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Mission 6:

Good afternoon 47. My name is Crescent, and I am going to assist you for a while. Your normal handler, Miss Burnwood, was captured in her hideout in Reykjavik, Iceland. I will get back to you when we have more intelligence about that. Your destination is the Zurich Central Bank in Zurich, where the Source stores all its funds in a vault below ground. Your target is a Source operative and Swiss Banker, Harold Van Jorgensen. Jorgensen acts as an accountant for The Source and if he is killed they are sure to be dealt a strong blow. Good hunting 47.

(Jorgensen is the man in the purple suit)

Totally User - unfriendly + no freedom of speech (PLEASE READ)

Target 1: The Banker
Name: Harold Van Jorgensen
Age: Unknown (between 50 and 60)
Height: Unknown (approximately 5’10)
Birthday: Unknown
Country of Birth: Unknown, presumably Switzerland
Last known location: Zurich, Switzerland
Status: Target, Priority Alpha
This is very strange, 47. I tried to dig up information on Jorgensen from the ICA archives but I found nothing before 2019, when he suddenly appeared as the head of Jorgensen Banking, which used to be called THC Banking. Since then he has never been out of Zurich according to flight records, however he was supposedly sighted by one of our agents in Ethiopia.

This smells of a conspiracy, 47. Be careful.


Emergency update (will trigger when the player selects ‘Play Mission’):

47, I have an emergency update on the Zurich situation. As you arrived in Zurich our on-site intelligence has confirmed that a Neo-Nazi terrorist group known as the Fourth Reich have taken over Jorgensen Central Bank and have taken Jorgensen hostage. This could present an opportunity. The leader of the organisation, Frederick Kaiser, and a freelance interrogator, Yousef Al-Amid, are confirmed to be on-site. You must eliminate both of these men and free Harold Van Jorgensen so we can take him in for interrogation. The Fourth Reich are heavily armed and the military have already arrived with a lot of firepower, so proceed with caution. Good hunting.


Target 1: The Terrorist
Name: Frederick Kaiser
Age: 38
Height: 6’4
Birthday: 19/2/82
Country of Birth: Germany
Last known location: Frankfurt, Germany (UPDATE PENDING)
Status: Target, Priority Alpha
Frederick Kaiser is an example of a great mind corrupted by the world. He grew up in Frankfurt, Germany and excelled in his classes: he passed all his exams with straight A’s. He had a fascination with war tactics, and read all the works of Sun Tzu and other battle philosophers.

Somewhere around the age of 14 he joined a Neo-Nazi movement online and was quickly radicalised. He ran away from home and to a warehouse in Frankfurt where the loosely organised group was based.

He quickly attracted the attention of the leaders with his knowledge of battle and his tactical sense turned the group into one of the most dangerous white nationalist groups in the world. He became the leader of the group before long with an internal power coup and named it ‘The Fourth Reich’.

He has been involved in numerous attacks since and is number seven on the CIA’s most wanted list. He is dangerous and adaptable, and his soldiers follow his orders without question. He is no challenge to you, however.


Target 2: The Interrogator
Name: Yousef Al-Amid
Age: 36
Height: 5’10
Birthday: 29/1/84
Country of Birth: Libya
Last known location: Sarajevo, Bosnia (UPDATE PENDING)
Status: Target, Priority Gamma
Yousef Al-Amid is a sociopath and he knows it. He grew up in war-torn Libya, with not many records of his youth being present. It can’t have been a happy one however, as at about the age of 28, he surfaced in the war zone of Sarajevo working for the late Scott Sarno and his black ops unit as an interrogator.

His tactics were excessively archaic and brutal, favouring harming his victims emotionally and physically over more modern fear techniques used by interrogators like Ezra Berg. He works for the most brutal of regimes and most dangerous of terrorist groups.

He is working with Kaiser to interrogate Jorgensen, we assume. How he is working with a group of Neo-Nazis is unknown. You may need to look into this, as it could provide useful intelligence.


Objective: Rescue Jorgensen from the vault. Both targets must be killed as they both have keys to the vault, which needs 2 keys.

Stalemate Part 2: The Escape
This mission has two objectives: Escape the Bank
Defend the Van
After freeing Jorgensen you must clear out the exit. You get a Kevlar vest and helmet which dramatically increases your health, and an RS-15 assault rifle. This part of this mission doesn’t count as part of the main mission and has no challenges, and no disguises except the Vest and Helmet and your suit of choice. It can be skipped after completing it once. You must shoot your way out of the vault with your RS-15 and make your way to the van outside. Then you will get in the van and Jorgensen will drive, while you must shoot out both sides of the van at enemies. Eventually the van will crash and the end of mission cutscene will trigger.


