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I think the briefing is a bit sparse on detail in terms of explanation, more “he did this because this, then he did that because that” and “this is happening because this”. Some details could be expanded upon, such as Boulos’ links to the criminal underworld, etc. Also, the targets don’t seem to be linked in any way other than “she’s at the casino also”, seems like it’s more two, individual hits than one whole one. Ideas decent, but execution could be improved upon, IMO.

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Mission Name: A line in the sand

(If you read this till end and actually like it thank you…and you are crazy lol.)
(Also…sorry for copying the IDEA i know that mission ideas have beena thing already.)
In game location: One of the taller residential towers in Providence/New york during an art show hosted by one of your targets.

In game time: 22.47

Targets and objectives:

Eliminate Richard Lionell McKenzie
Eliminate Jaqueline De La Venti
Retrieve the ‘‘Red Ruby’’
Hack Richard’s Computer
Mission Briefing:

Good evening 47.
Your location is (insert random tower here) in Providence/New york where there is going to be an art show and a convention for specialized artists only.
Your target is Richard Lionell Mckenzie, a former lawyer turned criminal mastermind to the global underworld.
Mckenzie at the height of his lawying carrier AND with the most money of his clienteeles decided to drop his job off to become an art forger - that dream never became true however so he decided to drop it all off and started living in the top floor of the tower as one of the noveau riche and well security protected residents.
Scamming people for money however is definitely not the only way he get’s to live off a ‘‘good’’ life.
His second way of getting money from residents of northeastern america is also to scam them off by selling fake art at art conventions.
And with that helps him your secondary target Jaqueline De La Venti, a self proclaimed best artist in the country and an infamous art forger in McKenzies regime.
She has been forging fake art for decades and selling it to starving artists at tramendously high prices - which as you probably guessed makes her and McKenzie a lot of money.
De La Venti and McKenzie have both se exes at the Red Ruby, an expensive piece of art of which the fake version is going to be sold at the auction.
You must eliminate both targets and hack Richard’s computer to give money back to his clieenteles, and of course find and steal the real Red Ruby.
Good luck 47.

Targets Locations:

Richard L. McKenzie - The top floor of the tower. (Heavily Guarded, inspired by HQ of Francesca De Santis in Sapienza)
Jaqueline De La Venti - Bottom floors, on interwievs and on all the cameras. (star of the show, organizator of the convention.)

Target movements

Richard L. McKenzie - Sits at stool with his computer - moves to the Balcony (Talks about how he stolen so much money from these rats of America) - Goes to his apartment’s kitchen (Talks about stuff, and drinks some wine which is poisonable) - Meets his friend (Talks about bad guy stuff and how he will become the richest mad in america with the money he stole.) - Goes to drink his waterbottle - Eats an appetizer in the kitchen - Goes to work out - Meets some bodyguards and talks about how he will kill people after he becomes the throne of the region - repeats cycle.

Jaqueline De La Venti - Begins an interview (Talks about ‘‘real’’ art and how the ‘‘real’’ red rubys are great and how the money will go ‘‘to the charity’’ - Ends the interwiev - Drinks bottle of water (poisonable of course) - Moves to the convention areas with an escort of bodyguards - meets her associate - goes to a private area to talk to him (Talks about being a bad guys and how the rubys are fake, her friend is in shock he almost slips unconsius and she has a typical bad guy grin) - Talks to random artists if they are enjoying the convention - goes back to the interview area - drinks more water (poisonable ofc.) - repeats cycle.

Level design and layout

It is like Paris map only higher and it is only inside, 47 starts in a large square room in blending in right near the VIP fence where jaqueline has an interwiev.
Room forward has an artist convention, a bunch of paintings and things like that left and right. going up is accesible via. the stairs or an elevator (with a camera)
Upstairs is a bigger room with a buffet, and in the back staff area the one and only - red rubys.
Upstairs a few storiies are just restricted bodyguard places with an oppurtunity/intel or two here and there,there are also walkable apartments in which guards are sleeping or just…talking and guarding. There are also some cool diguises.
Last floor is the Queen apartment of McKenzie and his hackable computer.

