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Or maybe he could kill Yates. I thought if I could get Yates to snoop around and Grey to catch him after going up to his office after the therapy session, Grey would shoot Yates and then himself.


There ya go!
That sounds like a perfect opportunity to me. I could definitely see that.


And then a motorcycle kill in there somewhere


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Yeah, can’t forget that!


I have to make a motorcycle custom contract. I can’t believe I haven’t made one yet. Only problem is everyone will just use fire extinguishers :unamused:


Target 2: Kelly Thatcher
Height: 6’0
Age: 49
Birthday: 4/9/71
Last known location: Vancouver, Canada
Status: Target, Priority Beta
Description: Kelly Thatcher was born competitive. She and her brother, Oliver, were born to an upper class British family. Both overachievers, they constantly strove to be better than each other. They split though when Thatcher went into Medicine but Oliver pursued his dream career of being an astronaut.

This competitiveness was continued through university. Thatcher attended Cambridge, and strove to be the best in her class. She didn’t disappoint, and got a PhD in medical sciences. She wanted the best job she could get, and so signed up to Harvey James Grey’s innovation corporation.

Thatcher worked with Grey closely, and she showed her views s an idealist. She believes that humans could cure anything, and strove to cure it all herself. She developed a partial cure for HIV/AIDS, but let Grey take the credit, as she wanted to focus on work and not the media.

Thatcher, continuing her idealistic views, developed cures for multiple other diseases, and became a legend in the medicine industry. Her determination was second to none, and she became the best of her profession after she cured Alzheimer’s, surpassing Silvio Caruso and Nicholas Laurent.

She has had disputes with Grey over the years, and is most likely only working for him now due to his unlimited resources. This Grey Goo project is a serious threat, and Thatcher will do everything she can to get it operational, even if it kills her.

And it will kill her.

Smaller target, probably would have about half the opportunities/challenges of Grey.


Side note: The cutscene at the end of this shows an ICA agent breaking and entering a Saudi Arabia compound, and finding out the Source head of operations is ‘Bill Spencer’. Moments later, he is gunned down by the assassin from Finland with a silenced UZI.


Target 3: Joseph Yates
Height: 5’11
Age: 51
Birthday: 1/12/69
Last known location: Vancouver, Canada
Status: Target, Priority Gamma
Description: Joseph Yates is another Source ‘supervisor’, watching over high profile Source operatives, and ensuring they don’t run off track.

Yates himself is a low-profile person to the public: He grew up in Little Rock, Alabama, while racism was still inherent from pre-Civil Rights days. He achieved high grades and was a smart child, eventually going to university to study law, when he was most likely hired by the Source.

From here he is a ghost, but he has been seen since then: The White House during Alpha Zerox’s attempted assassination of the president, The Strandberg incident, near the scene where Blake Dexter was killed, and most recently in Chongqing during the assassination of Gordon Fells and Ning Ti-Wang.

Intelligence agencies know little about Yates, but the ICA is not an intelligence agency: our hackers revealed that he has not shaken his internal racism: he has been sighted at multiple neo-nazi rallies in the past 10 years and is most likely actively involved with these organisations.

Joseph Yates may seem like an unnecessary target, but we must take out as many direct Source operatives as possible. This man is cold and calculating, with deep hatred for all those different to him.

This is a smaller one, cus I couldn’t think of anything to be honest. Brain is fried, but wanted to get this one done.


Mission 4: The Beautiful Game

Good afternoon 47. Your destination is the The Globe Stadium in Manchester, England, where the English League Cup semi-finals are taking place between Manchester Town and Birmingham Rovers. Your primary target is Bill Spencer, chairman of the club and multi-billionaire. Spencer, who is alleged to have made his money from an expansive crime empire, has been unmasked as head of operations for The Source after one of our agents infiltrated a compound in Saudi Arabia. If we kill Spencer, we will surely cripple the Source, causing them to stop operating against us. A secondary target, Padraig O’Sullivan, is managing Manchester Town and is another high-profile celebrity controlled by the Source who no doubt carries out operations for them in the football world. Security at the event is tight, and expect it to get tighter as you near the players or Spencer. Now what I’m about to tell you is off the record. I overheard some of the Directors talking about the Source, as if they were part of them. I will keep you posted about this situation, and be ready for agents coming for you. The Source has killed lots of our operatives recently. Good hunting.


Note: Manchester Town, The Globe Stadium and Birmingham Rovers are all fictional.


Target 1: Bill Spencer
Height: 6’0
Age: 61
Birthday: 3/10/59
Last known location: Manchester, England
Status: Target, Priority Alpha
Description: Bill Spencer was brought up in the posh side of England. He lives with his two brothers in a countryside mansion, home-tutored and brought up traditionally by his reclusive parents. This made him develop a nervous attitude around people, as he did not make much contact with people that weren’t his family, servants or tutor.
Nonetheless, Spencer did very well in his exams, and graduated from Cambridge with a degree in economics. He became a corporate shark, taking over brands and manipulating money. This did not earn enough money for him however, and so he turned to crime.
Spencer contacted the Delgado Drug Cartel, and began working for them. Soon enough his British network has become so prominent that he left the Delgados, and they were not concerned, as Spencer’s cartel was under police attack. He managed to withstand the attack however, and continued being the most successful supplier in Britain, and Europe.
Spencer bought Manchester Town in 2004, when the club was almost bankrupt. He gave the funds needed, and pulled it back from the crisis: the media spoke out, but was quickly silenced by bribes and brutal attacks.
He joined the Source in around 2006, and quickly rose to become their head of operations: His cartel specialised in silencing witnesses and stopping news from leaking.
Spencer seems nervous and polite, but he is a dangerous sociopath who will do anything to keep the money flowing. He does not care for Manchester Town, the Source, or anything else for that matter: only himself, and his money.


