Hitman: Freelancer | Bugs & Imperfections | Patch 3.140

Testing for changes in newest patch. Will update ASAP

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Good evening 47…

The following will be an ongoing unofficial “known issues” list. Furthermore, while this post will focus on Freelancer Mode, the entries listed might also be relevant to the main game.


  • All posted content aims to be constructive, using ideas and visual references, no matter how small the details are. I will NOT be complaining, expecting, demanding, etc.

P.S. I will post each of these to the Bug Report Thread as well.

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Michael Gabriel H - YouTube

On to the list…

  • Inside the safehouse, once we book a specific flight in the basement, the background music will continue to loop regardless of the music we have chosen upstairs.
  • Canceling the flight does however return things to normal when exploring the upper floors of the safehouse.

  • Depending on the cosmetic choice of vehicles in the garage, one option (The race car from Miami.) appears to be floating just off the ground whereas the other options have their tires touching the concrete.

  • When a specific vehicle is chosen in the garage, the military truck, new lights appear and seem to have an odd effect on 47’s face and its respective shadows.
  • Also, the issue of headlights not being turned on and yet a light source being visible will be mentioned in another entry below.

  • One vehicle option, the military truck, appears to have headlight reflections (Even though the headlights are off.) and a top down spotlight, despite no lighting sources being visible for the changes.

  • There are mini-map issues ranging from nonexistent solid walls to disappearing borders on certain maps.

  • 47 will often take a random vehicle when leaving the safehouse, but it will spawn on top of our cosmetic choices.
  • I have seen this with watercraft and aircraft vehicles. Vehicles from the garage could be doing the same, but the camera doesn’t show us a view from inside.

  • There are certain objects we can find floating in the air on the Chongqing map.
  • When a safe is present the note will appear inside, but it seems to render even when safes aren’t present.

  • NPCs can retain the ‘purple glow’ we see, when using instinct, despite being unmarked as a suspect.

  • There are some irregular animation and shadow behaviors when 47 spawns inside the safehouse gym.

  • There is a door that locks itself each time 47 passes through, despite using the required key to open it on the New York map.

  • In Dartmoor (Other locations too perhaps.), I noticed the zoom feature for the suspect camera not working.
  • This happened for both long and short range attempts at examining suspects, as well as without suspects present.

  • A general issue in freelancer, difficult to capture because of the random nature it occurs in, is that some target NPCs will have dialogue without the proper mouth animations to go with it.
  • Like reacting to 47 bumping into them. While the dialogue triggers their mouths remain shut. Telepathic targets perhaps.

  • Another general issue in freelancer, difficult to capture because of the random nature it occurs in, is that some cosmetic options will change at random rather than preserving our selections.
  • The changes seem to trigger when exiting freelancer and loading back in.

  • There is an NPC who seems to be missing shoulders attaching their arms to their torso on the Hokkaido map.
  • There is a noticeable gap between the upper arm and what should be shoulders.

  • There are certain NPCs, around the level, floating in the air on multiple maps.

  • In New York (Other locations too perhaps.), I noticed a guard NPC spot some bodies behind a closed door.

    Additional examples below:

  • There are certain object models and textures suffering from pop-in issues on multiple maps.
  • Like a camera that could still be shot even when it disappeared from view.

  • I noticed some text spacing and overlap issues, on an intel screen, inside the safehouse on hardcore mode.

  • I noticed an unconscious NPC get spotted, despite being hidden under a bush on the Whittleton Creek map.

  • Noticing texture issues with tattoos on suspects where the entire tattoo will not render and instead small corners of it will appear at certain angles.

  • We still have certain suits and disguises with clipping issues.

  • When using oil to create fire accidents, burned NPCs appear unscathed after the flames die down.

  • After completing showdowns or campaigns, the screen will stutter inside the safehouse.

  • I noticed an NPC survive a fire despite being in a pile of burning bodies on the Dubai map.

  • There is an issue where certain NPCs ignore an emetic shot, on multiple maps.