Custom kill achievements:

Is it a bird, is it a plane Eliminate Jaqueline De La Venti by pushing her off the window.
Slam Dunk Eliminate Richard L. McKenzie by pushing him off the balcony.
Scorched…or just hacked Eliminate Richard L. McKenzie by electryfing him with his computer.
One with the Fishies Eliminate Jaqueline De La Venti by drowning her in an aquarium.
Just couldn’t take another bite Eliminate Richard McKenzie by poisoning his appetizer.
What is that Metal taste I won… Eliminate Richard McKenzie by poisoning his Water in the Waterbottle.
Get what you bargained for Eliminate Jaqueline De La Venti by stabbing her with the Red Rubys.
(And this is my idea please comment if you like it or not bye!) :grin::grinning::sweat_smile:


Target Name: Donald Beck
Aka: The Rubber Duck Killer
Age: 42
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 258 lbs
Location: Northern California


"Hello, 47. Diana from The Agency here. We got an extremely important mission for you that needs to be taken care of immediately. Your target is Donald Beck; the infamous “Rubber Duck Killer” from the late 80’s. He has been dodging the FBI and local law enforcement ever since. Within his time of being a killer, he has murdered 12 women. His motive for the murders remains to be a mystery by the police, as well as his “calling card” which made him so famous. Our client is the husband of your targets last victim and ICA have pinpointed the location of the target. Our client has made a special request that the rubber ducks he provided us, be placed on the corpse of Mr. Beck…12 of them to be exact. No doubt to honor all the victims, including his wife. I realize this is a rather silly request, 47. But our client is paying triple the standard fee to honor this request. Insure that it gets done. The Agency will have a car ready to pick you up when the mission is complete. Good luck, 47.


Donald Beck grew up in Northern California and came from a very privileged upbringing. At the age of 6 he was attacked by a flock of ducks after he fed them bread at a local park. His mother was with him at the time this took place and didn’t intervene until the Ducks finally retreated. Beck survived with minor peck injuries, but suffered mentally from the experience. When Donald was 15, his mother died in a bathtub. Police reports the death was a suicide, but were at a loss for words as to why the tub was filled with rubber ducks. Throughout the years, Donald then became a deranged serial killer, targeting only women who were married and had children. Much like his mother. He would then leave behind, a single rubber duck on the chest of all his victims.

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Hello, 47. Diana from The Agency speaking. We have a very disturbing contract for you and our client specifically asked for you to carry out this assignment. So, here we go…

You have two targets; Joshua Goldsworthy, the notorious “Tooth Fairy” killer and his own personal Dentist; Steven S. Bookbinder.

Over the past 13 years, Mr. Goldsworthy has killed 32 people, collecting one tooth from each of the victims he murdered, thus gaining the nick name “The Tooth Fairy.” He has been very clean and carful though out the years and was able to dodge Police and FBI, all while keeping his identity secret.

Mr. Goldsworthy recently killed and collected his last tooth from his victim, completing his new set of teeth. Joshua will be having his final dental appointment in just a few hours. He is scheduled to have the final tooth from his last victim, placed inside his implant after he gets all his current teeth pulled. Mr. Bookbinder will be there to perform the entire procedure, so that may be an opportunity to get to both men at once.

The Agency also have you scheduled for an “appointment” with Mr. Bookbinder under the alias; Kyle Rooter. You are scheduled to go after Mr. Goldsworthy, so proceed at your own discretion…

Our client wants both targets eliminated. The tooth from Joshua’s last victim is in Mr. Bookbinder’s possession for the operation. Our client also just so happens to be the Mother of Joshua’s latest victim and demands her deceased sons tooth back. Ensure that you retrieve it, 47! She has offered an additional $50,000 for that tooth.

The Agency will stand by in case you need additional information on your targets, or on the facility. Good luck, 47.

Joshua Goldsworthy
Aka: “The Tooth Fairy”
AGE: 30
HEIGHT: 5"11’
WEIGHT: 178 lbs

Joshua Goldsworthy grew up in North Carolina. He done some low budget modeling for children clothes when he was only seven. His dream since then was to make it in the big time fashion industry. However, as he grew older he always got turned down on the count of his “poor looking teeth.” Even with Joshua’s father being the CEO of a highly respectable fashion line company, he still couldn’t land his only son a modeling career. Having his dreams shattered, he grew self conscious of his teeth and developed a rather disturbing murder ritual. He became extremely jealous of the models who took his spotlight and began killing male models from all over the globe; removing one tooth from everyone he killed. Nothing was gonna stand in his way to craft the perfect smile that robbed him from achieving his life long dream. It took him 13 years to do, but he has finally crafted the perfect smile. Collecting 32 teeth–while killing 32 people in total during the process. He later came in contact with a Mr. Steven S. Bookbinder. A greedy, spoiled Dentist with no conscience, who couldn’t care less as to the people Joshua killed in order to obtain the teeth. After all… Mr. Goldsworthy is paying Bookbinder $32,000,000,000 for the entire dental procedure.

