Hitman GotY (Stadia) - Should there be a container available to take into missions?

Should there be a container/briefcase unlocked for the Stadia version?

I know there were no briefcases in Hitman (2016), but Hitman 2 with the Legacy Packs were given an Aluminium Travel Case to make up for their absence in the first season missions.
The Stadia version is essential the Legacy Pack version, but I don’t see any cases available for those that just own the first game’s worth of missions.

Am I missing something or was this something left out of this version?
It’d be nice to be able to load into missions with stuff like sniper rifles.

(Sorry if I posted in the wrong place. Wasn’t sure if this falls under a bug report, support, or 2018 topic.)

That’s not exactly as you said. Aluminium Travel Briefcase is rewarded to HITMAN 2 players who own HITMAN (2016).

If you have purchased HITMAN 2 on Stadia, you should unlock and own the Stadia-exclusive Orange Pinstripe Briefcase at the very beginning.

You can still do that without a briefcase. Use the item-smuggling feature (the top left tile of the planning page) and find an Agency Pickup location for large item.

In addition, you can unlock some briefcases through in-game progression. The easiest one would be ICA Briefcase, which is unlocked by completing Miami level.

Hope you find this post useful. :slightly_smiling_face: