he was conducting technological espionage for his father. At age fifteen, he assumed the online alias of ‘Sentinel’ and was fighting a digital war against the CIA, MI6 and Mossad to uncover as many secrets as he could and unveil them to the public.

He was finally caught during an attempt to reveal classified files about the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1999, but was rescued by the ICA to found the cyber division. The 21-year-old Fells was the youngest member of the ICA, but still one of the most valuable: he provided crucial intel leading to the Ort-Meyer hit.

This all changed in 2011, when Fells deserted the ICA due to a disagreement over a classified secret he had uncovered. The ICA expected to capture Fells almost immediately, yet he has been the most successful man yet in evading us and has used his technological skill to become the most invisible man in the history of the ICA.

This sudden leak of information regarding Fells shows us he has gotten sloppy: yet he will still be a highly alert target. Expect him to recognise you, and to flee at the first sign of danger. This may be our only opportunity to eliminate him and find out about his mysterious benefactors, and once he’s gone, he will disappear for decades.


I may have Ti-Wang done by tomorrow evening British time, depending.


Nice, sounds like it would be a really fun mission. I like the backstory and the amount of detail you put into the targets. Looking forward to seeing it, great job :+1:


Ok well I managed to finish Ti-Wang faster than expected, so here is her breifing:

Target 2
Name: Ning Ti-Wang
Height: 5’8
Age: 44
Birthday: 12/05/74
Last known location: Chongqing, China
Status: Target, Priority Beta
Description: Ning Ti-Wang was not born into the high life. She was born in western Shanghai, just outside the city, into a middle class family. She had three sisters and was incredibly competitive at everything, thirsty for glory from a young age. She quickly developed a head for business and mathematics, and excelled through school and university.

When Ti-Wang got her business degree, she entered an economically booming China. She quickly latched onto a company, the leading architecture company China Corp, working as a secondary and advisor to it’s CEO, Kong Tuo-Kwang, until he was assassinated.

Ti-Wang saw the potential in the up-and-coming Chongqing, and set ups shipping business to go up and down the Yangtze. Her business, TW corporation, boomed, and she was propelled into the multi-millions. She did not work for these riches however, instead savouring the success and praise she wanted.

Ti-Wang has since become one of our constantly monitored people, after she was linked to Alpha Zerox. We picked up Fells through her emails, and she said she was inviting him to meet her- no doubt in relation to the ICA. She is cold, calculating and clever- she will be closely guarded, and will have elaborate code schemes for the meeting.

Nothing you haven’t handled before.


Really cool! I like how you have actual targets mentioned, great idea! You’re pretty good at these. Will you be adding a “person” for the targets photos as well?


Doubt it. I just enjoy writing them and making up backstories.


I might make some more when I have some free time, I enjoyed writing these. Possibly sequels to these targets?


Yeah man, definitely! That would be really cool actually. When ever you have free time, write them up and feel free to share them here. I enjoy reading them :slightly_smiling_face:


Will do @AGENT4T7
20 characters


Okay I’ve come up with the second mission (in chronological order after the first one, but only the briefing.

Good morning 47. Your destination is Rosales Mansion, a 500 million dollar complex bought in 2011 by actor and your first target, Florencia Rosales. Rosales was mentioned multiple times in the Ti-Wang emails, and after a large amount of digging into her personal past we discovered an interesting secret. Back in 2011, when Rosales’s career was beginning to take off, she was hired by The Source to seduce and assassinate President Kambowi of Ethiopia, allowing a Source-backed military coup to take over the country. She has since been a high profile Source operative and could be a perfect revenge strike for our murdered operative. Rosales is currently planning to star in movie title ‘Madame X’ due to release in 2025, and the movie crew is at her mansion to shoot part of the trailer. Your secondary target is Ishaan Kaleka, agent to Rosales and another Source operative. By taking these two out, we will show the Source who they are dealing with. Good hunting.
((Target Status: ACTIVE))


Side note: After murky waters, the Source assassinated an ICA operative in Finland. This was the cutscene.


This is good, dude… Really good! Very cool and interesting to read. I like how each ‘mission’ continues into one story. You should definitely keep these going for a bit, maybe make a small “season” out of it. They are well put together and I can totally just see these being actual playable missions :smile:
Great job!


Well, I was bored today, so I created a fantasy season in my head.
10 missions, with one being a half-sized mission, one being a finale-type mission which is more of a shooting mission , and one being the training mission which I thought could just be a remaster of a new life in the ICA facility because I would love to see that level remastered.


Oh yeah definitely. I seen a bunch of people say that and I agree. I wish IO would remaster at least just 1 mission from past Hitmans, if not all. But I would also go with A New Life, that mission was awesome!

But yeah, keep up the great work man, these are really good and I enjoy reading them a lot. Keep them coming :smiley: As I said, whenever you have free time feel free to post more.


I would love the first 4 games to be remastered together


So would I. Although I doubt that would happen…
I think they wanna stay focused on the ‘future’ of Hitman. If anything though, I could see them making a poll for the community to vote on which level from any game would they like to be remastered. That would be very cool. But unfortunately, I really don’t see them doing ALL the games, it would definitely be nice though, no doubt.