Hitman HD enhanced collection 2


Yea I basically made this thread because I would love to see Hitman contracts and Hitman 2 silent assassin be ported into modern consoles as a “Hitman HD enhanced collection 2”
This would be so awesome.

Lemme know what you guys think


I hope so. I wanna play Hitman Silent Assassin & Contracts again. These both games are the real HITMAN game for me.

  1. Contracts (best)
  2. Silent Assassin
  3. Hitman Blood Money
  4. Hitman 2
  5. Hitman Absolution
  6. Hitman C47
  7. Hitman 1

I would love to see the older games come back but I don’t want remakes. Give a team the job of porting them over or contract it out and then keep doing a fantastic job on the current levels. H1 and 2 have been amazing.

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I agree. Plus, by adding those games, the $60 price tag would be justified.


You can’t blame them for trying to make a buck. If it’s too steep for you then wait till it drops.


Yea I agree, even a port to modern consoles in the collection would have been fine. I think they will most likely release contracts and silent assassin remaster as a second collection around mid to late 2019

Try to rationalize releasing Absolution again with missing content. It doesn’t add up how IOI is letting the backwards compatible versions of these game sell for $20 each on XB, but they can sell the games again in a bundle that is really only the PC version just on Max Settings and 4K support that only a select few can use who have the money for a PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Also try rationalizing that they sold the Hitman HD Trilogy for a cheaper price and you got more content out of it. IOI is sitting on HD Ports of SA and Contracts and they decide to release the black sheep of the series with it’s only selling point being Blood Money because nostalgia. IOI had a good idea just when executed it failed. I will of course buy this when it’s 50% but right now I’m not wasting my money on this.


Ok… so then it’s just too high for you. I didn’t buy it either, but I’m not mad they priced it where they did.

Edit: it also may be a fair value for someone who never owned either game. It’s only us die hard s who still have all of them. I won’t toss out my x360 bc I have the trilogy on it lol. It just sits in a closet until I want to play contracts.

Yeah, again, I’d toss all logic to the wind and pay $60 for a generic port of these two. Get on it, IO, my money is waiting for you to take it.


Yea I agree it was an interesting decision. Btw how do you know they are sitting on ports? I’m pretty sure they released abso and bm cos they were the best selling games of the series

Now that I think about it. It’s such a shame they didn’t include all the DLC from Absolution considering the price.
There were some nice suits and weapons.


Tbh it wouldn’t have made a difference to me. I only just managed to force myself to finish that game today

But yea it would have been nice for absolution fans

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But wait. Now that I think about it, those outfits were available only in contracts.
It kinda makes sense why they din’t include it.

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In 2013 they released HD Ports of Contracts, BM, and Silent Assassin for the Hitman HD Trilogy for 360 and PS3

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Yea but blood money wasn’t a direct port of the ps3 version on to the PS4. It still took them time to “remaster” it for today’s consoles from the ps3 version

I know it wasn’t. All Blood Money is was an upscaled version courteous from the PC Port hence why it was never released on PC with addition of 4K resolution that a select few can only use.

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We’d all love to see a remastered SA or Contracts the chances of getting these remastered are extremely slim, I don’t think they’d be able to commit the funds to it as id imagine there’d be a lot more work in remastering those 2 earlier titles and I don’t think they’d get the sales figures they’d need to make it pay. We can always dream though!

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You could argue blood money needed a lot of remastering but they barely changed anything so I’m mainly after a port (which wouldn’t cause io much trouble) cos I lost the power adaptor for my ps2

Gonna let you on a little secret. Hitman HD Trilogy had remastered ports of SA and Contracts. IOI is practically sitting on them.