Target 2: Padraig O’Sullivan
Height: 5’8
Age: 56
Birthday: 19/2/64
Last known location: Manchester, England
Status: Target, Priority Gamma
Description: Padraig O’Sullivan came from nothing. The classic rags-to-riches cliché, O’Sullivan grew up in one of the rougher areas of Northern Ireland. Nevertheless, like lots of poor children, he developed a passion for football, and was signed by his local team.

His football career was a great success, playing for Newcastle alongside Alan Shearer at the height of his playing. He resigned age 32, still thought of as a great man.

O’Sullivan came back to football after living in the Irish countryside for twelve years. He managed the declining Newcastle for a while, eventually deciding to switch clubs to the much more prestigious Manchester Town.

When O’Sullivan went to Manchester Town, they were struggling: but with his managing expertise and new club owner Bill Spencer’s funding the duo drove Manchester Town to new heights. They won the league three times in a row, and O’Sullivan went from celebrity to legend.

It was around this point O’Sullivan joined Source: he was asked by Spencer to join, so he could manipulate young minds and media to the views of the Source: after all, football is a large media interest. He did this, spreading the Source’s propaganda subtly for years.

O’Sullivan is not an inherently evil target: yet he knew what he was singing up for when he joined the Source. The fans love him, and he loves them back, so expect opportunities to arise from that love.


Side note: After this mission, the cutscene shows 47 and Diana meeting in a street. Diana tells 47 that the ICA has disbanded due to the killing of many of their agents, but she supects something is wrong because only a small amount of agents have died. She tells 47 she will continue to track the Source independently, and will investigate the disbanding.


Another note: I think I’m going to stop posting these, as they are probably getting annoying at this point and I don’t think anybody is reading them anymore :joy: But i will continue to write them privately, just in case.


Well, I had a bit of inspiration and created the next briefing.

Briefing: 47, I have a lead. After having some ex-agents dig into the Spencer Cartel, I have uncovered evidence of a connection to American crime boss Terry Mulligan. Mulligan, a notorious recluse and paranoid billionaire, is undoubtedly a vital part of The Source. His death will allow us to follow the Source to the real reason the ICA was disbanded. He is currently on his private ‘superjet’, Skyliner, a huge custom built air fortress that serves as his mobile party house, security base, a public plane and a cargo hold. Expect security to be high, as Mulligan is paranoid and this is his base of operations. Hopefully this will allow us to track down more members of the Source and break down this conspiracy once and for all.


@Silverballer Please post the others (if you did write them privately) because I really enjoy reading them! (And I want to know about Purple Suit Guy). I read lots of these creative sorts of stuff. :slight_smile:


Awesome thread idea! I’m tagging @Neon_Ronin on this because I know he will come up with something cool!


Well, I’ve got a long train ride today, so I’ll write up a few more missions and targets :wink:


Lots of missions and targets coming up.


Target 1: The Kingpin
Name: Terry Mulligan
Height: 6’1
Age: 57
Birthday: 4/5/63
Country of Birth: USA
Last Known Location: JFK Airport, NYC
Status: Target, Priority Alpha
Terry Mulligan is a crime kingpin turned reclusive party animal. He started out taking his father’s crime business in Dallas. His father’s crime ring practically controlled the underground of West Dallas, and they were untouchable. They payed of police and politicians alike, and life was good for Mulligan.

But Mulligan, who dreamed of greater things than a local crime ring, began to expand his influence and power. Before long, he was the largest crime ring in Texas, and he was already reaching out into other states and across the border, making an alliance with the Spencer Cartel. This was most likely when he was signed up for the Source.

This all changed in the winter of 1996. A US SWAT team invaded his countryside ranch and shot all his crew and took him and his two wives into prison. He stayed in prison for a full year before Bill Spencer broke him out by bribing the warden.

This event turned Mulligan into a recluse. He has the largest jet in the world built, Skyliner, and turned it into his moving headquarters: he flew around the world, only stopping for fuel, and running his empire from his computer.

He is heavily paranoid, and will not be an easy target. Although I’m sure you will manage.

Cutscene: 47 radioes in the hit to Diana, who can be seen in a room with hackers and computers on all sides. Diana tells one of the hackers to patch her through to Crescent, and to send him details of then next assignment. Then a man busts into the room (the assassin from Finland and Ethiopia) and shoots all the hackers. He ensures not to hit Diana, who he then tazes with a stun gun. He radioes in ‘Package secured’, picks her up, and leaves. Crescent’s voice can be heard calling over the radio.