Hitman GOTY Legacy Pack not appearing after i deleted it

I purchased the Hitman GOTY Legacy Pack for Xbox One S in December
I deleted it after completing the story to save space
Now, I try to redownload it, but it says that I do not own the game when I look on the Microsoft store. I was able to download Hitman 2 the first mission on hawkes bay, but the other maps on hitman one it says I don’t have access to. But, I have the stats and everything still from completing the game previously, just not the missions or any of the special weapons and things like that.
I contacted a Microsoft support agent, but they said to contact game devs.

You have to own the base version of Hitman 2 to play the Legacy Pack in Hitman 2
I’m not sure how you were able to play through Season 1 in Hitman 2 without owning it though

This is wrong you only need to own the Starter Pack.

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i know but i dont have access to the legacy pack which i do own

Which legacy pack did you buy?




GOTY LEGACY PACK it says it above

Usually when I encountered this problem I reinstalled everything.

except i cant install it because it doesnt show ownership of it in the microsoft store.

how do i talk to devs

Check if you own the license via Microsoft store. If you don’t contact Microsoft support with the order number of your purchase and they should help you. Content disappearing off your profile isn’t something the devs can help you with.

thats what i was thinking but they told me to go here