Hitman Franchise After Agent 47


There was a guy in the old Hitmanforum that sounded exactly like Bateson. He had a youtube channel and when he spoke he sounded just like him. Maybe this is the impersonator you’re talking about?

I don’t recall what his name was, but I’d say IO should search him and consider him on the role in case David can’t come back. Otherwise they should hire back the guy who voiced 47 in the demo version of C47 :stuck_out_tongue: He’s the closest thing we have to another “official” voice for 47.


I think that should David find himself unable to voice 47 for any reason. I suggest we get this VA I know. His name is William Malpother and I hear he is good at his job.



Yeah, the guy your talking about is @Cerb but he’s been M.I.A. for a while.


Yep, that’s the guy. He seems to have deleted both his Twitch and YouTube accounts though. He vanished, so I doubt IO will track him down and offer him the contract.

I wouldn’t really mind seeing him as 47 to be honest. It wouldn’t be the same but he could still do a good job.


Yeah I am probably going to be one of the few people who thinks that if we need to retire 47 he should be replaced with another character.

Also you could have shown Will’s acting chops with the actual Hitman character he plays: Dino Bosco.


Let me be frank…if worse comes to worse, and for whatever reason, David Bateson cannot return to the role of 47 no matter what, just end the franchise right then and there. Another one of my favorite franchises had this issue, AKA Splinter Cell. Splinter Cell Blacklist decided they wanted to do the voice acting while doing mocap at the same time, so they had to replace the amazing Michael Ironside with some young 20 something year old guy that sounded NOTHING like Sam Fisher should sound. No one liked that decision at all, myself included needless to say, and I don’t think fans of the Hitman franchise, or any franchise for that matter, would like it either.


When it comes to it and David Bateson can no longer voice 47 due to retirement etc, the worse thing that could happen is 47 is replaced with another protagonist. The Hitman Series is 47’s story, same with Tomb Raider and Lara Croft.

In my opinion, the franchise would have to come to a close or they’d have to find an equally good impersonation of David Bateson.

IO are very clever people so I’m sure they could pull some strings. :slight_smile:


Voice is irrelevant.

I don’t care whoever is 47’s voice actor.


I heard the devs will make a game about Lucas Grey. About his past


Community @ Hitman2: “pls give option to mute Diana”
Community @ Hitman20: “pls give option to mute fake 47”


Bateson IS Agent 47, but there will be a time (that’s if the game series survives this long) when Bateson will no longer be able to voice the role. With this in mind, I absolutely think they would (and should) replace 47 with a new voice actor. In terms of replacing 47 in a Hitman game? No, I don’t think that’s something that they’ll do nor should they.

Agent 47 is one of the most recognized video game characters ever. He is Hitman, and Hitman is Agent 47.



What if Bateson was only the voice actor in C47, and since then they add someone else’s voice above his lines. Each game a bit more, so we think nothing has changed when Bateson has to retire?

Everyone who says if there is a change in Bateson’s voice, it is because he became more professional and went along 47’s character progression, is part of the conspiracy. FACT.


Does this thread have a slightly macabre feeling to it or is it just me…

But anyway, maybe Kiefer Sutherland will be available or even Eric Johnson :slight_smile:


Welp, time to learn how to speak like 47


I think that the hitman series should branch out with different characters like GTA and assassins creed. I disagree with the populist who says 47 is hitman. Hitman is the name of the job 47 does.


Maybe on next hitman games we’ll get to play the game from Subject 6 side of the story too :sunglasses:


Bateson is not 100 or anything crazy. He will be around for a long while still. There is plenty of time to figure out the “timeless” 47 will continue.


It’s happened before… to another guy:


True but it is not just the matter of age. Just ask Mark Hamill who wanted to slow down his Joker performance because it took a toll on his voice.


They make one game every couple of years (if we are lucky). I have faith