Hitman game issue on Xbox

So I’m wondering if any of you have had an issue with being able to play Hitman missions on XB1. My game is installed and it only let’s me play the two Prologue missions. When I try to play the next mission it sends me to the marketplace which tells me the game content is already installed. And round and round I go Lol. Any one got any advice?
I’ve already tried uninstalling and deleting all content then reinstalling, but to no avail.

What version of HITMAN 2016 did you purchase.


I downloaded the trial then purchased the complete standard version game.

Complete as in GOTY or complete as in Complete First Season?

Complete First Season

It seems your console isn’t recognizing the content. This can be rectified through various ways

  • Hold The Power Button While The Console Is On Until It Shuts Off and Wait 30 Seconds.

  • Check Your Licenses Via Is This Your Home Xbox.

  • Uninstall The Content And Reinstall It On The Complete First Season Store Page.