The Van will crash and 47 will crawl out the side. He will see a terrorist to his left and will shoot him. He will then looks into the distance, his vision blurred, and he will see Jorgensen limping away in the distance. He will walk after him. The the camera shows the man from Finland on a nearby hill with a sniper rifle, aiming at 47. The man shoots 47 as he gets close to Jorgensen, and 47 is sedated. The man then says ‘Package Secure. Move to extract Principal and Package’ and the cutscene will fade to black.


Oh man… This could be a never-ending gobstopper of a task for me. Honestly, I’d be flattered if they stole one of my Black Roses… Actually, now that I think about it… I finally got the rights to my script back. Well, on the 17th of March the rights are reverted to me, but whatever… The script I’m getting back is a complete mess since I was forced to rewrite it until it was a fucking disaster and everyone in town turned it down. That’s why I write novels now, since I will never let someone else play with my toys again.

When I was young, I visited Iran all the time. At one point in time, traveling from Shiraz to the capital, Tehran, some soldiers told my aunt she couldn’t take the fruit she had picked with her on the hour long flight to Tehran. The soldiers essentially just wanted to steal the fruit she had grown for themselves, so she threw them in the trash in front of them and then spit on them, just on principle. If she couldn’t have them, neither could they. That’s why I post everything I write. If I can’t guarantee I’ll have what I create, then no one fucking can. As long as my IP or creations are free for everyone, they can’t be taken away from me. Now, with the IP I’m about to get back, I don’t want the story to exist anymore. It’s all too painful. So, I’ll give IO my characters from that script for free. I know they’d rock my world with what they’d do with them if they were interested.

http://www.bluecatscreenplay.com/blog/2015-top-ten-percent-features-2/ - That’s from a few years ago when the script was called AMONG SAVAGES. I changed it to FIRE IN HER BLOOD, then BELOW PARADISE. The director kept FIHB as the title and essentially ruined everything that worked about the script without my consent, essentially making me rewrite the stuff that shined and then rewriting a massive amount of the script without telling me, since he essentially told me to let him do his part… Which was when everything began to collapse… It’s a long story.

My crew of villains consists of a family of elitist Swiss neo-Nazis. The Karlingers, which is an altered form of old high German for Carolingian. They were Frankish nobility that extended back to Charlemagne. Luca Karlinger, 37, 6’3, blue eyes, blonde, is the central villain. He’s a human trafficker and the son of Noah Karlinger, 65, the exhausted king who cooks and plays with his Shitzund trained german shepherds, Asterix and Obelix, which he named after his favorite cartoon strip growing up. Then there’s Robin, 32, blonde, blue-eyed, sharp looking, Luca’s girlfriend. She has the Nazi SS’s tattooed under her right eye. She’s insecure, vulnerable, and has a huge crush on the undercover agent protagonist who infiltrates their group. She’s a serious coke head, and eventually in my script, she gets my main character falling back on her own drug addiction. There’s also Thomas, Luca’s eleven-year-old, Hitler-loving little brother, who Noah has trained to believe that Hitler was a hero fighting back against the Jews who had cut funding for the first world war, thus crippling the Germans through the Jews control of the banks. Eventually, my main character gets Thomas alone and puts him in social services after having killed Robin and having staged it to blame it on the Chinese mafia. Finally, there’s the Chinese kingpin, Jackie, who’s actually far more barbaric and cruel than any of the Karlingers. His whole deal is that his mother left him when he was young and came to America. Jackie followed her to San Francisco, where the script takes place, and using a service that allowed him to find his estranged mother, Jackie eventually got the meeting he wanted with his mother… They met up one night in a park, where she was wearing a wedding gown, patiently waiting for him on a swing set at midnight. His mother fucks him, then disappears for good… Jackie essentially spends the majority of his days in China Town gambling on Gypsy-style child fighting, like cock-fighting, but with ten-year-olds who are trained to fight for money… So, eventually, there’s a scene in a beautiful hotel where Gav Murphy, 34, a Welsh bastard who runs the entire San Francisco sex trade, including auctions in his hotel, brings everyone in town together. Luca, Noah, Robin and Jackie are all there with my undercover FBI agent protagonist, Sloan… Instead of my protagonist, Sloan, being there, it could be a job commissioned by Sloan to the ICA/Diana, since in the story, Luca murdered Sloan’s brother, which is why she decided to infiltrate his syndicate in the first place. She gets taken off the assignment because she comes undone etc., but this could be where she essentially outsources the job to 47.

So, it’d be a hotel level with all of SF’s scariest gangsters attending and participating in a human auction. It’d be nasty, but elegant, and plus, everyone likes hotel levels, especially if it’s the top few levels of a massive building. No lobby or anything. Even though none of the rewrites are my property anymore, the original draft I’m forced to revert to on the 17th of March covers everything I listed above as 100% my intellectual property. If IO wants to, they have my blessing to utilize anything/everything I posted in this comment.


