Hitman goty legacy pack not working?

Hello guys,

i have a little bit of a Problem here… Let me explain real quick.

I have got Hitman 2 yesterday. I played a while, then i figured that i can play the Season 1 like a rework. Now i have the problem that i linked all my Games etc to the IO Page to get this work. It is not working so far. I figured (I have Hitman 1 on Xbox One and PC) that Xbox is showing me, that i can download the Stuff for Xbox … But not for the Pc for some reason. Even on Steam, Hitman 2 doesn’t show me a “Download” Button or something like this. Can you guys help me? And, sorry for my bad english, i’m from germany…

To get Legacy Pack you have to own HITMAN 2016 game on PC if you’re going to have Legacy Pack on PC.
And you have to own HITMAN 2016 on Xbox if you want to have Legacy Pack on Xbox.
There is no way to get Legacy Pack for Xbox if you have HITMAN 2016 only on PC and vice versa

If you have HITMAN 2016 game on PC and want to redeem Legacy Pack for PC, you have to have both (HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2) games installed on your PC.
You have to launch HITMAN 2016 game and play any mission from start to finish and then you can quit the game. Then just launch HITMAN 2 and you should gain access to all Legacy Locations via Steam client to download them.
To start play Legacy locations, download the full package and relaunch HITMAN 2 game

Details on redeeming Legacy Pack can be found here:

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