Hitman: Freelancer | Wishlist & Suggestions | Patch 3.140

Testing for changes in newest patch. Will update ASAP

  • Last Edited – May 5, 2023

Good evening 47…

The following will be an ongoing “wishlist” I would love to see. Furthermore, while this post will focus on Freelancer Mode, the entries listed might also be relevant to the main game.


  • All posted content aims to be constructive, using ideas and visual references, no matter how small the details are. I will NOT be complaining, expecting, demanding, etc.

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On to the list…

  • I wish there were some fail safes in place for dealing with objects that get stuck in areas we are unable to reach.
  • Briefcases for example, which in freelancer often hold a valuable weapon might have to be left behind due to something like this. If nothing else, increasing the range from which we can interact with the briefcase and/or adding the appropriate physics so we could move it with gunshots would be just some ideas.

  • I wish 47 was ambidextrous with all in-game items, so no matter what hand he uses we could use and throw applicable items without needing to change hands.
  • Briefcases for example, are held in 47’s left hand, but when we aim 47 has to switch hands before we are able to throw. This causes a noticeable delay which ends up feeling like input lag. If the need for changing hands was eliminated the delay wouldn’t exist and when we hit the input for aiming and throwing it would happen almost immediately from either hand.

    The video below is from a previous post but has visual reference for the aforementioned delay, when throwing briefcases.

  • I wish all sniper rifle scopes would have a toggleable suspect camera feature.
  • With the push of a specific button we could go from suspect camera info to regular sniper scope view as we please. Thus allowing us to mark suspects from greater distances when we choose, but also being able to revert to unobstructed scope use as well.

  • I wish completing each stage of a campaign didn’t clear out our inventory.
  • When grinding campaigns for instance, it would be nice to just move along with the same equipment loadout (If we wanted to.) instead of having to re-equip what we want after each showdown. Make it optional. Disabling this automated behavior and adding a “drop all inventory” feature could be one solution.

  • I wish, during showdowns, pressing the notebook prompt (Different input for each platform.) open to the Intel tab and default to the first trait of leaders so we can reference those details much easier.
  • As things are sometimes the intel tab will be defaulted to, but the highlight will be the last tile of the sub menus in the intel tab itself.

  • What if campaigns were divided into three stages instead of four. Thus, representing and delivering the Casual, Professional and Master difficulties (Stage 1 Casual, Stage 2 Professional, Stage 3 Master.). Normal mode could have the aforementioned progression (Casual to Professional to Master) while hardcore mode could be “master” across all 3 stages. Also, what about having four steps for each of the three stages (3 regular missions and 1 showdown = 4 substages.). The random alerted location mechanic could remain in use so that when moving to the second stage one location of the four available would be alerted and then for the third stage two locations would be alerted. Furthermore, to help with relevant challenges, perhaps stage 1 could have 1-2 targets per location and stage 2 could have 2-3 and stage 3 could have 3-4.

  • Speaking of challenges, how about reducing some of these grind-fest requirements. Like 1000 members instead of 2500 for “GOAT”, 100 leaders instead of 500 for “Employee of the Year”, 10 campaigns instead of 50 for “Slow but Steady” and 50 campaigns instead of 100 for “Top Dog”. If nothing else, perhaps some proper rewards for such challenges.

    All of these suggestions come to mind after well over a month of grinding this mode and still having a longer grind ahead. I obtained all safehouse items, reached mastery 100 and have completed all challenges except 4. Yet, I have only done 36 campaigns, eliminated 1600 or so members, 200 or so leaders. Seeing as these challenges require the most grinding and reward us with nothing but a small chunk of xp toward our online profile, perhaps some rebalancing could alleviate the overwhelming grind and make it feel less like a painstaking tedious chore just to 100%.

  • I wish all exits, for all locations, were available without extra steps needed (Disguise, special items like tools and coins, etc.).

  • I wish the picture-in-picture frame was intelligent enough to anchor itself lower so as not to obstruct objectives as is the case right now.
  • For those who have objectives turned off (If that’s a thing.) then it would make sense for the frame to be top left. But as things are right now, it covers up the information we have in that corner of the screen.

  • I wish IO would implement options for long range poison effects on targets.
  • Imagine if we had the special ammunition mechanic from the sniper assassin game mode, but it was applied to sniper rifles across the entire game and its different modes. In this case the special ammo itself could be emetic, lethal and sedative rounds. Perhaps even some challenges to increase the amount of rounds of each kind, etc.

