Hitman: Freelancer | Wishlist & Suggestions | Patch 3.140

Additions I came up with in regards to my previous comment:

To add to point number 3, another way to spend Merces could be implementing something from the main game into Freelancer - choosing weapons/gear to be delivered to in-level stashes and choosing your starting location. Again, make this only available after Prestiging at least once. Your starting location will be random just like it is already, unless you buy a guarantee with Merces. The “in-level stashes” could be a way for IOI and the community to compromise on things like rat poison, lethal pills, chloroform flasks, and other items being removed or having their locations moved in previous updates. It will keep IOI’s changes to keep the mode hard for new players at first, but will allow players who actually learned the maps to retain their knowledge of the maps and return said items to their locations or add items that never were there - it won’t take up a Gear slot, but will cost Merces. To balance it, it can only be items with no rarity, or common rarity.

I came up with another way to balance point number 5 (the Black Market Laptop in the underground bunker). Since shipping takes time in real life, make it so your weapon/gear orders will not be delivered to the Safehouse until at least going on a mission.

For point number 7 I made about more weapons/gear in Freelancer (and by extension points number 3 and 5), I would like items like the Goldbrick Proximity Mine, Nitroglycerin, Explosive Golf Ball, Explosive Baseball, Explosive Pen, “Bubble Queen” Gum Pack (Sedative), “Bubble Queen” Gum Pack (Emetic), and “Mixtape 47” added to the gear cases, and The Ducky Gun, The Floral Baller, and Hackl Sniper Rifle Covert “Ducky” Edition to the weapon walls, along with the Fusil X2000 Stealth, and Bronson M1928 I mentioned in the previous comment. The placement on the walls/in the cases will need to be adjusted and rearranged to fit everything.

Fix the textures on the Shashka A33 Gold and the ICA19 Goldballer to actually look golden in Freelancer (the main menu’s inventory screen for the Shashka A33 Gold also needs to be fixed as well).

New animations for laying on the bed or couch in the Safehouse.

I haven’t bought the Makeshift and Street Art DLCs yet because I’m not sure if they reset when Prestiging or are required to Prestige once you buy said DLCs. If they do reset and are required to Prestige once bought, please change that. I don’t want to be punished and forced to grind longer for buying a DLC. Maybe also have each Supplier sell one random DLC weapon you don’t own (from each pack you own) in addition to the Freelancer base game weapons (one random Street Art weapon you lost, one random Makeshift weapon you lost, and still sell one base game SMG, Assault Rifle, Sniper, Shotgun, and Melee weapon). That way, players thst lost a DLC weapon will still be able to purchase them from a Supplier in Freelancer, without being punished and making them grind longer to obtain the base game weapons that they may want instead.

Holiday DLC for the Safehouse: I would like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day specifically. Paintings, balloons, jack-o-lanterns, christmas tree, and so on. Possibly have Christmas and other Holdiay music available in the Safehouse (similar to how you can pick the Hitman WoA Trilogy music, Classical music, and so on). The Christmas music could also be nice if you just want music playing in the background while you’re opening gifts on Christmas. I would go for public domain songs if you don’t want to spend a lot on licensing. Maybe include a new unlockable suit representing each holiday available in the main game and Freelancer.

A “Patriotic DLC” that has National Anthems, patriotic songs, flags, banners, paintings, and other decorations for the countries that are available in Freelancer at the Safehouse. Maybe also include Romania, New Zealand, Austria, Singapore, and Russia just to acknowledge the other maps in the game that couldn’t make it to Freelancer. This would be the Safehouse equivalent of the Aluminum Travel Briefcase, showing how 47 likes to travel. Maybe include each country’s National Flower for garden customization.


The do reset when you advance your Prestige Level. But they are not required to advance.

I would love to have this as well :slight_smile:


That’s actually good to hear. Thank you for the information!

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