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Target 3: The Engineer
Name: Rodrigo Martinez
Age: 37
Height: 5’11
Birthday: 30/5/83
Country of Birth: Mexico
Last known location: Cape Canaveral, Florida
Status: Target, Priority Beta
Rodrigo Martinez is a controversial figure. Not only is he a former illegal immigrant across the Mexico/US border, but he is also a notorious playboy and is viewed as a misogynist by many.

Martinez was born across the border in Baja California, only weeks before his parents illegally crossed into California. They lived just outside LA before being caught and shoved back across the border, however Rodrigo was kept in California as a US citizen.

He excelled in all subjects and was taken on by NASA as a flight engineer. His status attracted many women who he was notorious for leaving very quickly, and a few cases of abuse were mounted against him but never gained any momentum.

Despite not being as important as Williams, he is just as much of a celebrity, and his death will be noticed just as much.


Target 4: The Physicist
Name: Oliver Thatcher
Age: 35
Height: 6’2
Birthday: 3/11/85
Last known location: Cape Canaveral, Florida
Status: Target, Priority Beta
Oliver Thatcher was as competitive and achieving as his sister, Kelly. Instead of following Kelly into medicine however, he went into Astrophysics. He wanted to become an astronaut, an as one of the best physicists around, he got his wish.

Thatcher trained as an astronaut for years, mostly preparing for this mission with Williams and Martinez. He also studied with other geniuses in trying to unlock the mysteries of space, and is highly regarded in the astrophysics world.

However, in the past few months, his psychiatrist has reported that he has felt depressed and saddened, most likely due to the assassination of his sister. NASA will not cancel his contract, as they don’t have a replacement for him. This could be his weakness: be sure to use it against him.


The Gulag from Mission 7 can be seen at night. A group of masked figures with guns and high-tech gear move through the snow. They breach a wall with an explosive and shoot the guards as they enter, extracting a prisoner who’s face is hidden. Then hurry the prisoner to a truck and escape quickly, shooting all the way. The prisoner reveals herself as Diana, who makes a phone call to Crescent and says ‘let’s end this’ then the cutscene ends.


Mission 9:

Briefing: Diana here 47. It feels good to be working with you again. You have one more assignment, then you can do as you please. Your destination is the ICA facility in Nepal and your targets are the Board of Directors. Non-target kills will not count against your payments in this mission. The Board has betrayed us all, and I doubt they will have many agents protecting them. I will set up a new agency after this contract if you wish to continue your career. Good hunting.


47 is shown walking out the mission on the helipad. He briefly calls Diana and tells her ‘It’s done’ and that he will be taking break for a while. He then throws his phone off the helipad and the game does the phone falling towards the camera and then blacks out. The game ends, and the credits roll.


Hope you guys enjoyed reading this little series of mine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Loving it man, loving it!

I don’t have time to read all this now (I gotta be at work soon) but I’ll definitely read through it later!
I’m looking forward to it, I’m sure they are great, as always.


Very cool. Any/all of those characters would make great targets. Thanks for sharing that!


I was scrolling through your target profiles… these are great! I am going to thoroughly read through every one when the baby goes to sleep. There’s a lot of stuff here. Man, this is good.


Any way I could read the whole script on this?



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Don’t open the the spoiler unless you’ve read the other 5 missions :smirk:


Wait. Fernando died in 2004, right?


Opps. My mistake.

Seems that the old games aren’t my jam, I’ll change it a bit.


He became Delgado’s right hand man before the age of 4. That’s savage! :joy:

just kidding, I see you fixed it… Cool target btw.


Nah, he started working for Ether, got married and had a daughter, did some cool science shit, blew up a building, shot up his workplace, got sent to prison, broke out of prison and became Delgado’s right hand man before the age of 4.

…that’s savage.


Still very impressive that he did all the stuff he did before the age of 20.


Sorry for the long post :grin: had a lot of ideas

Setting: Dunreath, Scotland (Foggy Scottish shanty town next to a large loch)

Targets: The Shark & The Femme Fatale


The Shanty Town -

Pub (47 can get a room paid for in advance upstairs. The Shark will come in for a drink. Large ICA Pickup in room. Small ICA Pickup in meat freezer. Two other accessible rooms - one has a good sniper view of the castle and contains one man, two coins, a kitchen knife and sleeping pills - the other room has no one in it, is locked, has ammo, a shotgun, a Big Game Hunter disguise and a Remote Explosive)

Cafe (At one end of the town, far away from the loch. Has a few people in there, including someone making a phone call to The Femme Fatale. There’s a Small ICA Pickup in the men’s bathroom. There are some people working in the kitchen. Emetic Rat Poison, Kitchen Knife and a Cleaver are in the kitchen.)

Kirk (Church) (At the opposite end of town from the cafe. As a priest you can listen to confessions and you can Talk to Priest to confess. 47 can start here. There is a small graveyard behind it with a few mourning people and a mourning bodyguard who can be kicked into the open grave and open coffin to pacify him and hide the body. There is a large tomb with a locked door. Inside are stairs down into a room with the coffin (which can be used to hide one body), a broadsword leaning against the wall and a breakable wall (breaching charges).

Wharf (At the front part of the town. There are some people wandering around. There is a dinghy you can leave in. You can start here. There is a small pickup in a fish box. There is an old abandoned warehouse which is a hostile area to most regular disguises. Inside is a prisoner of the Shark and three mobsters guarding him.)

Clinic (A small medical clinic at the centre of town. Has a waiting room, reception, storage room, three check up rooms and an x-ray room. There is a small pickup in the storage closet and a sedative syringe in one of the check up rooms. All check up rooms have staff and a patient inside who stays there all the time. Most staff have coffee or water bottles that they drink from. There is also a Medical Staff disguise in the storage closet.)

Crashed Car (On the way from the village to the castle there is a car crashed into a tree. The Squire is outside the car on the phone to his insurer.)

The Castle -

Festival (Just outside the castle gates and just inside is a festival with market stalls. A few sell food which can be poisoned. Lots of people are dressed up in medieval costume.)

Jousting Arena (Next to the festival is a jousting arena. There are two tents for the knights. The red knight cannot have his disguise taken but the black knight can. The black knight is complaining about the mysterious disappearance of his squire.

Forge (An old forge inside the castle walls. A blacksmith is inside forging a sword and tourists are watching. There is a back room with coal, a broadsword, a hammer and a letter.)

Keep (In the back area of the castle there is a large slightly run-down old keep. It’s trespassing for most disguises and there are bodyguards outside it. Inside, there’s a couple tables with bodyguards gambling at them. There is a hole in the floor with a staircase down into the dungeon.)

The Ramparts (Along the top of the wall there are some bodyguards wandering around.)

Dungeon (Below the Keep is a mossy old dungeon, with many prisoners. There is also an old torture room with someone tied up, but they are never tortured. There is a hole in the wall which leads to the cavern.)

Cavern (The cavern has a large opening out onto the loch. There is a stage and many slaves tied to poles. There are some twisted individuals who are competing in the auction to buy different slaves. Bodyguards are everywhere and the Femme Fatale walks around this area, making speeches. There are a few old passageways from the main cavern. One goes to a breakable wall into the church tomb, one goes to a dead end and the last goes out onto a little pier with a jetski.)

Castle Tower (On the right side of the castle wall. It is accessible via a door on the ground (but the near vicinity is guarded.) and via a door on the ramparts. There are no guards inside the tower, but there is an old man who is the laird of the castle (he partially runs the slave market) who is at the top. Out the window, you can leap down into a cart with hay in it (a la Assassin’s Creed).)

Ruined Tower (Across from the tower is another ruined one. It is not guarded (apart from one guard who will walk up to the top for a smoke, then leave) but is Trespassing and has a suit of White Knight armour you can Hide in.)

The Farmland -

Field (Not very big, just a little area with two scarecrows and some fields)

Farmhouse (Little farmhouse with only a husband and wife in it (fairly old), there are coins on the counter, a baseball and baseball bat upstairs, a toy tank, cannonball and saber in the basement (locked) and a glass of water in the lounge which the husband drinks.)

Old Windmill (An old, run down windmill with only a katana in the very top bit)

Barn (The barn, now empty, has a downstairs area with some bricks, coins and a soda can, while the upstairs area has a bag of gunpowder and a farmer disguise in it)



The Mayor’s Way In - Find the secret entrance to the slave market (1000p)

At Your Service - Disguise yourself as the Squire (1000p)

Landlaird - Disguise yourself as the Laird (1000p)

Contestant - Disguise yourself as the Black Knight (1000p)

Hostile Area - Disguise yourself as the Prisoner (1000p)

Leap of Faith - Do the leap of faith [REDACTED] (2500p)

Joyride - Leave in the helicopter (1000p)

Come on Inn - Get your room key from the bartender (1000p)

Expression of Interest - Find the letter from the Femme Fatale to the Blacksmith (1000p)

The Magic Gateway - Leave via the magic portal (2500p)

Note to Self - Find the note on the napkin (1000p)

Silent Assassin - Complete the level SA (5000p)

Suit Only - Complete the level SO (1000p)

Silent Assassin, Suit Only - Complete the level SA/SO (5000p)

Call Me the Don - Rules: Mobster only, M1918 only (remove all others, and kill the targets with it), you’re allowed Combat, but if you finish with Compromised, Unconscious Witness or worse, you lose, kill at least 10 more people than the targets, kill anyone you KO, leave in the Mob Car (5000p)

The Wicker Man Part II - Shoot the five crows while disguised as a Scarecrow to gain the fire ability [REDACTED] (5000p)

Assassination Challenges:

The Loch Ness Mobster - Throw the Shark into the loch (5000p)

Dark Magic - Kill both targets with falling object accidents while dressed as the Wizard (5000p)

Barfight! - Kill the Shark with your bare hands while dressed as the Bartender (1000p)

Big Game - Kill the Shark with a shotgun while disguised as the Big Game Hunter (2500p) [REDACTED]

Forged by Fire - Kill the Femme Fatale in the forge fire (5000p)

Last Words - Snipe the Femme Fatale and have her body fall into the Loch (5000p)

Mob Hit - Blow up the Shark’s car while he’s escaping in it (2500p)


The Shark - Eliminate Tony Vazquez III (1000p)

The Femme Fatale - Eliminate Rosalynn Gretorie (1000p)

White Knight Challenges:

Damsel in Distress - Kill the Femme Fatale with the Broadsword while disguised as the White Knight (2500p)

My Fair Lady - Push the Femme Fatale out of the tower window while disguised as the White Knight (2500p)

Knight in Shining Armour - Disguise yourself as the White Knight (1000p)

Unchivalrous and Undignified - Drown the Shark while dressed as the White Knight (2500p)

Capital Punishment - Complete the level Silent Assassin, White Knight only (5000p)

The Hero - Complete all Knight Challenges (8000p) (New Unlock: Sieger 300 “Templar” (Loud, wallbang, increased damage, white and gold elements, dark wood, plays Ave Maria when you scope in)

Disguises: Kitchen Assistant (Kitchen), Mobster (Wharf), Bodyguard (Castle), Medical Staff (Clinic), Officer (Town), Gardener (Graveyard), Church Staff (Church)

Unique Disguises: Laird (The warehouse (you have to get frisked to get inside), other people’s rooms in the pub, the barn and farmhouse are trespassing), Squire (You’re allowed in the Black Knight’s tent, the jousting grounds, otherwise like the suit), Black Knight (Same as Squire), White Knight (Same as suit, can Hide at stand), Bartender (Same as suit, but can go behind bar and into the pub kitchen, can also poison drinks without suspicion and can go into any room), Big Game Hunter (Same as suit, but is allowed to carry guns), Blacksmith (Can blend in at the forge, can go into the back room of the forge, and can carry a sword. Otherwise like the suit.), Prisoner (All Mobsters will shoot you on sight. All bodyguards are suspicious.), (Name)’s Personal Bodyguard (Like a normal bodyguard, except you can go into the bottom floor of the farmhouse and the barn), Farmer (Can go anywhere on the farm, his wife is an enforcer), Scarecrow (Farmers are suspicious of you, can’t go into the church, otherwise like suit), Priest (Like suit, but can take confessions and can go into the tomb, but one of the church staff and a gardener are enforcers)