Steven S. Bookbinder

AGE: 53
HEIGHT: 5"9’
WEIGHT: 205 lbs

Steven S. Bookbinder. Family man, Dentist and greedy to the core. He came from an extremely privileged upbringing and never wanted for anything in his life. He was very intelligent as a child and had straight A’s all though his years in school. After high school he went to college to study in the dental field. He passed with flying colors and later went on to even opening up his own practice. During this time is when he first met your primary target; Joshua Goldsworthy. As rich and successful as Mr. Bookbinder was, he still agreed to Joshua’s sadistic request of placing the teeth of all his victims into his own mouth. Mr. Bookbinder knew of all the killings he did in order to obtain the teeth, and for a whopping 1 Million Dollars a tooth, Mr. Bookbinder overlooked the killings and still agreed to do the procedure, thus making him a secondary target by our client.


Well Goldsworthy will litterely get that million dollar smile now. He can’t lie that he ain’t got one atleast.

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Hahaha right!? :joy:

I know this one seems a bit… bizarre lol but what the hell… I mean I realize with 32 Million he could have just bought a new set of teeth, but I wanted to make it seem like Goldsworthy… “snapped” ya know? lol

Hell, people do crazy shit sometimes. Happens in real life all the time. Sometimes it’s the principle of the thing :hugs:


Hello 47, Diana here. We have a contract for you that needs to be taking care of immediately. You have two targets and one objective… Our clients son; Declan, was kidnapped by a corrupt Police Officer, working with a rival Crime Organization of our clients. The orders to kidnap Declan were given to Officer Dean Singer; by your main target; Frank Morello. The Officer met up with Declan at a local bar where he works, claiming his father was in a severe car accident and offered him a police escort to the hospital. Needless to say, they didn’t make it. Mr. Morello has recently contacted our client and said his son would be executed, unless he paid a ransom of 10 Million Dollars within the next 48 hours. The ICA was able to trace that call to pinpoint the exact location of your two targets. They are currently in an abandoned warehouse, roughly 20 miles from your current location. We sent you a satellite screenshot of that warehouse, as well as coordinates to get there. Be very careful, 47! These are extremely dangerous men, and if you are detected during the operation they will most certainly kill our clients son, so stealth is the key. Once you have eliminated your targets and secured the clients son, stay put and call me back. I will send in a team for the two of you to extract. Tread lightly, 47. There won’t be any second chances with this one.
Good luck.

TARGET: Officer Dean Singer

AGE: 36
HEIGHT: 6’0"
WEIGHT: 202 lbs

Officer Dean Singer of the LAPD. Been with the force with his wife since he was 20 years old. He used to be a straight shooter until 5 years ago when his wife was murdered in the line of duty. To this day, Singer blames his Sergeant for dispatching her to the bank robbery where she was deployed-Even after insisting that he goes instead of his wife. Orders were orders. From that day, Singer slowly got involved playing on both sides of the fence. Singer soon came in contact with the ruthless and well known Mobster; Frank Morello. Singer wanted revenge on his Sergeant, he wanted him dead but did not have the money. He knew if anyone could deliver without a trace, it would be Mr. Morello–so in order to gain his trust and to carry the hit out for free, Frank Morello decided to give him an “initiation” to see if he was serious. Morello would kill his Sergeant free of charge, if Singer agreed to kill a former business associate of Mr. Morello’s, and remain to work with him… Singer agreed and both men carried out on both of their propositions. Singer has been a loyal partner with Mr. Morello and worked along side of many of his criminal operations ever since.

TARGET: Frank Morello

AGE: 42
HEIGHT: 5’10"
WEIGHT: 198 lbs

Frank Morello. Mafia boss. Smart, Efficient and ruthless as they come. Morello has been involved in criminal activity all his life, rumored to have killed 4 dozen men since his start in the business at age 15. He is a deceitful man, known to always get a job done clean and efficiently and without a trace. Feared by many and knowing what he is capable of, nobody that worked for him has ever double-crossed him. Mr. Morello specializes in ‘Hits’ and ‘kidnapping for ransom’ and he has never failed one, not even to this day.
He recently started a business relationship with Officer Dean Singer, who is still employed with the LAPD and uses that to his advantage to gain information from an inside source. While he only recently just started working with him, Mr. Morello trusts him completely, knowing he will never try to double-cross him. Especially since the fact that he has evidence of Singer conspiring with him to kill his former Sergeant. Not to mention, evidence of Mr. Singer killing a former associate of Mr. Morello’s and Singer knows this. In other words…“He’s got him by the balls.”

