Hitman Franchise After Hitman 3

While Hitman 3 seems far away from release right now, I always wonder about the future of the gameplay style of Hitman games after Hitman 3. It seems that Hitman 3 will end the story started in HITMAN 2016 and 2018, so, therefore, use the same engine and mission format, I think that afterward, the Hitman franchise should return to its roots. While I do appreciate the open, expansive maps of the newer games, I do low-key miss the style of the older games with a darker tone and 12-20 smaller missions. I feel that a downsizing of levels but an increase in the number of them would allow IO to focus on other smaller gameplay mechanics and a new engine would maybe freshen things up as the Glacier engine has been used since Absolution. I also feel like these games would do better commercially as the consumer may be more enticed by 20 levels instead of 6. I want to know if people in the Hitman community share my sentiment or majorly disagree.


Welcome back! Good question, it’s something that I’ve been thinking a lot about too. What makes me a little worried is them making the two characters from sniper assassin mode the main protagonists, that is the only reason I can think why made 2 new weird characters out of the blue. Then used them in sniper co op to see the audience’s reaction, aside from using them in multiplayer.

The franchise has been going strong for about 19 years now and it’s possible the team might be a little worn out, and it’s clear by the new multiplayer IP they’re making.

And as for the story part too, not to spoil anything but the current storyline seems like it’s gonna end on a massive point, sort of like a big last entry and what interesting story can you make after that? A solution is to make it so 47 never retires and does contracts till the end of his life but it’ll be hard to come up with an interesting story each time

The new IP thing pisses me off the most though, I mean you have such a good IP under your belt and it has finally come to a point of being a major title in the industry(I meannot so niche anymore) and since it’s at its prime at present, they should release more content for a few more years before making something other title(imo)

This isn’t true, especially since Absolution while being a commercial success. Critically and among the core fan base it was a “failure”. Though it’s metacritic score is slightly higher than Contracts, Absolution simply isn’t a good HITMAN Game.

I don’t recall the new IP being multiplayer focused.

HITMAN was always considered a major title in the gaming industry. Though it’s not up to stature to something along the lines of Call Of Duty or Grand Theft Auto it’s undeniable that HITMAN was a big influence on the stealth genre similar to Splinter Cell and Metal Gear. 47 alone is recognizable simply due to how memorable he is in terms of appearance with his suit, bald head, and barcode tattoo.

As for the new IP, IO eventually needs to take a break and do something else that’s not HITMAN. Working on something new is healthy for the work environment since it’s not consistently HITMAN which like many things could lead to burnout since people especially developers don’t want their whole resume especially for game development being strictly HITMAN related projects.

IO taking the risk to do something different is commendable since they feel they have the confidence to potentially risk valuable resources making something that we as a fan base will hopefully like despite it not being HITMAN.


IO desperately need a new IP to bring in newcomers. You can’t be known as “the person/company who makes X” and expect not to shutter your doors at some point. Simply appealing to the same crowd over and over leads to either stagnation or diminishing returns.

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CD Project Red is the company which makes the Witcher games and they are quite successful


I am not worried about the 2 sniper punks becoming the main characters in Hitman games. They specifically decided 47 was “timeless” before the 2016 game released. They made him look younger than absolution and they did all that so they can keep making the games as long as they want. He is now the same as James Bond.

I would love to see some smaller levels but also some big ones. I think having 1 game with almost no story is a good idea. Just churn out some amazing levels and don’t worry about stringing them all along in a story. I loved Contracts and to me it worked well bc the levels didn’t have to follow a story. BM was much the same.

I also recently mentioned that I think all the gadgets make the game too easy. I have figured out how to correct for this. In the new games you should only be able to complete the classics challenge when you start in the suit with a wire, a lockpick, and a silenced pistol.

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Sorry, but i think every other IP from IO sucks. Kane and Lynch are amazing characters but the games are absolute shit, i hated every moment playing those and only kept going because of the Protagonists.
Freedom Fighters was nice at the time it was released but its long, long dead and since there wasn’t a sequel its fair to think that it wasn’t very successful commercially.
MiniNinjas - i havent played those but from what I’ve heard and saw the games are okay, but I’m not in their Target Audience.

Regarding this new IP Children of Planet… Digits: i wait for the first Trailer so i can decide if this game gets my interest or not. I’m not going to buy another terrible Game to support IO Interactive :smile:

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Except the most well known, critically successful and most profitable Witcher game was the third one with the first two being good. Also CDPR also created and run Good Old Games, a service that predates the third game. Plus they will also have a new video game coming out this year adapted from a radically different IP. They very clearly don’t want to make just Witcher games for all eternity even if they reap the benefits of the franchises success.

I am not saying IO should stop making Hitman games but IO should explore other IPs if they want. Hitman becoming more mainstream and/or IO having other failed or obscure IPs is no excuse not to branch out into anything else.


I agree with you on the other IPs not being very good. I do love how IO puts hints of their other games inside each other though. 46 selling clothing in Kane and Lynch is one of my fav Easter Eggs ever. So let’s hope a new IP is 1) commercially successful and 2) has 47 in it somewhere fun. Unlike you I would buy a game from them that is not very good bc I want them to do well. I just want more hitman games

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I keep wanting a game that concludes Absolution story with 47 against Birdie and Cosmo Faulkner

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That could have been an easy elusive target. I thought we would get it. Oh well.

Tommy Wiseau is only known for The Room, and he’s managed to do pretty well with that.


Hm why doesn’t IOI want to continue the story of the most hated Hitman game that is widely considered to be ultra stupid…


Tommy Wiseau is actually starring in a whole new film Best F®iends if I recall.

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HITMAN 4 indeed!

Which will be the peak of this new-gen Hitman series, combining all the things they have learned from that “platform” concept into something greater and more stable hopefully :sweat_smile:

Also very important: i loved the HITMAN story and scenario, but the 4th game should come back to the roots with more intimate contracts (and less global stories) :+1:


I liked Absolution. But this isn’t the point. Its final cutscene may offer an interesting base for a new chapter, with 47 hunting Birdie while Faulkner hunts him (my doubt is that Faulkner is only a Chicago policeman, but I think it’s possible to invent something to make him more dangerous for 47, as for Albert Fournier).
This doesn’t mean that the game must be like Absolution. It could be different. But, according to me, it would be nice close that hole in Hitman story

We need Absolution 2 to fresh path heck COD fan want Ghost 2 one of worst COD history. Hitman 4 is go back to asia full time

i would like to play some experimental spin off HITMAN game just like contracts

by the way
any new info about new IP?

Almost nothing: New IOI game speculation (SPOILERS)

I have a feeling they might put Hitman on hold efter HITMAN 3. IO did the same after Blood Money and we then had to wait to 2012 for Absolution. Hopefully the wait will never be that long again though.

After Blood Money I think you could sense that IO was tired after having developed Hitman in 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2006. They needed a break for Hitman, and I think this could might well be the case again this time.