  • I wish, as another option for spending hard earned merces, we could purchase permanent start points for each location.
  • So the longer we spend in freelancer, the more control and freedom we have because of the time and effort we put in.

  • I wish we could use the toggle option for sprinting and precision aiming without input conflict.
  • Perhaps if the game itself could recognize when the input is used for aiming so it wouldn’t toggle off the sprinting as we see with a sniper rifle in the video below.

  • I wish we had more areas to dispose of bodies. Like in Paris, in the lower level sewer like area with access to the barge and sniper tower.

  • I wish we had legendary assault rifles and smgs (Not counting themed weapons.), as they are the only weapon types missing a legendary tier unlock.

  • I wish, when inspecting items and weapons, there was an input to reset the item’s position. Perhaps a click of the right joystick (On consoles at least.).

  • I wish the supply crate would give us Merces, if we already have all the items the crate offers.

    The video below is related to a bug posted elsewhere, but offers visual reference for the wishlist idea above.

  • I wish, when using the suspect camera, the flash effect would remain in the shot so we could better observe targets we find in darker areas.

  • I wish there was a single input function for us to drop all items we have on us at once, should we want to “clean slate” our approach or perhaps go without equipment for extra challenge, etc. This would avoid the tedium of scrolling and dropping each individual item. A bulk drop feature so to speak.

  • I wish we could interrupt suppliers’ dialogue, when greeting us, so we could enter their “shop” asap instead of having to wait until they finish speaking. Furthermore, it would be great if they didn’t greet us every time we approach them. Once feels like enough.

  • I wish emetic poison like from dart guns would still kick in even after an NPC was panicked.
  • Perhaps once returning to an un-alerted state, they “remember” they were poisoned. Instead of the alert voiding the poison as it currently does.

  • I wish there were legendary versions, of every main archetype of tool and weapon, and that those versions required a single gear slot as others seem to so that if one were so inclined we could take one of everything with us on missions once reached a maxed out gear capacity.
  • Overpowered sure, but that’s why it would be optional.

  • I wish there was a feature for marking waypoints on the map (Wherever the cursor is, map icons like targets or suspects, couriers, suppliers, etc.), and a corresponding arrow-like element in the minimap so we don’t have to keep going back to the map to make sure we are still headed the right direction.
  • As a QoL improvement it should go without saying that ideally we could mark anything on the map as a waypoint.

  • I wish suppliers would offer ammunition and single use item (e.g. explosives, poisons, etc.) refills, at a price, for all weapons/items we bring on missions and even those we find during missions.

  • I wish the exit scenes with vehicles would acknowledge the customized choices that we make. So, when we take a helicopter, boat, motorcycle or car, it’s the one we have selected at the safehouse.
  • Seems like IO went for a random roll of what 47 takes to leave which I’m sure was intended to combat repetition but has led to some clipping issues with boats and helicopters alike.

  • I wish there was a way for us to take our weapons from our safe house with the maximum amount of ammunition.
  • Perhaps some kind of perk as part of a challenge we could complete or for reaching a certain level of mastery, etc. To take it a step further, it would be fantastic if this also applied to the main game itself so whenever we play missions, escalations, contracts and so on, we would then also have the benefit of starting with full ammunition.

  • I wish there was a way to reveal all crate locations dynamically as we go on missions.
  • Perhaps as another perk for reaching certain mastery and/or challenge completion.

  • I wish, when bringing already owned items back to the safehouse, the duplicates would convert to Merces.

  • I wish the suspect camera was even more dynamic in that when we scan and or take a picture of a suspect, the intel boxes would change (Red Xs or green checkmarks.) depending on what criteria the NPC in view fits. This would be ongoing too as we observe the same suspect more than once their “suspect profile” in the camera would dynamically change.

  • I wish the main map and minimap would give us more tooltip info when hovering suspects and targets alike.

  • I wish we had more options and opportunities to use Merces in practical and beneficial ways the further along we get in freelancer.
  • Seems like wasted potential to just have excess currency we can’t do anything with (Other than potentially lose if we fail missions.). Hopefully there is a plan over at IO, but some ideas would be potential upgrades (Applying to freelancer and the entirety of the core game as well.). Starting missions with full ammo for all carried weapons, trespassing zone indicators on the minimap, choosing start locations for contract maps, weapon upgrades and customizations (e.g. Silverballer with an extended mag, silencer and long barrel.), etc. These features would be great as standard settings options, but I could see some requiring a bit of effort too if they were implemented as rewards for in-game activity (Just so it doesn’t feel too easy.). The main takeaway is to have things to still work toward and come back to freelancer and benefit across all modes of the game.