OBJECTIVE: Protect Declan

AGE: 24
HEIGHT: 5’11"
WEIGHT: 179 lbs

Declan is the only son of our clients. In and out of juvie between the ages of 12 & 17 for petty theft, fist fights and vandalizing private property, he has always been your traditional “bad-boy.” Not that hard to believe, considering his upbringing… While he is not directly involved with his fathers crime organization, he has been known to make a few drug deliveries for his father in the past. Records show he has never killed anyone, but he has had 3 DUI’s over the course of two years, but avoided any jail time thanks to bribes and the influence of his father.


Are you sure that the ICA didn’t order the hit on Morello since he is tecnically a “rival”

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No… lol
My idea was; The ICA’s client just so happens to be involved with criminal activity as well and the client wants his rival taken out in order to save his son. I don’t think the ICA would turn down a criminals contract as long as they get paid. And as long as they don’t pose any real threat to the ICA themselves. (In my story anyway haha)


Ehh, idk… here is another one lol

Mission Briefing

Hello, 47. This is Diana from Agency. Welcome to Canada. Your target is Todd Vulpes; an anti-social, criminal mastermind and successful gambler, who specializes in “Fox Fights.”

When he was 18, he murdered his abusive parents in their sleep, stole their valuables and eventually fled to Canada, where he became a successful gambler. He is hosting a “Fox Fight” in an abandoned warehouse, tonight, and one of the Foxes is a pet that was stolen by your target and belonged to our client.

Many Foxes have already paid the ultimate price for Mr. Vulpes financial gain in the past few days. Your target is planning to use our clients Fox in tonight’s scheduled fight.

Our client wants you to infiltrate the warehouse where it is being held. Eliminate Todd Vulpes and obtain his pet. Our client has warned us that his Fox is extremely aggressive to anyone other than himself. So ICA has provided you with a tranquilizer pistol to use on his pet so you can bring him-and you to safety.

Once you have eliminated Mr. Vulpes and the clients pet is tranquilized, be sure to contact the Agency immediately and we will send in a team to pick the both of you up. Use extreme caution, 47.

Good luck.


Todd Vulpes

Age: 32
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 177 lbs

Todd Vulpes grew up in Michigan and had a very sheltered and abusive upbringing. He was an only child and very quiet. He was homeschooled all throughout grade school and never really had any friends as a boy. By the time he finally finished 12th grade, he grew increasingly resentful towards his parents for all the beatings and keeping him on such a short leash all his life.

He soon murdered his parents one night while they were asleep, stole all their valuables and his fathers Lamborghini and never returned.

After 9 years of dodging police, living in and out of motels across the globe under numerous alias’ and selling narcotics & committing burglary to make ends meat, he finally decided to move to Canada to start a new life.

At the age of 27 he got heavily involved in gambling and quickly realized his luck has changed, where he has made millions over the years; involving horse races, fixing sporting events, and even winning a lottery of 356,000 dollars, which he of course claimed under a fake alias.

His latest criminal act, involved a break-in of a very wealthy businessman; where he left with over $600,000 in valuables and a beautiful, yet vicious Red Fox, which gave him the idea of hosting “Fox Fights” for furthering his financial gain.

Good luck.


The Clients pet Fox

This Red Fox was raised by our client ever since he was a little kit. Our client never had children of his own, but grown extremely attached to this Fox as if it were his actual offspring. This Red Fox may seem harmless, but he is known to be extremely vicious with anyone who isn’t his master (our client) Rumor has it that this particular Fox once attacked and killed a man that tried to mug our client two years ago.


MISSION: “Highway to Hell”

Mission Briefing

Good evening, 47. This is Diana from Agency. Your targets are two members from the notorious biker gang, known as “The Skulks.”

Your first target is Sydney Kitts; also known as “The Red Fox.” He is the President of this biker outfit and owns a local bar called “The Foxhole” that he and his gang use as a headquarters.

Drug smuggler, and gunrunner for The Skulks, he has accumulated millions in recent years during his operations, and in doing so, he has gained a lot of enemies.

One of which, is our client; President of a rival biker club. He got ripped off by Sydney during an arms deal. He met up with him to purchase a large variety of guns.

During the deal, he had your second target; Bobby Baker, shoot our client, his bodyguard and steal the cash. Our client obviously survived, but his bodyguard wasn’t so lucky…

Adding insult to injury, Sydney also tasked Bobby to steal the clients motorcycle in the process. Our client wants The Skulks taken out, he also wants his motorcycle and cash back. The client has informed us that the money was in a red colored briefcase, be sure to keep an eye out for it. It should be somewhere close by within the bar, perhaps in Sydney’s office on the top floor.

The Skulks are currently at the Foxhole, celebrating in what they think is a victory. Your assignment is to Infiltrate the Foxhole, eliminate the targets and retrieve the clients cash and motorcycle and ride it off to the location we provided on your map.

