Hitman gameplay 2016 vs 2018

Hello guys,

there is high chance that this topic were discussed here before, but i couldnt find it and i want to know opinion of people who played (and propably completed) both games H1 and H2. In some topic I read that many people prefered 2016 version and that H2 is more like Hitman season 2. But I would like to ask if both games are really same or if H2 has better gameplay and better environment design?

I saw some videos showing example of what you could do, and that there are many scripted events and reactions from NPCs and thats what I am looking for. I want living world. And I was just wondering if Hitman is on the same level like Hitman 2 (or better; or worse). Because normally people would think that Hitman 2 will be better in this.

I cant decide which game to play and this would help a lot.

Thanks for help.

I’m not too picky about gameplay and don’t notice subtle things but big differences are in h2 mirrors are functional, you can hide in bushes and crowds and that cameras can spot you doing illegal actions. I haven’t played season 1 for quite a while so haven’t noticed too many differences in the way the maps look but the lighting is definitely different.
If you’re unsure you could always get season 1, play it for a while, but then download the free h2 starter pack that includes hawkes bay. You can redeem the season 1 maps to play in h2 using its gameplay and mechanics (depending on which version of season 1 yoi own)

You could also just get the free versions of both games to see which one you find better for gameplay and graphics

My preference is h2 but that’s mostly because it’s what’s getting the attention from ioi and is receiving regular new content.

Hope this helped and welcome to the forums! :+1:


To be honest, both games still have bugs, and you probably would be best off buying the 2018 (updated) version of H1 if you are going to play H1 at all. Buying the original version (if it is even still available) will probably be a dying game now - and much of what makes the game what it is for many of us are the regular updates, new content, and interaction with the developers.


I get H1 through HumbleBundle like a year ago and until today i didnt have time to think about playing it, so thats why i was thinking about if it is worth to install it or if i should get H2 instead. But if i can play all maps from h1 (according to steam i have proplably all dlcs) in h2, than there is no point why not to download free starter pack of h2 or straight buying full game.

To play the H1 maps in H2, you might have to own the complete H2 game (all main missions). I don’t know. If you find that you can get the updated H1 missions by buying the H2 starter pack, then there is no point in playing the 2016 version.

I will have to try it, but after installing starter pack I noticed that another 35 Gb of game starts download and now i can see that i have 7 legacy missions in game page on steam so i guess i dont need to have full game.

With H2, you will have almost every piece of content from H2016, and of course H2 itself, with regular updates and new content. Choice is obvious

Well if you google “hitman 1 vs hitman 2” you will find a lot topics about H1 > H2 , but i never played it so thats why i was asking. But thanks for reply :slight_smile: