Hitman Game Of The Year Edition Requiem Pack Not Accessible PLZ HELP

Hello, I recently bought Hitman (2016)Game Of The Year Edition digitally (XB1) but cannot access the Requiem Pack DLC.

It is the most bizarre situation, the Requiem Pack is included in the GOTY and it shows on my “recently installed” but not in the actual game nor in my “add-ons” section in games & apps on my Xbox.

Can anyone please help me figure this out? I have reached out to XB support but no help. The devs on Twitter but no luck either. I’d really appreciate some or any help. Apologies if this has been answered, I’m new here :confused:

Here is another picture for better information. I’m still so confused about this whole thing.

As far as I know, Requiem Pack is a part of HITMAN 2016 game.
And it’s not free. It cost 20$ as far as I remember.

I think you have to buy it for HITMAN 2016 game.
After it will be registered for that game, you can use it in HITMAN 2


Yeah this is where I’m so confused, I bought the Hitman Game Of Th Year Edition (Digital) on XB and that edition shows that the Requiem Pack is indeed included for Hitman (2016) but when I try to access the content on the game menu, it shows as if I don’t own it. But yet I do own the Game Of The Year Edition (which supposedly includes the Requiem Pack) Just so bizarre. I appreciate your reply though! I’m going to have to give up and just spend extra $$$ on the Requiem Pack :confused:

I also have the GOTY edition of Hitman 2016. The Requiem Pack is not included and costs (at least on PSN) $5.

What your picture shows is that you (like myself) have access to the Requiem Pack for the Hitman 2 Legacy Pack, which you can redeem for free in Hitman 2, either by buying the game or installing the free Hitman 2 Starter Pack.

Basically, you don’t have the Requiem suit in 2016, but you do have it in Hitman 2.

(The one thing I don’t like about these games is how confusing they made all the store/installation stuff…)


It’s not included in GOTY Edition.
It’s a standalone pack.
It was free during the preorder period of HITMAN 2016 and was included in the game as a bonus for those who preordered the game. It was ages back.
After the game was released, this pack became paid as a DLC.

I really don’t know why system says you own it…
I can’t tell you anything on this.
Also I can’t advise you something, because I don’t own any console and don’t know how their systems work. I only know that you have wrong info. Maybe you have to blame your console’s store for it, I don’t know.

How is it even possible?


To be honest, I’m not sure, but that’s how it worked for me.

I tried googling it, but didn’t find what the exact requirement are. I think it may just be a standard part of the GOTY Legacy Pack, whether you bought it for the first game or not? :man_shrugging:

Edit: Just found it here:

As a bonus, we are including the HITMAN: Blood Money Requiem Pack with both the Legacy Pack and the GOTY Legacy Pack. Any player who redeems or purchases either Legacy Pack will have access to the Requiem Pack in HITMAN 2.


@Hitman1313 I think now it becomes a bit clearer.
You own HITMAN 2 and bought a Legacy Pack for it, right?

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Woaaa thank you for clarifying this entire thing for me, seriously appreciate it! Yeah I agree the whole things is very confusing especially as a newcomer.

It’s been a puzzling situation for sure, head scratching for the past few days lol.

I’m just going to hold off on buying the pack for the (2016) version. I’ll wait til I finally finish the entire season 1 game & clear out all the achievements. Guess I will just continue my Hitman career on Hitman 2 and enjoy the Requiem Pack there.

Btw I actually own the disc version of Hitman 2 & the “expansion pack DLC” so I have A LOT of time to spend on this franchise.

I’m really grateful you were able to solve this mystery for me, again thank you very much brother. I appreciate it, have a great one & keep sharp Agent!

Yes I own the disc version of Hitman 2 Gold Edition but have never played it before. I recently bought Season 1 digital since it was on sale so I can catch up & brush up on the game before starting Hitman2! I’m just now at the fashion show in Paris (Hitman 2016) and wow this game is so addicting. Can’t believe I’ve been so late to the party haha

Thank you guys who helped me get to the bottom of this situation, I sincerely appreciate you guys taking the time to help me figure this out & taking the time to look into it. The whole thing was confusing but I am satisfied with finally knowing exactly what was going on in this case. Thanks again guys have a safe and awesome weekend!