Satellite images suggest that there is a garage behind the bar. More than likely, you will find the motorcycle there. One of your targets should have the key. Be sure to check both of them after they are taken care of.

Use extreme caution, 47. This is a very dangerous biker gang with very ruthless, loyal and unpredictable members. While The Foxhole is a public bar, The Skulks don’t take too kindly to outsiders. Tread lightly.

Good Luck, 47.

Target 1

Sydney Kitts aka: “The Red Fox”
AGE: 41
HEIGHT: 6"0’
WEIGHT: 239 lbs

Sydney Kitts is deceitful to the core. He is also President of the biker gang The Skulks. His father used to be the President of this outfit until Sydney, at the age of 19, lost his patience and wanted to take over then and now.

He knew he was next in line, but couldn’t bring himself to murdering his father. He promised his life long friend; Bobby Baker, that if he took out his father, he would make him underboss once he took the throne.

Bobby agreed, then later messed with his motorcycle brakes and had him killed in an ‘accident.’ From that day forward, Sydney has taken the role of Leader of The Skulks and never killed anyone during his entire career.

Within the last few years, he has accumulated over 10 million dollars in drug smuggling and gun running operations. Sydney recently purchased a public bar called The Foxhole that he and his gang have been using as a front and HQ ever since.

Target 2

Bobby Baker aka: “The Gray Fox”
AGE: 40
HEIGHT: 5"8’
WEIGHT: 297 lbs

Bobby Baker has been friends with Sydney since they were kids. Bobby is also the Underboss for The Skulks and Sydney’s right hand man.

He is extremely loyal to his boss and friend and at the age of 18, he even killed his best friends father, in the returned promise that Sydney would make him Underboss of The Skulks.

While Bobby is extremely loyal to his friend, it is known that he has severe anger issues and rumor has it that Bobby once murdered a Police Officer just for giving Sydney a ticket for illegally parking his motorcycle.

Baker has always done Sydney’s killing for him with no objections whatsoever, as he has always had a deranged thirst for blood, even at a young age.

Retrieve / Escape

The Clients motorcycle.

A 1996 Harley-Davidson Softail “Orange Peeler” Our client wants you to retrieve his stolen motorcycle from the biker gang. Once you have eliminated both targets, be sure to extract with the clients cash and this motorcycle and proceed to the appointed location we have provided on your map. Once you arrive, the client will be there to receive his belongings and also, provide you with the agreed sum for carrying out this assignment.

The Skulks Gang Logo

that’s a Fox’s skull, just in case you were wondering lol also, a little trivia…a group of Foxes is called a “skulk” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mission info
Mission Name: Downfall
Time of day: 14:00
Location: New York, USA
Level: top floor(s) of a big office building

Target info
Name: Philip Roberts
Age: 39
Weight: Average build, a bit muscular
-Slick black hair,
-Dark blue suit jacket
-White shirt
-Pink tie
-Big golden watch
-Black shoes

Name: Brandon Rogers
Age: 25
Weight: Slightly overweight
-Brown curly hair
-Black square glasses
-Pink shirt
-Purple braces
-Gray suit pants
-Brown shoes

This mission is heavily based on the Wolf of Wallstreet story. A rich guy at the peak of his career, making a lot of money by ripping people off. Partying all day at the office and doing rich people things. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mission Title: Mandatory Retirement
Target: Charlotte Courtois
Priority: 1A.
Flight Risk: Extremely high.
Location: GAMA Facility, Hokkaido, Japan

Good evening 47,

Your target is Doctor Charlotte Courtois, a medical researcher whose work in top secret aerospace design has secured her a place in unofficial history. Once the toast of Cold War spymasters on both sides of the Iron Curtain, Courtois began her career performing illegal experiments on dissidents of the Pinochet Regime in Chile.

She has since gone on to work for some of the most illustrious and secretive government research initiatives in the world, including the infamous Area 51. A scientist with a clinical detachment to her test subjects, it wasn’t long until she caught the eye of famed Soviet spymaster Janus, who soon recruited her into Providence upon the end of the Union in ‘92.
Intel acquired from Janus’ secret vault suggests that as a Providence operative, Doctor Courtois has infiltrated the ICA Board as the Medical Director, and has been privy to our dealings for quite some time now. She must be punished for her crimes against us.

She is currently staying at the GAMA Facility in Hokkaido, Japan, undertaking a number of procedures designed to drastically alter her appearance. Changes made to her hair colour, eye colour, blood group, finger prints, voice and facial structure will make her unrecognisable if she is allowed to complete her treatment. She is an experienced spy and Providence Herald: so you have 72 hours to eliminate the target, before she recovers sufficiently to travel, and disappears forever. Put an end to Providence’s spying, 47.