  • I noticed a poisoned NPC going to an arranged meeting without finishing ‘being sick’ first on the New York map.

  • In both freelancer mode and the main game, the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic does not have precision aiming despite listing the perk for it.

  • While inspecting the freelancer tools, I noticed that the object model for Sedative Pills is smaller than its counterparts inside the safehouse.
  • The lethal and emetic pill bottles are both larger.

  • I noticed an issue where I exited Freelancer mode, returned to the main menu, and then was locked out from entering again.

  • I noticed certain instances where the Collateral Kill - Firearms objective can fail to trigger, despite meeting the requirements.

  • I noticed some clipping of 47’s character model within the picture-in-picture window on the Haven Island map.
  • I am guessing this is due to me entering the “frame” when the picture-in-picture window was showing the unlocked safe.

  • I noticed a poisoned NPC failing to react with the expected ‘poisoned’ behavior on the Hokkaido map.

  • Despite dumping a target into the water, the ‘body hidden’ confirmation text failed to appear on the Dartmoor map.
  • It did still count for the related objective though.

  • I have noticed the prestige objective for arranged meetings failing to trigger despite suspects gathering around a phone on certain maps.
  • In the footage, a second phone had to be placed for the objective to complete.

  • I noticed an issue where a guard NPC ignores an emetic shot on the Santa Fortuna map.
  • Notice the blood spot on the guard to the right, where the dart hit. No dart present, just a hole as if it was a standard bullet.

  • Despite having all other freelancer tools, the ICA Outstand Service Coin still doesn’t appear in crates or from suppliers.

  • I noticed that using a remote explosive obtained from a target didn’t count for the relevant prestige objective on the Whittleton Creek map.

  • I noticed that guard NPCs can react to having the camera out as if it were a firearm on certain maps.

  • I noticed an issue where an NPC didn’t react to a briefcase placed on the ground on the Ambrose Island map.

  • Despite being able to bring katanas with us, once we retrieve them, we can no longer put them back inside briefcases.
  • Seeing as how massive sniper rifles and even the broadsword can be concealed in briefcases, it would be great if all other weapons could be too.

  • I noticed an issue with the third-person camera when spawning inside the safehouse.

  • Depending on the suit or disguise worn, looting crates will cause clipping issues on certain maps.
  • Perhaps this is due to the first person angle having not been tested and adjusted for all disguises/suits that exist.

  • I noticed an issue where we can see larger weapons clipping through the floor on certain maps.

  • I noticed certain items clipping through the hands of an NPC on the Hokkaido map.

  • I noticed an issue where certain accessories are not ‘anchored’ to NPCs on certain maps.

  • I noticed 47 clipping through walls and odd arm movements when placing burner phones on the Hokkaido map.

  • I noticed a thrown briefcase ‘phasing’ through a solid fence on the Whittleton Creek map.

  • On the Xbox online store, the “Makeshift Pack” has a screenshot for an explosive device. However, the description doesn’t list such an item nor is one unlocked in-game.

  • I noticed an issue where a guard NPC didn’t react to a weapon placed on the ground on the Santa Fortuna map.

  • I noticed a pistol with clipping issues, when the camera moves around during inspection, inside the safehouse.
  • In the footage, we see the Assassin’s HWK21 Covert pistol, which has a silencer that clips into the screen.

  • I noticed an issue where, after entering Freelancer mode and returning to the main menu, the tiles above the Load Game tile disappeared.

  • I noticed issues with the instinct mechanic and flickering highlights on multiple maps.

  • I noticed an issue where a floating disguise bag appears if we subdue a guard NPC from around the corner, on a particular ledge, on the Mumbai map.

  • In New York (Other locations too perhaps.), when exiting a supplier’s shop we can end up alerting enforcers we didn’t even know where there.
  • Perhaps an adjustment to suspect routes that keeps them from venturing near suppliers while we are shopping.

  • In Santa Fortuna (Other locations too perhaps.), NPCs seem to enter a looped alerted state which seems further amplified when we use hiding spots like containers.
  • Seems like NPCs can see through walls/floors but can’t reach us because of the hiding place. However, sometimes one will somehow come around and kill us despite us having never exited the container.

