Hitman: Freelancer | Bugs & Imperfections | Patch 3.140

It works, I used coins to destroy some cameras.


In the normal game, if a target spots you SA is temporarily voided until the target is dead (assuming nothing else prevents you from getting SA before or in the meantime). This is not the case in Freelancer and if you are spotted by a target any SA challenge is voided forever.

I have noticed in general that Freelancer objectives often diverge from their main game/contracts equivalents and I have never really liked any of these divergences (to give a separate example I personally was not a fan of how Perfect Shooter was changed in Freelancer to include cameras and the recorders. I always figured that the point (among other things like restricting accidents) was that you couldn’t shoot cameras from afar and had to disable them the “hard way” i.e. sneak into the security room).


It seems to me that some missions of the 3rd syndicate are bugged like that, but only for prestige objectives that are completed upon exiting the mission. I completed a territory takedown in Miami with SANF and was not awarded for it.

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Apologies if this is already mentioned above, but the music is totally bugged in the safehouse right? No matter what choice I pick, the game only plays the theme music. [Edit: This is on PS4.]

Also, current ETs and “Play Freelancer now with just one button press” should be on the very first menu page of this game. It’s absurdly bad UI design that they are not.


I had the same issue with the music before the patch. Strange how it seems that only some people got anything from the patch and others didn’t.

I also agree with your point on the menu. I get the idea behind making the freelancer window really big when it first came out so people who weren’t following the roadmaps would know about it, but it’s been a while now and I think at this point they can shrink it down to make room for things like the ETs or FCs.

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Totally agree on the main menu needing a change. Personally I’d rather they put ETs on the front page instead of the “Play in VR” tile. How many people even play in VR anyway? Also, I find it funny they’re still advertising Ambrose Island as a New Location when it’s over 10 months old.


I’m going to assume that Perfect Shooter will no longer be affected.

There must be something with that mod that changes how the game recognizes cameras. :man_shrugging:

The camera glitches out when starting in the safehouse in the “Berlin DJ” version of the Practice Space. This has happened every time I loaded in this starting location. It can be fixed by simply moving the camera but it looks really weird.


Ugh. I guess they didn’t care about the bugs that were reported during the CTT at all - because I specifically remember reporting this way back then.

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Not sure if this is a bug but ever since the freelancer update, the DAK X2 Covert in the main game is now the DAK X2 Covert Special when it never used to have special in the name
Also why arent the scrap smg and brine damaged smg listed here


Not entirely sure what they did but they wanted to have the Dak X2 Covert as an Epic weapon, but for some reason, have a duplicate version of it as a rare version too. It’s definitely a bit odd!


The rare version doesn’t have “special” in its name so it’s technically a different weapon, although they still look exactly the same :x