I will leave you to prepare.

Name: Charlotte Courtois MD PhD
Height: 5’9
Age: 70
Birthplace: Kazumba, former Belgian Congo.

ICA File (ICA-PF-194352/COURTOIS):
A white woman born in the Belgian Congo to Belgian parents, and raised in the Congo, Romania, Hungaria and Costa Rica, Charlotte Courtois has never had anything resembling a ‘national identity’. Born to a pair of Nazi sympathisers in 1949, eugenics and medical manipulation were common dinner table conversations, something that influenced Courtois’ decision to pursue a career in medicine at 18.

Graduating with a medical degree from the Austral University of Chile in 1972, she went on to undertake a residency the following year. However, no sooner had she qualified for unsupervised practice, the Allende government was overthrown by a military coup d’état, installing Augusto Pinochet and his US backers in its place. This began a repressive dictatorship that involved totalitarian control of the population, mass executions of dissidents, and the abduction and torture of untold scores of innocents.

On this backdrop of violence and poverty, the newly qualified Doctor Courtois was approached by a Colonel Fernando Delgado, of Pinochet’s pervasive intelligence service, and recruited to a military project codenamed SPARROW FIRE. This project, operating under the guise of the then-Ministry of Public Health, involved the illegal experimentation of the effects of excessive g-force on civilians, through the use of human centrifuges - for the purposes of researching the limits of human capabilities, for the fighter pilots of the Chilean Air Force. At first, Courtois’ part as a member of the project’s medical staff was entirely coerced, until she began to take a genuine interest into her work, gradually losing empathy for her ‘test subjects’. She even undertook a PhD in aeronautical physics in her spare time. This continued until 1980, when she was headhunted by the defence contractor Schaeffer-Moore (see ICA-OF-927901/PROVIDENCE), to work on the design team for the SM135 at the US Air Force’s Groom Lake Testing Facility in Nevada, known to the public as ‘Area 51’. Following a string of prototype aircraft tested at the base - by scientific and military staff living on-site - SM135 was a hypersonic jet built from the template of the US’ failed X-15 project, using technology sourced from the schematics of a stolen Tupolev Tu-360 from Russia.
Courtois’ continued to work on this project for two years, until a laboratory accident resulted in a leak from the aircraft’s nuclear-powered propulsion system which she designed. Exposure to high doses of ionising radiation poisoned Courtois’ body and confined her to a hospital bed for six months. Already depressed and defeated by the harrowing symptoms of radiation poisoning, Courtois’ mental state further declined with the realisation that the incident had left her unable to conceive. Disillusioned by the callous apathy of nation states and robbed of the chance to bare children, she eventually healed and returned to her work at Groom Lake, suppressing her resentment and becoming a ticking time bomb of hatred.
By 1984, she was working for the Russians, having been turned by a Soviet spy codenamed Janus (see ICA-TR-472941/JANUS). Smuggling the secrets to the SM135’s nuclear propulsion systems to the USSR, the technology she had originally designed for the Americans was soon put to use in the Soviet space program. By 1986, the Soviets had used this knowledge to launch their first modular space station ‘Mir’, on board which astronauts undertook a number of experiments in biology and physics intended to study the possibility of colonising other planets. Although the station’s operating life was a short one, the results of many of its experiments have gone on to be used by a secretive cabul of plutocratic doom-preppers called the Ark Society, which Janus founded in 1991.

The following year, the Soviet Union dissolved and Janus joined an elusive shadow government known as ‘Providence’, accepting a high-ranking position within their organisation while bringing with him a handful of his best operatives, including Doctor Charlotte Courtois.

Being sent to the Hong Kong, she acted as an informant within the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, becoming a Herald in 1995 and so became Providence’s liaison between its puppets in the British colony - under the supervision of her superior, Janus (known in internal circles as ‘the Constant’). During this time, she became associated with the Red Dragon Triad in Kowloon, and nurtured the career of the head of the Hong Kong Police, using him to monitor the activities of the triads for Providence.

During the handover in 1997, she was relieved by another Herald, while she was transferred to Providence’s station in Romania. Aside from liaising with figures in crime, politics and business, her key duty was to monitor the cloning project of Dr. Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer (see ICA-C/TF-572819/ORT-MEYER), being run out of an asylum operated by Ort-Meyer himself. After one of Ort-Meyer’s super-soldier clones turned against him and killed him - effectively decommissioning the project - Romania was deemed a low priority territory by the new Constant, who used the evidence of the research at the asylum to convince a Russian mafia boss into luring out Ort-Meyer’s wayward clone (see ICA-PF-BRO3886/AGENT47). Before leaving Romania, Courtois performed a full spring cleaning at the asylum, including recovering Ort-Meyer’s notes on the cloning project.

