Hitman: Freelancer | Bugs & Imperfections

I agree, it’s frustrating. I guess we have to assume those changes for Alerted Territories are intentional. But perhaps they’ll make some tweaks in a future patch if IOI agree it doesn’t quite function as intended.


That’s just a part of the trash this game has to offer. ESP-prone guards.
And part of the in general garbage AI we have to deal with.
The nonsense of a seiker 1 doing nothing at all b/c the target spotted you.
Being spotted overrides the effect of the weapon. So that means getting spotted renders them immune.

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Good job you uninstalled and never played Hitman again then, isn’t it?


This forum has the purpose to share thoughts/ideas and discuss all aspects of Hitman, including problematic ones. The most important part is that the talk is done respectfully and in a manner where everyone is open for the feedback of other people. You can look that up again here.

This forum is not a place where you dump your anger and ignore when others point out where your point of view might be flawed. If you need to blow off some steam you need to go elsewhere.


Hi guys. I noticed a guard in Mumbai at the construction site that is one of a targets clips through the map, falls all the way down to hell, but not always, anyone have any idea how this works? At one point I could see him directly fall while walking into the spot.

One imperfection that is annoying is that 47 is automatically standing up when using the camera, great way to get spotted by all the enforces.


These two paintings refuse to say as the one I select. They alternate changing to a different option. In the downstairs hall, I have chosen the Icon painting, it will switch to the woman in a blue dress with a horse:

In the bedroom above the ladder to the basement, I have chosen the technical drawing of a globe, and it keeps switching to the Mendoza landscape painting:

This seems very random and will happen usually when I have just returned from a mission or have just loaded into the safehouse. It’s a very annoying bug.


47 seems to (sometimes) take a different boat… Not just a different boat, but an EXTRA boat whenever it jumps to this exit scene.

I think even the helicopter changes to a different one than what I have it set as.

Heck. I’ve even ridden off on that ugly motorcycle that certainly is NOT set in my garage.


Yeah that bug is annoying. Those paintings are linked i.e. whatever painting you pick for one spot (like the third painting) automatically changes the other spot (after you return from a mission) to #3 as well.

Hopefully A LOT of these problems get fixed soon. This thread is piling up. :joy:


There’s still bugs in the game that were reported in 2017… so you may need to adjust expectations.


I can live with some of the more nitpicky issues, but at least they should fix the most gamebreaking bugs like wallhacks, the view cones in Heaven (they can really fuck you over on freelancer), glitched objectives and the unpickable/undropable items on the safe house.

Many of this issues are really burning out freelancer for me and I’ve been playing it less often because of that.


For Hardcore Mode, rename Prestige Objectives to Mandatory Objectives and remove Mercers award from them.

It sure is, but ideally that means IO will be more and more aware of it the more attention it gets from the community. :+1:

Agreed. Thankfully I share what I find out of love for the game itself, not out of delusion demands or expectations. :sunglasses:

Can’t speak for anyone else though. :zipper_mouth_face:


I was able to place a cellphone on the “no cellphones” lane in Chongqing. Literally unplayable.


Can somebody explain what in the name of fuck happened here? My god, we need a patch soon.


Update: I found out that the guy who spoted me was a courier I knocked out earlier. He spawned near the shed close to where janus’ nurse hangs out, many walls away from where I was (I was on the house for sale if you didn’t notice) And before you ask, no, he wasn’t an unconsious witness, I made him trip using grapes.

After killing the fucker and all the guards he alerted, I was ready to carry on with the mission but then the game decides to crash. Needless to say I’m taking a break from freelancer for today.


I had a ‘No Witnesses’ objective, and a KO 3 guards with a concussive explosion. I had 2 of 3, so later I shot a Fire Extinguisher in the cartel basement. It got the 3rd. Then nearby guards were stopped/bugged out by the door where I was hiding out. One was, of course, an enforcer.

So I can’t have witnesses, and a bugged out enforcer is blocking my way out of the room.

Got’dang, it’s almost like this games tries SO HARD and SO OBVIOUS to screw the player over, it’s almost as if it’s sentient. :joy:

He finally moved after (whatever else happened). So I didn’t have to get into a gunfight/ impromptu kill-em-all challenge.


That there is a clear cut case of NPCs with x-ray vision my friend. :laughing: In seriousness though it is an issue in many of the maps. Thankfully it’s been well documented on the forums. Just hope IO is listening. P.S. Love the vocab for “bullshitery”. I am partial to “fuckery” or even “tom fuckery” if the mood strikes. “Foolery” is fine if sensitive ears are in the vicinity. :laughing:

Seems there are many instances of NPCs being endowed with omniscience. And no idea when such a gift is being granted to them. Perhaps in your case when knocking out an NPC, even if they weren’t a witness, if they are awakening they regain consciousness as an all seeing god. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Similar affects happen in alerted areas which seem to basically just be a cheat code in favor of every NPC on the map to somehow know who you are and where you are within 3 milliseconds of committing a terrible crime. You know, like trespassing. :expressionless:

Definitely feels that way sometimes, but I am hoping all these issues are just oversight that can be fixed. Fingers crossed.


Apart from the obvious guess, since there doesn’t appear to be anyone around who spotted you, something else that could cause that same appearance of “randomly spotted” is another NPC reporting you to a guard. Maybe if they were KO’d and woken up it could cause the same chain of events.

Another annoying thing in this mode is, the SA 3 second rule/lag is still present, even though it shouldn’t be unless you pick SA as a Prestige Objective. So we shouldn’t all have to wait 3+ seconds before exiting.

Also, I noticed some of the “Buggy” prestige objectives randomly get a “3 seconds without being spotted” rule attached to them which is why they’re failing. Like the collateral kill objectives (explosion, pistol).


I feel like a broken record… but just because there isn’t “Silent Assassin” doesn’t mean there isn’t still a rating system… the 3 second exit rule can still apply for that.

Also there are other objectives (any “unnoticed” pacification/kill takes 3 seconds as that’s the window of time where it could be noticed) and valid reasons for a 3 seconds delay before exiting. Unfortunately most of the necessity is due to the game being always online, but that’s a whole other thing.

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