  • I wish, while in Hokkaido (Other locations too, perhaps.), explosives would work as alternative means to enter certain doors. Perhaps damaging the card readers and having a short circuit animation before the door opens and remains open, like when using crowbars and breaching charges etc.
  • This for sure embraces the “shoot it until it works” video game and movie logic, but given that it is indeed a game such an option could be fun to have.

  • I wish, at least for the standard mode (Perhaps not hardcore.), that single use freelancer tools (Poisons, explosives, etc.) would be replenished when returning to the safehouse after successful missions.

  • I wish the standard and collector’s coins, as well as single use items and weapons (e.g. Electronic key hackers, shurikens, etc.), all came in threes as we have in the main game.
  • A single coin feels over restricted given that later missions have several targets, plus one mistake like throwing the coin and having it bounce and land somewhere unreachable means we lose it (Unless we want to spend 20 minutes attempting to shoot it somewhere reachable.). Furthermore, with the coins as long as we leave with at least one when we return to the safehouse all three could be replenished.

  • I wish there was one less step in launching freelancer mode (From the featured tab as well as the game mode tab.), so that when we select it from the main menu we would be taken right to the “objectives” mission screen.”

  • I wish suppliers, on all maps, were located in non-trespassing areas (No matter the disguise we wear.).

  • I wish standard and prestige objectives wouldn’t contradict/conflict each other so we would have more opportunities to complete all objectives.
  • For example, having a standard objective requiring a sniper rifle kill and then having a prestige objective for a katana kill. It’s worth mentioning, the game itself will warn us (Red ! on the prompt.) before leaving on a mission if we are holding two large weapons. Though since it allows us to do so when we spawn we will be spotted before we even gain control of 47. I would imagine one solution could be for the game to store the second large item somewhere on the map like “pick-ups” in the main game. Which we can then retrieve at our leisure. Or perhaps when the game recognizes we are holding two large weapons our spawn location on the map is one of the secluded ones that would allow us time to drop one weapon and come back for it later. Or, if nothing else perhaps just a confirmation prompt when we attempt to start missions while holding two large weapons that explains we will spawn in with one of them visible so it’s not a great idea.

  • I wish all the new items introduced with the Freelancer game mode were also unlocked for the main game. Likewise, vice versa for all unlocked items in the main game having freelancer mode counterparts.
  • Some examples would be the Assassin’s HWK21 Covert pistol, ICA Impact Explosive, Antique Sedative Syringe, Eiffel Tower Knife, etc. Now, since the amount of gear could be overwhelming perhaps implementing a sort of “choose variant” feature would help. Like when we select a weapon, if it has variants we have obtained, an additional step is added for us to select the version of that weapon we want before 47 then takes it from the wall. Furthermore, instead of the wall version just defaulting to whatever variant perhaps it “remembers” the last used variant for each applicable item in the display cases.

  • I wish the “collector’s” variants of items would persist through failures and/or deaths. Also, perhaps collector’s versions could have some visual distinction from the standard counterparts (Golden skins perhaps?) and their gear capacity could be less than their normal counterparts. Furthermore, I wish that there was a collector’s version for all main tools/gear/weapons and that the single use ones (e.g. explosives, card hackers, poisons, etc.) would be replenished when returning to the safehouse after missions (Succeeded or failed.). Plus, it would be great if all collector’s versions of items would be legendary (Legendary aesthetic, 1 gear capacity, etc.) to go along with setting them apart from standard counterparts and could have their own wall section in the safehouse just for collector’s items.
  • Given the high price point in-game, these items just don’t feel worth it for the minimal benefit gained.

  • I wish there was an optional feature for the minimap to show trespassing zones (Perhaps in red.), that change depending on current disguises worn.

  • I wish there was an option to spawn at the mission selection table each time we load into the freelancer game mode. This, instead of the random spawn location we can start in.
  • This allows us to get right to campaigning without having to spend time getting back downstairs through the safehouse.

  • I wish all time related prestige objectives, as well as target related standard objectives (e.g. “Perfect Shot”.), would be considered complete and unfailable as soon as the last target is eliminated.
  • This would allow us a bit more freedom to explore without these restrictions (Visit suppliers, open safes, etc.), should we choose to, before returning to the safehouse. Some prestiges do complete after all targets are eliminated, but others do not (e.g. “Timed - Hide and Seek”, “Timed - Disguises”, etc.).