Believing her medical skills to be wasted in Romania, she was transferred to the Providence station in Japan to be one of the founding physicians of a private hospital in a remote mountainous region of Hokkaido, called the GAMA Facility. Publicly an ultra-exclusive hospital for the wealthy, its medical equipment and trusted staff were also used to undertake research into cloning, utilising Ort-Meyer’s research. Alpha Zerox, the recently established medical arm of Providence and headquartered beneath the Pentagon Building in the US, wished to use clone super-soldiers to staff the ranks of Alpha Rank’s assassin operation, known the Franchise. At this point, Providence’s motivation to kill the wayward clone (now known as Agent 47, by its new employer: the ICA assassin agency) shifted from cleaning up the Ort-Meyer Project, to acquiring a fresh bone marrow sample to further Alpha Zerox’s cloning program. Courtois’ personal motivation came when she read Ort-Meyer’s notes on Agent 47 and realised that the perfection of his DNA could be replicated in other individuals if they had the genetic data from the marrow sample, potentially creating a population immune to disease and physical weakness.

Unfortunately for her, her goals were delayed by the assassination of Masahiro Hayamoto (Senior) in 2002 (ICA-T-642951/HAYAMOTOSR, in one of his remote castle locations, despite it being defended by a small army of yojimbos and highly-trained ninjas. A notorious Yakuza boss and the leader of the Yamaguchi-Gumi outfit, Hayamoto was a Providence operative often used by the organisation for smuggling weapons en masse to their overseas allies. He was also adept at obtaining specialised technologies, such as missile guidance and detection systems, and was an early candidate for acquiring Agent 47 (but it appeared the man refused, based on fears of the clone, based on rumours that he had been the one to kill Hong Kong triad boss Lee Hong - “The Man With No Conscience”). See ICA-PT-711713/HONG. The death of Hayamoto caused a power vacuum in the criminal underworld, which in turn triggered a civil war within Yamaguchi-Gumi.

During this war, a senior member of the Yakuza outfit - knowing that Courtois was a liaison between Hayamoto and his mysterious benefactors - abducted her from her home in Hokkaido. Raped and tortured for information on Providence, she managed to escape captivity and went underground for the rest of the year. During this period of time, she drastically changed her identity: altering her hair, name and undergoing plastic surgery at the GAMA Facility. Traumatised and served with a painful reminder of her mortality - even as a Providence herald - the experience served only to warp Courtois’ quest to create a genetic cure to disease, into a crusade to do so only for those deemed deserving of life.

Driven by an increasing obsession with ending human illness, fuelled by a newfound hatred for the majority of humanity, Courtois became impatient when the Constant’s plan to use a Russian mob boss to lure Agent 47 into a trap set by a lesser hit man known only as ‘17’ failed.

She left Japan for the United States, determined to find Agent 47 herself, by contacting a Romanian professor of psychiatry at Stanford University that used to work at Ort-Meyer’s asylum (before the spring cleaning). After seducing the lecherous professor, he identified the assassination of her old superior Colonel Fernando Delgado in Chile as being perpetrated by someone matching the skills taught to Agent 47 by Ort-Meyer and his instructors (see mission report on ICA-884615/DELGADOF). Convincing the Constant of the FBI’s usefulness as an investigative agency capable of tracking down 47, Courtois tried and failed to recruit FBI Director Jack Leland Cayne to Alpha Zerox’s cloning operation. Identifying herself as a CIA agent hoping to pool their resources, she conspired with a Herald in Washington to stage a car crash, which she would later convince Cayne was a failed assassination. Encouraging his paranoia, Courtois fed his obsession with discovering the truth behind his car crash and subsequent paralysis, using it to develop a friendship and earn the man’s trust - recruiting him as the new head of the Franchise.

She sparked his interest in finding Agent 47 by giving him the intel on the Delgado murders she acquired from the professor at Stanford. Over time, she led him to believe that it was the ICA that tried to kill him, and eventually she ‘revealed’ that it was Agent 47 himself that was his would-be killer. With the FBI within Providence’s ever-growing grasp, they used their international assets to assist Cayne in setting up FBI offices across the world, allowing their new pawn widespread investigative powers to find Agent 47 and acquire his bone narrow; including the use of a reporter called Rick Henderson to provide a cover story, to whom Cayne confirmed Courtois’ existence during an interview guised as his retirement memoirs.