  • In general, during freelancer missions, enforcers and non-enforcers alike seem to see through walls/floors, have omniscient/telepathic communication amongst each other and sped up suspicion meters (Distance from those spotting us doesn’t seem to slow things down either.).
  • This effect also appears to be amplified in alerted territories. When spotted, the guard AI seems to go into a looped state for the entire map and if we take down guards that keep coming at us (Even with non-lethal methods.) more are drawn from the entire map as if somehow knowing our exact location. Seem to come in groups of three as well. I understand making things challenging, but setting off an entire map from something trivial like trespassing one specific area (As just one example.) seems broken.

  • In Marrakesh (Other locations too perhaps.), using the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic sniper rifle leads to enemies bouncing an exaggerated distance when shot.
  • Seems like this rifle has retained its power from the sniper assassin game mode.

  • In the safehouse, when selecting a mission and potential prestige objectives, some of those prestige options are impossible due to factors we can’t control.
  • Like a prestige option for opening safes in locations that don’t have a safe. Instead it would be great if all three prestige options where randomized according to parameters of the chosen location. Thus leaving what’s possible or not up to what equipment we have and or can obtain, plus our own skill.

  • In Berlin (Other locations too perhaps.), it was illegal to pick up a “Gold Idol” looted from a stash crate and thrown for distraction.
  • This is despite it not being illegal to hold and while wearing the biker disguise.

  • In Bangkok (Other locations too perhaps.), despite using a silent attack from behind, somehow I was spotted and said NPC became an unconscious witness.
  • Perhaps it’s relative to the sprint input being set to ‘toggle’ and NPCs being sensitive to “sprint attacks”.

  • In the store tab (Other tabs, submenus and areas of the interface too, perhaps.), some tiles are suffering from an infinite loading wheel issue.

  • In Marrakesh, while using the officer disguise, several soldiers are missing the “dismiss” prompt.
  • As mentioned here (HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread - #3545 by linux_penguin), this seems to be related to challenges for the main game. However, in freelancer mode we don’t have challenges. So, perhaps those few remaining soldiers could be adjusted to be dismissable.

  • The Sieger 300 sniper rifle (Other variants too perhaps.), when being concealed or retrieved, uses the prolonged animation like much larger rifles.

  • In Marrakesh (Other locations too perhaps.), when entering the garage from the consulate interior, there is no sound effect for swiping a card at the double-doors.

  • In Chongqing, we can still obtain the “Fusil X2000 Stealth” assault rifle. Unlike the name suggests however, the weapon is not silenced.

  • This might be intentional, but given the wording in the official article about the change to “Hitman World of Assassination” (And the Jan. 26th Patch notes.) I was under the impression there would be some sort of consolidation on all platforms. Like what CDPR did with the witcher 3 once the next gen update was released. The storefront name changed to be “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition” and all dlc and expansions were all packed into a single game file.
  • Was that not the plan for Hitman 3? For the title and box art in the interface to change to the new branding and nomenclature? As things are, on xbox at least, it remains unchanged. The game is still titled Hitman 3 and I’m up to 20 separate files now with all the DLC. Would be cool to consolidate the game files to match what we see in the in-game store and for the name and art to change to match the shift in branding.

  • I noticed certain vaulting spots, which cause 47 to disappear, on multiple maps.


Bangkok just ridiciulus
They are have wall vision in the bathroom downstaires
Couple of seconds and all the npc was orange and blow my cover lol

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Just did Colorado where guards ignored weapons as well.

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In Mumbai if you walk down any of the streets that count as auto exits (as in you do not need to hold triangle to exit the stage) before eliminating all targets you will get the usual message asking if you’re sure you want to exit the level early and that it will alert the syndicate. However there will be no option to back out of it, you’re only allowed to hit okay and leave the level.

If you walk down one of those streets accidentally it essentially softlocks the level requiring you to either give up and prematurely leave or tab out of the game and start again.