Oh man, I was scrolling down and this wall of text suddenly appeared :joy:


Mission 7:
The Gulag

Pre-mission cutscene: 47 wakes up in a highly guarded bus. He is strapped to a table. He then blacks out again, after struggling for a few seconds.
He wakes up and is hauled out the bus, handcuffed and taken into a high-tech facility and thrown into a cell. He gets up of the floor and sees Diana, who is also in a prisoner uniform. 47 blacks out again.


Glad to see you’re awake 47. It seems The Source have captured you as well. We are currently in the Gulag, a high-tech imprisonment facility in northern Siberia. The man who captured you and me and assassinated multiple ICA agents is also on site, Ivan Kuznetzov. Kuznetzov is an assassin of the most elite rank, and we believe him to be a clone of some kind, possibly an prototype of Ort-Meyer’s clones. Adjacent to the imprisonment facility is a military training camp where Kuznetzov is most likely based. I trust a man with your skills can break out of here easily, and I would also request you kill our Warden, Grigory Federov, along with Kuznetzov. You will not be paid for this assignment, but i will be sure to help you on the outside world if you help me escape.


Target 1: The Assassin
Name: Ivan Kuznetzov
No intel available on this mission.


Target 2: The Warden
Name: Grigory Federov
No intel available on this mission.


I have literally no idea how to make anything short and sweet. I’m the TLDR Antichrist. I swear.


No gear may be carried into this mission, and there is only 1 starting point. There are no smuggling locations. Multiple sniper rifles can be found in the mission along with a fibre wire in Kuznetzov’s private quarters (so as not to anger @AGENT4T7). After killing Kuznetzov, a shot cutscene will trigger showing his past and confirming he was tossed aside by Ort-Meyer as a failed prototype.


Yeah I know what you mean, I couldn’t stay with a one contract storyline, I just had to make a series :joy:


Post-mission cutscene:
A group of men, who are concealed by shadows, are arguing at a table. The argue about 47 and Diana and how they should be dealt with. Some of them want to ‘opt out’ and others think they need another Kuznetzov. Finally, the man at the head do the table, who has been keeping quiet, tells the other than they should just let Jorgensen deal with the problem.


Mission 8:
Blue Moon

Good afternoon 47, Crescent here. Congratulations on breaking out of The Gulag, we will extract Miss Burnwood soon. It seems Harold Van Jorgensen is not who we thought he was. He has been a ghost almost from birth and is actually the leader and mastermind of the Source. It appears the terrorist group that suppisedly kidnapped him were actually part of the Source and they were planning to ambush you, and the man you saved at the bank was a double.
Here’s the interesting part. The ICA is not what we think it is. It was a puppet organisation of the Source from the beginning, and almost all your operations have been for the Source: eliminating rivals like Alpha Zerox and Providence so they could be absorbed by the Source, contrary to our original suspicions that the Source spawned for them. We must not allow this to go unnoticed, so after this contract we will take action and set up a new, neutral ICA.
Harold Van Jorgensen, who has turned out to be the most powerful man in the world, is currently in Cape Canaveral before the first spacecraft launch in over forty years. You must eliminate him and the three astronauts that are going to board the shuttle: Barry Williams, the mission commander; Rodrigo Martinez, the shuttle engineer and Oliver Thatcher, the shuttle physicist. This will expose the Source to the world, and will hopefully cause them to completely disband. Jorgensen will be in a bunker near the launch site, while the astronauts will be preparing for launch in the NASA command building. Good hunting 47.


Target 1: The Grandmaster
Name: Harold Van Jorgensen
Age: Same as earlier
Height: Same as earlier
Birthday: Same as earlier
Country of Birth: Same as earlier
Last known location: Cape Canaveral, Florida
Status: Target, Priority Alpha
We still have barely any information on Van Jorgensen, but we know he has operated like a ghost over most of his life.
He will no doubt recognise you, and he will have no weaknesses. Be careful with this one 47: he will know your techniques better than Ort-Meyer.


Target 2: The Major
Name: Barry Williams
Age: 34
Height: 6’1
Birthday: 14/9/82
Country of Birth: USA
Last known location: Cape Canaveral, Florida
Status: Target, Priority Alpha
Barry Williams has been dubbed by many as the perfect American. Charming, patriotic and smart, Williams fought in Iraq as a pilot and received the medal of honour after saving his co-pilot from a plane crash in the desert.

He was born to an upper class American family and exceeded in Physics and Geography, and developed a passion for his country. He was also a devout Catholic. He signed up to the military as a pilot and fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, and received the medal of honour. He caught the eye of NASA and went into the astronaut training program.

He excelled in the program and was hailed as the ‘man who would go to Mars’ despite accusations of discrimination that have never been disproven. He is leading the team going to space and is a celebrity all over the world. His death will surely be a shock to the public, and it will show that the Source can control anyone.