In 2005, Cayne was killed and the Franchise was destroyed by none other than Agent 47 himself. Upon Courtois’ recommendation, Providence allowed the ICA to absorb the Franchise’s assets, including key members of staff that would go onto become informants within the Agency. Allowing the ICA to become stronger, but still unware of Providence’s existence, meant they could use them as a hit squad (as they had the Franchise), but without implicating themselves. For good measure, she infiltrated the Agency as a medical screener for the recruitment department, while Providence staged a number of favourable events to boost her reputation within the organisation. Awarded Gamma rank.

By 2010, she was their Medical Director (a board position), placing her in charge of operative health, including vaccinations, medical assessments, and analysis of biological material recovered in the field. Upgraded to Icarus rank. By this point, the failures of 17, Fournier and Cayne to acquire 47’s genetic information convinced Courtois to pursue a more cost-effective method of obtaining the data. Befriending ICA Division Chief Benjamin Travis (ICA-PF-579113/TRAVIS), she persuaded him to assist her in developing a replacement to Agent 47: a female accelerated to adolescence, using Ort-Meyer’s techniques to create a genetic perfect human. While Courtois saw this as a means to synthesize the genetic data for Alpha Zerox’s super-soldier cloning program (and indeed her own medical advances in perfecting mankind), she told Travis that the girl would serve as the perfect assassin for the ICA, securing unparellel profits that would elevate him to the position of the board, on which Courtois herself sat.

So when ICA Controller Diana Burnwood abducted the test subject in 2013 and Agent 47 unwittingly exposed Travis’ involvement in her creation, Director Courtois feigned ignorance to the project as she scapegoated Travis as a raving lunatic obsessed with power and playing God. As a pre-emptive measure, the ICA’s cloning lab and its links to the Ether Biotech Corporation were destroyed, and Alpha Zerox’s cloning operation in the basement of the GAMA Facility was moved to the Vector Institute in Russia.

In 2014, Courtois was assigned as Providence’s ‘buyer’ at the newly formed IAGO auctions, purchasing information that could be damaging to her employers. During this, she acquires information on genetic experiments being undertaken by dictator Jin Po, and uses the local Providence Herald to secure her a place on the research staff at one of Po’s secret laboratories in the mountains. Able to continue her experiments into creating super-soldiers and the genetic cure for human disease, Courtois is now the head of the research initiative into genetic markers for military aptitude, feeding the information back to Providence’s cloning program in Russia.

Now, at the age of 70, she has been exposed for her espionage against the ICA, and has been marked for immediate termination.


-Yuki Yamazaki references Courtois in one of her phone calls
-This Blood Money trailer features Cayne talking to Courtois about giving her the ICA’s customer phone number, to lure 47 out to be targeted by Franchise assassins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcLSwNL2p3U


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Mission Name: Kiss of Death

Location: Sardinia

The Consigliere (Niccolo DiMaio)
The Lawyer (Skënder Dervishi)
The Don (Marco Caporetti)

All three are members of the Caporetti Family, a notorious Sardinian crime family. The client is the head of a Corsican crime family who is looking to expand, and wants his rivals gotten rid of. In addition, to ensure he can move in safely, the client would like sensitive documents involving the police and mayor acquired.

The targets:

Niccolo DiMaio:
Niccolo has been the consigliere of the Caporetti Family for over 25 years, and is considered the true mastermind behind the success of the family. He is arrogant and not very sociable, and therefore rarely leaves the villa. Travels with one bodyguard.
Target wears a blue polo shirt and white shorts, with brown loafers and black sunglasses.
Target is armed, carries an HS Produkt HS2000.
Target’s bodyguard carries a double-barrel shotgun.

Skënder Dervishi:
Age: 30
Height: 6’4
Weight: 220lbs
Dervishi is an Albanian immigrant who started his career extorting and blackmailing small targets, before being hired by the Caporettis. A very charming and charismatic man, he spends the majority of his time in the town. He frequents the restaurants and shops, and has no bodyguard, trusting the police to keep him safe. He is a heavy drinker.
Wears a black suit with a dark blue shirt, black tie, and black shoes, with a platinum watch and sunglasses.
Target is not armed.

Marco Caporetti:
Marco has been the Don of the Caporetti Family for about ten years. He keeps the townsfolk loyal through fear and the police on his side through blackmail. Divides his time between the villa and the town
Target wears a white athletic shirt, dark blue pants, and grey leather shoes.
Target is not armed, however has 2 bodyguards armed with Uzis


Wait. Sardinia has no strong mafia families, they may have operations for other families and yes I looked that up to bring it up because I am a pedantic asshole. Sardinia did have bandits making it the Italian Wild West a long time ago.