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Yeah, we definitely won’t see it until after seasons 2 and 3 are over.


Target 1: Florencia Rosales
Age: 36
Height: 5’10
Birthday: 19/11/83
Last known location: Lake Malawi, Malawi
Status: Target, Priority Alpha
Description: Florencia Rosales is the best example of a beautiful person who know how to use that talent. Born in Malaga, Spain to an upper middle class family, Rosales had a fairly stress-free childhood: she then studied drama at school, excelling at university.

She went into acting a confident and naturally talented artist, performing in theatre performances, including the opera when singer D’alvade was assassinated. She was a rising star in acting, and was propelled to stardom after she starred in L’assassino alongside Dino Bosco and the Icon, before Bosco was assassinated.

It was after the Icon when Rosales began to dabble in politics. It started with sexual favours for politicians and governors, in return for her will. But Rosales uncovered a thirst for power over people, and it is at this point we have found out she was hired by The Source, and she began contacting for them.

Rosales was more powerful than any assassin. She swayed her fans. She manipulated her enemies. She could even become an assassin if need be, specialising in chandelier drops and being the chief suspect for the Jordan Cross assassination, although no charges were ever pressed. She also worked with IAGO until a dispute with Dalia Margolis got her kicked out. She got incredibly rich in this time, and started her own series of movies: Madame X. Yet her greatest contract was still to come.

In 2019, an unknown contractor, most likely The Source, hired Rosales to take down President Kambodi of Ethiopia in the midst of a military coup. She seduced Kambodi, killing him and allowing an Ethiopian general to take power. She went out of politics after this, keeping to her mansion in Malawi.

Florencia Rosales seems like a kind, loving person on the outside, who honestly cares for people. Yet she is like a viper inside: and she will not hesitate to poison you.


Very interesting target. She reminded me a lot of Franchesca from Sapienza, by the sounds of her. I also really like the fact you reference other actual targets in your briefings, like Alvade, Bosco and Margolis. Great work man!


Target 2: Ishaan Kaleka
Height: 6’0
Age: 44
Birthday: 13/3/76
Last known location: Lake Malawi, Malawi
Status: Target, Priority Gamma
Description: Ishaan Kaleka was born in New Delhi, India but moved to Bristol, UK after his parents got enough money. A truly remarkable student within school, he completed his GCSEs at age 13 and his A-levels at age 15. He went to London School of Economics, where he became a leading student despite being years younger than him.

He worked in business, but found it dull: his superior skills meant most were beneath him and he developed a God complex. He became part of Interpol, where he finally met a challenger for his intellect: Penelope Graves.

Whilst in Interpol, he differed greatly from Graves: he leaned more towards supporting the corruption and scandals that flowed through Interpol. After Graves left for Sean Rose’s militia and was subsequently assassinated, he joined the Source: fully embracing the corruption Graves so direly hated.

He disappeared for a while, and The Source kept him invisible: but he later resurfaced, working as an agent for Florencia Rosales.

We do not believe he is really her agent: instead, he is most likely trying to persuade her to work for the Source again. Kaleka still has a God complex, and thinks everyone is below him.

But even Gods will fall when pushed hard enough.



Love it man… Just love it! Very creative and very well detailed. Keep it up :+1:


Why doesn’t anyone else post on here :joy: I can’t be the only one who thinks of these. I suppose most people think of missions rather than targets, but I’m sure there are some people who could come up with some really creative stuff for this thread


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I would have thought many members would contribute to this thread. Not to mention maybe IO could get some “inspiration” for future targets in Hitman, maybe…


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Lol yeah, hopefully this thread will pick up sometime soon. Now that season one is done, maybe more people will contribute here while we wait for season 2


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Okay another side note about what would have been the cutscene after We Lucky Few:
The Ethiopian General and a man in a purple suit (this guy is important: remember him) are walking through a base, which has been bugged by an ICA agent. After hearing what they say, the agent snipes the General but misses the suit guy. This agent is then sniped by the assassin from Finland.