The Femme Fatale:
Chink in the Armour -

Step 1. Listen to Euan’s conversation on the phone to the Femme Fatale (in cafe)
Step 2. Take phone (knock him out, can be done if disguised as Waiter using Emetic Rat Poison)
Step 3. Call the Femme Fatale (You will tell her you have Euan and that to get him back she needs to go to the harbour, alone.)
Step 4. She will arrive alone, and you can kill her by sniper by going to the old windmill and placing phone (on speaker). You call her again and talk to her, she pleads, then you snipe her and her body falls into water, silent assassin.

An Ancient Competition -

Step 1. Listen to the Squire on the phone to his insurer
Step 2. Knock him out and acquire his disguise
Step 3. Go to the Black Knight’s tent
Step 4. Shine his sword
Step 5. Knock him out and take his clothes
Step 6. Compete in the jousting match
Step 7. Wait for the Femme Fatale to go to your tent to talk with you, she will also ask to see your sword
Step 8. Kill her with the broadsword and hide the body

Snuffing the Flame -

Step 1. Find the letter in the forge
Step 2. Disguise yourself as Blacksmith (he goes to the toilet occasionally)
Step 3. Talk to the Femme Fatale
Step 4. Wait for her in the Forge
Step 5. Wait for her bodyguards to dismiss all the civilians, and her to dismiss her guards
Step 6. While she’s watching the fire, push her in to kill her

Family Matters -

Step 1. Overhear the Femme Fatale’s conversation with her personal bodyguard
Step 2. Get the personal bodyguard disguise
Step 3. Talk to the farmer who owns the house
Step 4. Call the Femme Fatale on the guards phone (you tell her to meet in the barn)
Step 5. Wait for her to arrive at the barn
Step 6. When she gets agitated because the farmer isn’t there, (you hadn’t arranged to meet there), she dismisses her guards (making the barn trespassing)
Step 7. Drop a hanging hay bale onto her from above
The Shark:
A Private Meeting -

Step 1. Find the note on the napkin the Shark left himself in the pub
Step 2. Disguise yourself as the Laird
Step 3. Call the Shark to arrange the meeting place (the ruined tower)
Step 4. Wait for him to dismiss his guards
Step 5. When he walks to the edge, push him off for an accident kill


Step 4. Hide in the White Knight armour
Step 5. Wait till he dismisses his guards to wait for the Laird
Step 6. Kill him with the Broadsword (it’s a special execution) and hide the body in a crate

Dockside Death -

Step 1. Overhear the conversation two fishermen at the wharf have
Step 2. Investigate the warehouse
Step 3. Disguise yourself as the Prisoner and hide the body
Step 4. Wait for the Shark to gloat over you, then take you to a back part of the wharf
Step 5. When he dismisses his guards and gets ready to push you off, then grab him and throw him into the water

Are You Being Served? -

Step 1. Find the Shark’s order which was lost in the toilet
Step 2. Disguise yourself as a Kitchen Assistant
Step 3. Prepare the pie
Step 4. Find the Sleeping Pills
Step 5. Poison the pie
Step 6. Put the pie on the Shark’s table
Step 7. When he falls asleep, he will be taken to a spare room with nothing in it except for an open window and pipe outside for a way in (two Mobsters guard the room)
Step 8. Smother him with a pillow for accident kill
Entering the Cavern:
The Mayor’s Secret -

Step 1. Listen to two guys conversation in the kirk about the old tomb of the first mayor
Step 2. Investigate the tomb (the Priest has the Tomb Key)
Step 3. Blow up the wall