  • I wish 47 would pick briefcases back up for all interactions. He does for several, but some still force us to do so ourselves afterward.
  • An example is the server rack in the vault. During the main game because the rack can be taken it makes sense for 47 to drop the briefcase. But, in freelancer, we can’t take the rack so 47 should just pick up the briefcase after we interact with the rack. As he does in other instances where he sets briefcases down to interact with things.

  • I wish we weren’t limited to just two maximum purchases at suppliers because of the limitation with large weapons being stored on our person.
  • Perhaps some kind of safekeeping or courier solution (Suppliers exercising smuggling muscles.). So, for example, we could purchase all the items we want and then whatever we can’t hold rather than being left behind and having wasted merces on them the suppliers could hold onto them and once we complete the mission those purchase items appear in the safehouse. Thus still making it possible to have the risk of losing said items should we fail and or die. If not this then perhaps a warning prompt about purchasing more than two large items.

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  • I wish the item wheel would default to large and or illegal items when using the prompt to conceal things in briefcases. Instead of the random selection that seems to happen.
  • Small QoL improvement, but still. Defaulting to the sniper rifle I have equipped instead of a random crowbar or apple would save some steps considering how cluttered the wheel can get when hoarding.

  • I wish the “Time - Hide and Seek” prestige objective included all hiding spots, like bushes, etc.

  • I wish we could select briefcases when picking up items that require them in the safehouse.
  • Perhaps when selecting such an item, a prompt would appear for us to choose a briefcase and once selected the item would be concealed and the briefcase would be in hand. Then, if dropped it would behave like other items and return the concealed weapon to the walls.

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I wish there was a way to drop all my items at once in the safehouse!


Hello, there.

Technical feedback

Thank you, guys, for making such a fantastic game! I do have some ideas for gameplay that I hope are interesting:

  • It would be nice if NPCs/guards could trigger an alerted state by blood pools and investigate them.
  • It would be nice if guards could send someone to investigate a broken camera and become alert.
  • Guards could approach elevator shafts as part of their alerted patrol routine, making it easier to suffer pull assassinations and spot 47.
  • Players could have the option to disable only the mission completion music (it can get annoying in case the player wants to do other stuff after killing targets, like exploring the map).
  • Water could be used to wash blood pools, to add realism.
  • Guards could spot and store disguises.
  • Guards could spot and be alerted by broken glass/mirrors.
  • 47 could plant hidden explosives/mines in dead bodies.
  • 47 could plant hidden explosives/mines in dropped guns and ammo caches.
  • There could be more destructible scenario to add realism.
  • Make assembling/disassembling weapons animations in briefcases consistent with all of them.
  • Create an option to enable gore/dismemberment.
  • Make weapons suppressors attachable.
  • Add a gas mask item with the same function as gas-masked outfits.

That’s it from me. Thank you for your attention.


Hello, there! Thank you for making such fabulous additions to this fantastic game. I have some ideas to improve the freelancer mode; I hope they are interesting and relevant. Here it is:

  • Many valuables, such as gold idols and statues, have no function other than serving as non-lethal weapons. Players could steal them, and those items would be exchanged for a small amount in Merces upon mission completion, adding more fun and immersion to the game.
  • It would be nice to have a tip mentioning that freelancer tools are lost upon mission failure; some players are confused by this feature and may interpret this as a bug.
  • It would be nice if players could spend Merces or do special assignments to reduce alert/guards in a specific location, like a recon mission.
  • Safehouse vehicles could enable new and strategic starting points that would make them less cosmetic and further develop strategic planning.
  • Please consider enabling achievements/trophies for the freelancer mode.

That is it from me, thank you for your attention.


Make it so that starting a mission is like an Elusive Target: you can stop and return to the main menu, and as long as you haven’t done any of the tasks in the mission (killed the targets, taken Merces from a safe, taken Merces from a courier, bought something from a supplier), you are able to return to the safehouse without the mission being considered failed. My mind left me for a moment at the start of a mission when I paused the game and I hit return to the main menu because for just a moment, the reason I had paused distracted me to where I thought I was still in the safehouse and just exiting Freelancer itself, not exiting a campaign mission. While my fault, since I hadn’t actually done anything, I think it’s a poor decision to make that it be considered a failed mission, when exiting an ET without having completed something let’s you go back in until you commit to an irreversible action. Let’s have that in Freelancer, IOI.


How about 47’s dual-wielded signature silver-ballers?

