HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection *IOI Constructive Criticism and Feedback*


Good Afternoon,

I never anticipated doing another thread like this where I would have to take off my IOI Fan Shades, but as you may know in our community Hitman HD Enhanced Collection came out. Now I was excited when I learned about this last week during my class. Seeing an updated version of Hitman Blood Money was welcoming to me especially since I’m fond of the level design. Seeing an HD Collection of two dated games I anticipated the pack to retail for $30 USD since again the two games are now dated with BM being released in 2006 and Absolution being released in 2012. Unfortunately as information slowly was revealed to us about this collection the more my excitement diminished.

I don’t quite was thinking when they labeled this as a Collection but giving it a retail price of $60 felt quite ludicrous. I’m gonna say it right now all Hitman HD Enhanced Collection is well it’s just the PC Versions of both titles on MAX settings hence why it was never released on PC. This is a very lazy compilation that had so much potential especially since they are sitting on the HD versions of SA and Contracts from the 2013 release of the HITMAN HD Trilogy.

If they added SA and Contracts the price tag would be more justifiable and reasonable. Unfortunately, to me, this seems like IOI trying to exploit the nostalgia of old players and the curiosity of new players. I won’t be purchasing this compilation until it goes half off and if they release the HD Versions of Contracts and SA and made a $60 Bundle of it then I will gladly pay the $60.

This was another missed opportunity by IOI. I hope you give feedback and that you gained something from this. I hate how IOI is sitting on HD versions of Contracts and SA and quite frankly put more thought in releasing this product.


Games do tend to call themselfs “remasters” “enchancements” and stuff like that when they get a simple port to new gen i was saying this day 1 of its anoucment on reddit nope downvoted and im spreading misinformation like them not releasing it on PC should have been a dead giveaway that its just a port with max settings look…


people don’t see that unfortunately


That signature “Mk II” look


But you only guessed that. It is correct to call a guess a misinformation if you claim it to be a fact.


One of the things I hate most about game developers these days is, withholding crucial information from public till release (i.e. no contracts mode, no sniper challenge, no gameplay videos, no pictures). That’s some shady business practice and makes you in my eyes untrustworthy. Why would you do something like that to your fans? So you can trick them in buying an “enhancement”, which is actually just a re-release and has missing features?

They would have made themselves more likeable, if they said something in the lines like this: “Hey community, unfortunately H2 didn’t sold well as expected, but we would like to make another season, which will bigger and better than all Hitman on the market. You can help us out by donating $50 and get as compensation Hitman SA-Absolution ported on your PS4/XONE.”

If they wrote something honest like that, I would have bought the collection twice in no time (even though I have the Anthology on my PC).



it was fairly obvious anyway. for IOI to make a remake (a game that gets changed greatly from the original) instead of a remaster (a game that has just better graphics and performance than the original) would cost them more money and time


Because of that I imagined another studio doing this job. Which is common in the industry.


Don’t worry. Everything and anything gets downvoted/flagged for spam these days as long as it isn’t consistent with people’s comforting train of thought.

For eg just try to tell people that this game is performing poorly in terms of sales and they will come up with “bUt muH diGiTaL sAleS” argument, failing to realize if they were that incredible, the physical copies wouldn’t have been slashed so aggressively. $60 for this rushed port job just seems desperation to earn funds.


lol, you are talking nonsense. hitman 2 did not have poor sales.


Not all remasters are PC ports. For example, the Batman Arkham game’s on PS4 and xb1. They were transferred from unreal engine 3 to unreal engine 4. So it actually looks way better on a PS4 pro in 4k than ultra settings on pc.

Absolution so far looks much better on my Pro than any PC on ultra version that I’ve seen. It’s so sharp and the lighting is phenomenal. Definitely seems like an upgrade even from PC.


Is this the only thing you picked up from my argument? Did I made it a fact, that Hitman 2 has poor sales? I just implied, they made this collection, because they appear to struggle financially. But it would be hilarious, if they didn’t and made this pack just for maximum profit :laughing:


you’re also leaving out the part that consisted of the graphical downgrades that they had when people did comparisons videos.


You mean the morons that are blind? Ya, no thanks. I saw it for myself. I had the game.


Personally, Bluepoint Games are my benchmarks for remasters.

The Skyrim one wasn’t that bad either.

I would have been interested in seeing the collection get treatment like this.


The description said it all tho it didnt say to what degree but it was like 90% probability of it being true


That just looks like way too much bloom was added. Surely that isn’t much of an upgrade, right?


That spot in Absolution has that amount of bloom on Pc too,it wasn’t changed for Enhanced Collection


For someone who really enjoys hitman 2016 and hitman 2 and didn’t play blood money or absolution… is it worth the price?

I was hoping for less too… but I’m figuring I’ll enjoy it as much as I would most full price games currently out?


For $60, no. Wait until it’s on sale, then check them out and decide for yourself.