Missing in Action -

Step 1. Overhear two bodyguard’s conversation about one of their friends who seemed upset
Step 2. Find him
Step 3. Knock him out (he’s alone) and disguise yourself as a bodyguard


Level 1 (Default) - Start in the Pub (drinking lager downstairs), Large ICA Pickup in 47’s Room

Level 2 - Start in the Pub Kitchen disguised as a Kitchen Assistant

Level 3 - Small ICA Pickup in Pub Meat Freezer

Level 4 - Small ICA Pickup in Cafe Bathroom

Level 5 - New Unlock: Broadsword, Start in Jousting Tent disguised as Black Knight (Removes the real Black Knight)

Level 6 - Large ICA Pickup in Castle Tower

Level 7 - Start on Wharf, Small ICA Pickup on Wharf (In fish box)

Level 8 - Start in Cafe (drinking coffee)

Level 9 - Start in Kirk

Level 10 - Start in Slave Market disguised as Bodyguard

Level 11 - Large ICA Pickup in Graveyard Tomb

Level 12 - New Unlock: Sedative Poison

Level 13 - Large ICA Pickup in Barn

Level 14 - Start in Field (Farm) disguised as Scarecrow

Level 15 - Bronson M1918 (M1927, AKA Tommy Gun)

Level 16 - Start in Cavern Tunnels (On little pier), Small ICA Pickup in Clinic Storage Closet

Level 17 - New Unlock: Concealable Baton

Level 18 - Start in Warehouse disguised as Mobster

Level 19 - Start in Old Windmill disguised as Wizard

Level 20 - Professional Difficulty


Model T Ford near the edge of town
Dinghy on wharf
Jetski in slave market
Helicopter on the roof of the Castle Tower (Femme Fatale’s bodyguard has the keys)
Mob car near the edge of town (Keys are in the upstairs bit of the Warehouse) (Based on Lincoln Continental Mark III)
Wizard portal at the bottom of the Old Windmill (only if disguised as the Wizard)


Just like Silverballer, I’ll be posting my target concepts and details here. Constructive criticism encouraged.


Name: Anastacio Demetrou.
Nationality: Greek.
Age: 62.
Height/Weight: 5’4/297lbs.
Info to Indetify Target by: Blind in one eye due to a botched assassination attempt 17 years ago. Drinks a lot, he prefers Vodka. Dines with mayoral candidate Nikolaos Eliades in a restaurant every day. Collects money from shopkeepers. Wears a black overcoat with a blue suit and black tie underneath.
Affiliations: Mayoral candidate Nikolaos Eliades. Holds high position of power in the Tavlouris crime family.
Mission info: Target born in Cyprus. Takes place in Athens.
Additional objectives: Demetrou holds incriminating files about candidate Eliades in his villa. Ensure they are successfully leaked to the authorities.
Background info about target and mission: Client is one of the rival mayoral candidates who wants no corruption in his hometown. Demetrou was a soldier, who rose to power in the late 70’s and made millions. He is a gentle, soft-spoken man, but when the situation calls for brutality, he does not disappoint. Demetrou’s villa is highly protected.

Police Officer: Gives you access to everywhere except the restaurant kitchen and Demetrou’s villa.
Waiter: Access to the bar, the kitchen, the storeroom. Villa is trespassing.
Chef: Access to the kitchen, bar, storeroom, and villa grounds and kitchen. Trespassing inside villa.
Mafia Guard Outside: Access to the villa grounds and staff room, but is trespassing inside the villa and the villa kitchen.
Mafia Guard Inside: Access to the villa, has limited access outside.
Postman: Access to the villa grounds, but is escorted out by a mafia guard as soon as he delivers the mail.
Demetrou’s Personal Bodyguard: Access to the entire villa.
Mafia Driver: Access to villa garage.

Weapons found in the level:
Beretta 92: Carried by mafia guards (inside and outside), and police officers.
Shotgun: Carried by some mafia guards (only outside).
Revolver: Carried by Demetrou’s bodyguard and the mafia driver.
Silenced Beretta 92: Carried by Demetrou.


Nice write up! For a mission?