Hitman Game: Guess the mission

Inspired on @Piano_Man’s “Guess the Target” topic.

Rules are really simple, you throw a guess, everyone has one shot. Whoever finds the mission gets the turn.

I’ll start.

“47,Clera here. Diana is busy with practicing tango, she says that it’ll be useful one day. Anyways, we send you to a mission. That is not going to be easy. Here are your clues:”

  1. While this mission contains one “optional” target, it’s hard to not kill them
  2. It is possible to distract a target via putting something in their drink
  3. This mission contains a disguise that is allowing access to everywhere and it’s so easy to take it and hide the body.

“Good luck, 47.”


i think its the graveyard shift because thats the only mission where clera appears iirc

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Nope. Ignore Clera, focus on clues. But you had only one chance so…

“You Better Watch Out…”?


Is it the one where we rescue Smith in BM?

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Yup. Your turn m8

20 Secret Female Assassin

Nice! I didn’t realize, is it the Santa disguise that allows you anywhere?

I’ll give it a shot…

  1. One of your targets is immobile.

  2. The other is a lawyer who likes to smoke.

  3. The location has a strict rule for one of its staff.

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Situs Inversus? 20forbiddencigarettepacks

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You’ve got 2 of 3 clues right :zipper_mouth_face:

Damn, realized my mistake now :joy: I know which one it is… Nice job with the clues.

Thanks, I was hoping somebody would take the bait :laughing:


Thing is, that mission completely slipped my mind when I was thinking of the alternatives. Oh well, next time I won’t be so hasty :joy:


It’s funny they’re that similar, hadn’t ever thought of it before writing those clues.


Is the Mission, Club 27?

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Negative :smirk:

20 clues

Am I allowed to guess?
Meat king’s party

  • Just look at Sturrock!
  • Andrei Puscus loves opium.
  • Only one Opium waiter.

That is correct :+1: nice work!

I believe this means its your move.

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I’ll pass it over to someone else

In that case, I guess we can pass it over to @Rimland? Assuming Meat King’s Party was your next guess :sweat_smile:

That OK with you, @SA_But_Everyone_Died?

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it is ok