Hitman French Thread

I understand this forum is primarily an English forum, but sometimes people feel comfortable talking in another language they know.

Similar to how the official Hitman 2 discord has a French and Dutch channel, use this thread to talk about whatever is on your mind about Hitman 2, but in French!

Reminder to keep to community guidelines, and wrap spoilers in spoiler tags.

Je suis AIMANT le banque alors loin, mais je se demander quoi le campagne sera sur.


angry german noises


Oui, je parle la langue du baguette.
(Je suis désolé)

Je ne regrette rien!

I love to watch Dutch people speak French. It’s like watching a cow on an ice skating rink.

Same with Belgians talking Dutch

You need to come up with another metaphor or you get no points!


English people trying to speak any other language than English…