Mission 3: A Future To Believe In

Good afternoon 47. Your destination is the corporate headquarters of pharmaceutical company Innovation Corporation, in Vancouver, Canada. Your main target is Harvey James Grey, owner of Innovation and Canadian presidential candidate. Grey is another of the Source operatives linked in the Ti-Wang emails, and because of the recent attacks against us we need to properly start acting against the Source. He is preparing a rally outside his headquarters right now, and his right-wing policies are appealing to the increasing conservative Canadians, and the polls are on his side. We cannot let him win, as a win for him would put the Source in another position of power. Your second target, Kelly Thatcher, is a scientist in the employ of Grey who is working on a project code named ‘Grey Goo’. If this is anything like the name suggests, then this could be a serious threat to the world, as a Grey Goo scenario can devour countries in minutes. Your third and final target is Joseph Yates, businessman and close freind of Ishaan Kaleka. Yates is most likely the Source’s closest freind inside Innovation, and killing him will be a blow. Be careful 47: Grey is a very rich and important man and security will be very tight around him at all times. I will leave you too prepare.




Haha awesome, yet another brilliant contract! Can’t wait to find out more of this “purple suit” guy :open_mouth:


Target 1: Harvey James Grey
Height: 6’1
Age: 55
Birthday: 10/10/65
Last known location: Vancouver, Canada
Status: Target, Priority Alpha
Description: Harvey James Grey is a classic right wing presidential candidate. Born into riches, he excelled in university and bought jo his father’s pharmaceutical business, at the point when the industry was truly booming. He built Innovation, his fathers company, into one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

During the HIV/AIDS epidemic Grey produced a drug which made at least half of all potential consumers immune. For this, he got the Nobel Prize for Medicine, and global recognition. He used this to further his hard right views onto the world, which was not met kindly by most, but gave him a dedicated fanbase.

It was at around this point that we assume the Source hired him. There is no way they would pass up on such a high-profile individual, and he would most likely become one of their greatest assets.

Grey branched out Innovation, reaching into media, manufacturing, food production, and real estate. His news networks gave him even more public recognition. For a while, it seemed he was the ideal conservative, and that he could do no wrong.

This was proved wrong in 2008. Innovation was put under a lawsuit by Cross Holdings after an agent was caught doing corporate espionage. Thomas Cross was powerful, and he had one of the greatest lawyers of all time, Ken ‘The Brick’ Morgan.

Grey came under fire from all sides, and should have been bankrupted. However, in a stunning demonstration of power, we can assume the Source attacked Cross indirectly. Jordan Cross murdered his girlfriend, Hannah Highmoore. A police car with three crucial witnesses crashed into the Hudson River. The case was torn apart, and Morgan, knowing he couldn’t win, smartly pulled out.

Since then, Grey has had severe mental issues: bipolar disorder, anger issues, and depression. He became a mentally conflicted man, and this could have been what caused him to run for President of Canada. His candidacy and policies were praised, and the now-deceased Thomas Cross is no longer a threat to him.

Since then, the ever-expanding Innovation has began work on a classified project: ‘Grey Goo’. This project is similar to Silvio Caruso’s virus and same as the viruses, we cannot let it happen. The Grey Goo scenario is one of the most dangerous scenarios ever, and we cannot afford for anyone to have this power, least of all a mentally unstable man like Grey.

I have faith that you will ensure Grey never gets his hands on such power.

I think this is the longest description yet. I really liked Grey, and wanted to make him the most memorable target.


Yeah, that one was pretty long, but I still very much enjoyed it a lot. One of your best yet I’d say :+1:


Thanks @AGENT4T7. I thought this map would be cool, like an eight-storey building along with a political rally, biolab, security offices, shipping area, and offices. I also thought of an opportunity where you disguise yourself as a Therapist and poison Grey with rage inducing pills, causing him to kill himself.


Haha that would be so freaking awesome man lol very Hitman like!