HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection *IOI Constructive Criticism and Feedback*


Then there we have it. @immadummee47 is lying, probably as an attempt to justify buying the HD bundle. I don’t see much difference myself and there is a reason why IOI didn’t release this on PC, after all.


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Yes, I just joined the forum. Thank you for pointing that out. Are we going to talk about the topic at hand or what?


Compare this to the Resident Evil 2 remaster coming out end of the month to really highlight how little effort/care went into this.


Wait till it goes on sale Justin. IOI is sitting on the other two Hitman HD games that were released back in 2013. Wait til this is on sale then buy it. Or be smart and if you have a XB1 and buy the Backward Compatible versions.


I laughed at this a bit. First time I laugh at something written down


@Agent.Smith is a G. This collection is just the PC versions on Max Settings hence why it’s not on PC.


What is a G. He is not a letter or anything?


“gangster” needed 20 chracters


Res 2 is not a remaster. It’s a remake. Like a brand new game.


I’m posting this as a reminder and for @immadummee47. If you post something that doesn’t contribute to this thread and is deemed as inappropriate and or off topic I will be flagging it. Please, when you’re criticizing to be constructive and reasonable so we can build up this thread and have some proper feedback. If anyone has a problem with this PM me and we can tell me how posting a screenshot of someone’s profile is contributing to this thread. Thank You.


If you open your eyes, it’s clearly a troll account. Kinda like how you’re trolling now too. :+1:


I’m not trolling. I’m moderating my thread. @DavidBateson isn’t a troll account. Yea, he used 47 VO name, but he is not trolling. I could have named my account after someone famous and still give a more constructive response.

If I wanted to I could get the head moderator of Hitman Forums and he/she would say the same thing how you posting a screenshot of someone profile has nothing to do with the topic at hand and they would also flag it because it’s not related to the subject. It’s not trolling it’s keeping a organized thread.


Just a heads up, it’s not your thread.

Take it easy, now. :vulcan_salute:


Would love to see Silent Assassin and Contracts return to PS4 and Xbox One.

I’ll be buying this Enhanced collection at some point :slight_smile:


How is this not his thread?


Played them the other week, i can’t play them now like when i was younger, in my opinion they haven’t aged well :smile: I more hope they get a remake


It was just the opposite for me when I played the HD Trilogy several years back - a total wave of nostalgia, I had a blast with them. The only thing that I find archaic with the earlier titles are the control schemes; I don’t mind the low res textures or graphics at all.


Yeah the graphics are fine, i meant the gameplay, even if it just had Blood Money’s gameplay they’d be better


Woah, buddy. If you haven’t noticed I’m the one who started this thread on this concern. I’m the OP alongside OP’s can moderate the threads they create. The only people who can take action besides me are the head moderators of the forum.