Hitman Franchise After Agent 47


I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, what happens when David Bateson becomes unable to voice agent 47 anymore? Some will say that the franchise will effectively die without him which I disagree with, but what cannot happen is someone else voices 47. If I had to decide what to do in this situation, I would say make one final game where you play as a character such as Lucas Grey and since its the final game, you can make a much more interesting and dramatic story. For example, 47 and Diana expose the ICA (for whatever reason) to the world and you get arrested(good opportunity for a prison mission) but after this you may seek vengeance on 47 and Diana and the final mission will force you to eliminate them both. A cool idea would be to try to identify 47 as he will be disguised and hiding. The mission could have 2 endings:

You eliminate 47 and escape the law searching for you. The ICA has collapsed and imploded on itself so you escape to your family.

47 eliminates you. The ending cutscene fades to your funeral with your family looking on and crying. But 47 watches from a distance. The final scene shows 47 throwing his silver ballers onto a fire and vowing to leave the assassin life behind.

47 could be voiced by a skilled impersonator. I saw a video a long time ago of someone perfectly imitating 47s voice


I don’t think that they’d ever remove 47 from Hitman, honestly. They’d probably try and source the most accurate voice to Bateson, or just pay the man a LOT of money haha


i’m sure they could find a similar voice


Interesting thoughts, @SilentWraith

I’ve mentioned it before in other threads, but I believe Agent 47 has transcended the Hitman series; he is one of those rare characters that have simply eclipsed their source material in fame. Nonetheless, Hitman is Agent 47, and without him, the franchise would be that much poorer. Agent 47 is David Bateson’s voice, and without David, 47 is poorer.

The good thing is that 47’s background as a clone has allowed IOI to toss the issue of age aside - you might not like it, but this bald old man is what peak performance looks like! Bateson is as of yet still willing and able, with no end to that status quo in sight seeing as 47 is still his most high profile role (have you seen some of his other recent credits?!) and what with the delivery of dialogue in HITMAN 2 being as good as ever.

I commend you for your originality regarding the concept of eliminating 47, but it’d be a bigger shitstorm than Absolution ever was - Victoria being propped up as a possible successor is one of the big reasons people disliked her. 47 is now larger than life and larger than the Hitman series, and cannot be killed.


47 can take a vow of silence. It would fit the character very well.


While it’s possible that Bateson might not voice 47 at some point for one reason or another, I don’t think the series could go on without 47. Like a Tomb Raider game without Lara Croft or a 007 flick without James Bond.


but victoria is clearly 47’s worthy successor i mean look at her karate moves kapow (was it ever mentioned why she had to have that necklace?)


You don’t think? It won’t.

Hitman is not about ica or Diana or Lucas gray, it’s about 47 thee hitman


As far as I know, she needed it to stay awake. :smile:


Lol that makes her throwing it away at the end of the game stupid af XD


Not true - it signals that she’s going to an eternal sleep and never to be awaken again!


The modern teenager’s dream lol


Uh I believe it was something to do with isotopes. Which makes no sense since isotopes are just slight variations of the nucleus of a given element. They have no beneficial biological or medical benefits, in fact many commonly used isotopes are radioactive. They picked the word because it sounded smart.


Isn’t it also the name of some baseball team? The Illinois Isotopes?


Yes Springfield Isotopes from The Simpsons. There is a Springfield Illinois that is famous for its connections to Abraham Lincoln but not nuclear fission.


“Which makes no sence” so it’s in line with a majority of Absolution then haha


Yes it made no sense and it insults your intelligence.


There ain’t much there to insult, don’t worry lol


Really? Couldn’t leave it alone? Had to take the obvious route?:joy:


Nah, if there’s an obvious joke to make about myself I’ll make it. They’re much easier to make than actual jokes lol