There is an extra raider on Isle of Sgáil which does not have fixed routine, and will instead just stand in middle of doors, leading to Sophia’s treasure room.

Using remote explosive found on locations (such as car bombs or C4 explosives) will not count as remote explosive kill if you aim for that objective).
Once it happened to me that icon for Mercers stayed despite the fact that I’ve already picked them up.



  • Everytime I use the boat to drive to a mission, the game crashes. It happens with other vehicles sometimes, too, but with the boat it is guaranteed.

Just some random things I thought of

  • It would be nice to be able to close the garage door. It feels a bit weird, that the house is in the woods, has a huge safety system with cameras and hidden doors, but the garage is always open.

  • Same for the door of the wine fridge and the hidden door behind the garage and in the bedroom. Would be cool if we could open and close them manually.

  • There are many things in the safehouse we can’t use, but we know that the animations are there. Especially in the gym, like the pull up bar or the weight bench. Also some armchairs or sofas can be used, others not and it’s not possible to sit or lay on the bed. Would be fun if these animations would be added, to give the safehouse a bit more “life” :relaxed:


Gaat het?

I had a guard spot me through a closed door while picking the lock. I believe it was Mumbai, the slums.


I don’t know if this bug happens to everyone or just specific PC users, but it does happen every time in my game:

In the Safehouse, when you interact with the “Decorate Kitchen” prompt you will be locked inside a state of not being able to interact with objects or use instinct. The camera will zoom in on you slightly when you press this button, the menu to decorate the kitchen does not open, and Instinct and interactions with the environment are disabled. The only way to get out of this is to press exit and return to the main menu.


Apparently the “can’t using instinct during decoration” happened because the prompt is overlapping each other. In this video I demonstrate that you cannot get very close to other prompt if you intent to decorate. First example show the effect if you’re too close with “pray” prompt & the second example show if you’re too close with explosive work table.


Here are some bugs I noticed:

  • When a helicopter or boat is used to depart to a location, the helicopter or boat you have set for “decoration” in the safehouse will appear on top of the one you’re using during the cutscene.

  • It’s possible to kill NPCs with Sieker / Kalmer pistol eliminations, I don’t think this is intentional.

  • When an NPC collects a coin you can walk up to the NPC and take the coin back from them :thinking:


On the original Xbox One : Miami either crashes or can have intermittent heavy framerate issue (2 frame a second for a minute).

This happened everytime I played Miami for more than 5 minutes.


On PC when Diana’s mission debriefing dialogue ends, the screen flashes black.

I’ve had the “looped alert state” one a couple of times on different maps, not sure what circumstances make them shoot vs just crowding around waiting for you to get out of the box, but generally all it means is someone caught a glimpse of you getting into it.


Ok so there are some probably untested safehouse interactions - when standing in the kitchen, and just where You can start cleaning surface - if You’ve unlocked the ability to change the painting in the same place - once you activate instinct mode to redecorate (and if You’re in the area to activate surface cleaning), the engine will make both actions, meaning You will get frozen in a permanent state of redecoration, but You will be able to move around the house.
I can make a video if need be.


Also when You’re back from a mission, for some reason when 47 is holding a weapon, sometimes if You start shooting just when the safehouse instance loads, You will be stuck in a safehouse with a gun. attaching some screenshots for reference (sorry did not have enough brains to make a proper video in the meantime).


I can’t see what items I unlocked in the safehouse while wearing the Blue Flamingo outfit



The “Open Safe - Explosive” prestige objective appears to not trigger if you obtain the safe combination before opening it up with an explosion.


Because the game consider the safe unlocked when you collect the clues, everytime you scan 3 clues you see the 100 safes challenge going forward, no need to open them


You can have 2 prestige objectives for same mission (maybe even 3):

  1. Pick up prestige objective;
  2. Exit game;
  3. Load Freelancer;
  4. Add another prestige objective:

Demonstration of poison bug where the bottle is duplicated.


Does it still count? Might use it for money farming

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