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  • I wish an option to reroll prestige objectives(at least in Hardcore mode). And it should cost -mercers(about 4000-10000 per roll, limit reroll to 1-2 per mission)

  • For example, cause of prestige objectives in Harcore mode is neccessary to complete, sometimes there is really just not fun to complete them. Very RNG. (I got this: timed, timed hide and seek, SA No Firearms). Yeah, some people like timed objectives, but there are a lot of people who just can’t play game like this. I’m not talk about that it is impossible, but in Hardcore mode it neccessary and if you fail this all campaign wil fail.
    This problem can be solved via another way:
    option to disable(maybe paid option) - timed objectives. As i said, not all people like timed objectives. They are really should be OPTIONAL for people who just can’t complete when.

  • i wish an option to block entire maps from pool. Of course it not should be free. 50k Mercers for block entire map. Maybe when u start campgaing there is will be an option(Do u want to block Map? If yes, you will should select map and pay 25-50k Mercers for current campaign). Or 100k+ Mercers if u want to block it forever. Colorado can be really tough in Hardcore mode, espesically when u got bad prestige objectives.

  • i wish more ways to spend Mercers in endgame(inside the safehouse). When u have all weapons and all freelancer tools there is no way to spend mercers. As i said earlier, some QoL changes can help to resolve this problem(like Paid Reroll, Paid Block Map, etc.)


Daily and weekly missions would be appreciated as end-game content.

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I wish the safe house in Freelancer had a dynamic penalty mechanic that required you to defend your home from a wave of assaulting NPCs. This could be triggered for example if you fail a mission and choose to escape prematurely at an exit point, or if the final syndicate leader escapes a mission. Essentially you would return home to the planning room and be alerted to a syndicate leader / member and a dozen or so well armed NPCs methodically trying to hunt 47 down in his own home.

If you survive the database and, Agent Smith will great 47 at his front door informing 47 that the CIA has removed any trace of 47’s safe house location from the Syndicates database and will also insist his men deal with the bodies (he does owe 47 a lot of favours after all).

The inspiration for this set up is obviously John Wick, but I kind of imagine it feeling and playing like the asylum escape level during Hitman: contracts. The hunter and prey atmosphere in that level always felt amazing!

The reason I think this would be an amazing addition to Freelance mode is because the safe house is an amazing space that feels like it has so much more potential, especially with the different everyday objects that can be used as weapons that are scattered throughout various spaces. I feel like it would be an amazing dynamic sandbox for the paradyme of prey and preditor to be switched.


Adding to the wishlist that I truly hope there won’t be a “defend the safehouse” mechanic, or that we at least get the option to disable it.


I’d like to recommend a new soundtrack for the kitchen music.



Only problem I see is that some people would change the interior to be more cover-like instead of what they prefer optically. But a great idea nontheless!

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I think there should be a unique reward for completing all Freelancer challenges.

Right now you do have incentive to get 100 Mastery in Freelancer because the reward for doing so it a pretty cool looking suit. However, the only reason to get all the challenges is for more experience towards reaching Freelancer Mastery, and for getting small cool trophies in your trophy case.

I think getting every single one of the trophies should be one final challenge, that gives you a unique reward. That way people have slightly more incentive to play Hardcore mode, and having both this reward and the last Freelancer suit would be proof that you completed Freelancer 100%.


I think cannon wise, 47 would likely position his furniture for tactical advantages. The first novel from memory goes into great detail about 47 choosing hotel rooms with and sleeping on the floor behind the bed to prove physical cover and concealment from window snipers and entry from the door

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I would definitely love more rubber duck versions. It has explosive potential.


This needs to be a main game feature sometimes too, but they need to let us toggle the flash/light on the camera… identifying suspects and their tells in dark areas or environments like the Berlin Club or Night Maps is very tricky.

You can literally see whatever you take a picture of illuminate with light for a split second, so the ability is already there…


The ability to buy any and all disguises with mercers and bring it back to the Safe House would definitely be a welcome addition to Freelancer. Prices would be based on how common the outfit is and its privileges. And the disguises should be usable in the other game modes as well.


One thing I wish they added is have suppliers sell random non-collectable tools once you’ve gotten all the tools for the safehouse. I’m talking about things you can already find in crates like Lil Flashy, Napoleon Blowaparte, the Emetic Gas Grenade, The Big One, or a Propane Flask, but also other tools that aren’t currently in the item crates such as the Remote Breaching Charge, Molotov Cocktail, The Iconator (Is this in the crates already?), the never used Remote Sedative Gas Device, and the ICA Electrocution Phone. This way at least Merces and suppliers still have some small purpose once your safehouse inventory is complete.


Yeah and maybe random non collectible weapons too for when you have all the weapons from a category on the wall and want to do some planing on the fly.