Hitman Franchise After Agent 47


After 47?

If for whatever reason David Bateson can’t provide the voice of 47 no more, than the series should just end. I don’t wanna play a game titled “Hitman” without having the voice of 47. Let alone having the same 47 character model with a different voice. I certainly wouldn’t wanna play “Hitman” as anybody else other than 47 himself. Basically no Bateson, no more “Hitman” that’s my take on the matter


They definitely could make a tomb raider game without Lara Croft in the same way that they made a uncharted game without Nathan Drake.


Yeah but Lost Legacy was based around a character that had been established in two prior games and the other was the last games anti-villain. Hitman by comparison might have absolutely no one to pick up. 47 was unique and his skills were also unique. Of course we are talking legacy characters only.


I think some kind of turn-based game, like XCOM, could be achieved by playing as a Handler, like Diana, but it would just require some tweaking from the usual model of turn-based.


Oh great it will be just like Fallout Tactics and Fallout BoS. Everybody’s favourite Fallout game. /s No good usually ever comes from making a radical genre shift case in point: X-Com: The Bureau.


I don’t really know much about the genre, it was just a thought I had in relation to how Handlers pull the strings from behind the scenes and make an agent’s life so much easier, sounded like it fitted into a TBS game.


I am not saying it is bad idea. But when a studio is known for making a certain type of game of a certain series then switches to a genre they have no clue about then a good idea is just wasted.


I was thinking a Hitman game where you play as a customizable character and the design of You’re character would affect the gameplay. For example if the character was male or female or black or white. That would give more or less enforcers depending on the situation.


the sad sappy answer to what might happen after bateson, 47, etc. etc. is passion…

without passion the world and character will fall apart and become monotonous


hitman could have cloned sons…
the terrible children… from metal gear solid

no body wanted raiden in mgs2…. but it worked

who are hands down the original creators of hitman?
like the ideas inception?


I always assumed if we ever get to (or have to) play as anyone else it would be the girl 47 saved in absolution.


It’s pretty simple, we’ll just get @Cerb to do his voice.


Meh. Depends. Horizon zero dawn was amazing.


Oh yeah like any rule there are exceptions and HZD is a big one at that. But be honest before the game came out there was probably some small part of you going “This very well might be bad, I mean the Killzone guys making this Action-RPG impossible”

I mean look at Fallout 76 RPG to MMORPG but what it ultimately was? An epic fail.


TBH not really mate. I judged the game on the presentation before release and the product we got in the end. Imo it would be silly to go like “oh boy these dudes clearly have no clue, just stick to fps games pls”.

And Im sorry but I can’t comment on the Fallout thing. Never actually played them or followed the new one. So yeah sure. It’s bad.

But how does that relate to every other dev team in the world making a game in a different genre.


The Franchise’s name is “Hitman” not “Agent 47”

If David Bateson can’t join game as 47 for any reason then IOI will find another person. His name is maybe “Agent 76” or somethin.


Well I bought Watch_Dogs after seeing it on the E3 stage. Anything can look good with advertising and anything about a game could change. I wasted 110 dollars and since then the one thing I care about is the end result, things like reviews and post-release footage. Hell I bought HZD almost a year after its release and knew nothing about it.

I am just advocating for caution. A dev team make such a radical change to a games foundation can be potential for bad games.

Oh and don’t call me mate over the internet, I know it is ironic that as an Australian I dislike being called mate but with no context or social cues I find the word confrontational. I hope this is not confrontational as well and I apologise if I do.


It’s in no way meant to be confrontational. I call you mate to “disarm” any hostility you may feel when I disagree with you. I’m sorry if it came across as the exact opposite!

To answer your post, yes you should have caution before buying a game because many games are not worth the asking price. However I’m fairly confident that IOI can create solid games on a wide variety of genres.


That’s alright. I find that mate is a word tat loses a lot of positive connotations with out verbal tone.

I guess but those Kane and Lynch games don’t inspire a lot of confidence. However Freedom Fighters had a higher MetaCritic than I thought.


You’re probably right, but you can imagine the backlash it would cause.