HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection *IOI Constructive Criticism and Feedback*


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I think both games would be more impressive with HDR Support…


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False dude. Go look at the other thread. Another user shows his ultra settings and there is a significant difference of bloom on PS4 over PC ultra settings.


Some ppl don’t know who the internet works. :man_shrugging:


Since I never played these games and am a big fan of the current Hitman games, I was definitely interested in this being in “4K”. I will wait for a sale however. Warner Bros. packed all 3 Batman’s together and also had a high bundle price. Thankfully, it went down to $15 during the Holiday sales (for Xbox), easy pickup. So hopefully, this bundle goes down at some point.

I think it would be awesome if they somehow re-did all the missions from all Legacy games into Hitman 2’s engine. Imagine having the entire history of Hitman in 1 game. That would be amazing.


So I’ve been reading a lot of criticism on social media and I agree with everything, but I get this choice from IOI’s pov.

Hitman 2 has not been selling as good as IO hoped for and they are walking behind on profits. If they want to make the best version of Hitman 3 for us in the future they need money. Ofcourse WB is funding, but they expect to get the money back at least twice as much from profit. Hitman S1 didn’t achieve on this, and SE bailed. (Probably how it happend). IOI don’t want this to happen so they release this pack.

Now looking from players pov. The price for this pack is way too high for the content you get. This pack (containing a 13 and 7 year old game) costs as much as a brand new game released this year. Fine, the game is optimized and it looks slightly better, but that isn’t an excuse to charge 60 bucks for it. Also the choice of games is odd but chosen for a reason. BM is the fan favorite of the series, and Absolution the moneymaker of the series. Absolution isn’t the best, but it made the most profit, that’s probably the main reason they added it in the pack.

Conclusion: I completely get IOI, they want to make more money to make better products. This pack however isn’t gonna help on it. It is way too expensive and you’re forced to buy both, even thought both are very different games and many may not like both. If they would offer the Trilogy (SA, C, BM) on PS4 I would gladly pay €60,- without a doubt, but this is waaay too much for the product you get. I guarantee IOI that this new pack would sell 10 times better if it only costs 30 bucks. They would’ve made much more money that way.


Absolution and blood money being backwards compatible on Xbox one for me makes no sense for me to spend the money. I can play those games any time I want. Clearly this is for newer players that never played them? Now as you say if Silent Assassin or even contracts was part of this and I could play either of those on my Xbox one I would buy them because I have no way to play those games currently.


This - you’d essentially be paying $60 for versions of those games that look slightly tweaked in the graphics department, and you’d get a version of Absolution that you can actually Platinum/get all achievements for now, but that’s about it.


Would be awesome if they did :wink:


You compare a simple port to a full on remake … i guess that is how mafia works


The pricing is unreasonable. It doesn’t help that they are sitting on HD Versions of Silent Assassin and Contracts from the 2013 release of the HITMAN HD Trilogy. I say they should of added the Trilogy and Absolution for $60. 4 Games $15 Dollars each. simple and more profitable.


tbh that´s what i was expecting from this so called “collection”.


The point is they could have done more. They could have made the effort. Instead, they regurgitate the exact same game(s) with marginally better graphics and have the gall to price it higher than the RE2 remake.


I hate when developers do the “double dip” for their games. I only can think of a few instances when the developers did it to expand upon the base game.

I’m gonna use GTA V as my major example and Resident Evil Revelations as my minor example because with their respective companies they added new additions when they ventured onto new consoles.

GTA V was released back in 2013 at what we could consider the tail end of the previous console generation. A year following the release it would be announced that GTA V would be arriving to the next generation of consoles. Rockstar would go on to add new collectibles, missions, and greatly expand upon the Online Component with the new technology they have. Alongside that they added First Person Mode, Updated Texture and 1080P resolution with HDR compatibility when 4K console gaming was popularized late 2017. This is double dipping on a major scale done right because it was a overall improvement and more definitive way to play the game.

Resident Evil Revelations was released on January 2012 on the 3DS. This game would push the handheld console graphically and overall with content. A year later in 2013 they would go on to release the game again on consoles. With that they would improve texture resolution and resolution in general with it being 30 FPS and 720P. They would remove the first person camera when aiming that the 3DS had, but with that go with the standard over the shoulder view. Content wise they would improve upon the Bonus Mode “Raid Mode” and add couple new character and the inclusion of DLC and weapons alongside weapon variants that differed by the color of the name.
Fast forward to 2017 where Revelations would be released on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. All 3 versions would have updated challenges to unlock characters and outfits alongside a new level dubbed Ghost Ship: Chaos. The outlier of the 3 Versions was the Switch where they would add a new bonus game when loading up the title which would pay tribute to classic defense games that Capcom and Co would created back in the 90’s. That is Double/Triple Dipping on a Minor Scale.

IOI and the release of this “collection” is a poor example of double/triple dipping. They would go on to release Blood Money 3 times. 2006,2013,2019 with really the only notable thing being that the 2019 version is the PC version on Max Settings. For Absolution this would be a 2nd time it would be release, but this time again being the PC version on Max Settings with 4K support. Now the problem is with Absolution is they removed suit’s and features from the game because they no longer are apart of Square. And finally they removed contracts mode.

IOI I understand need the money, but they could of executed it better again since they are sitting on the HD versions of Hitman Contracts and Hitman Silent Assassin. The current state of this product is bare bones and isn’t worth the price. Change it to $30 and I will buy it.


I agree, I was very interested in getting this on Xbone as I was interested in what the remaster entailed (I own BM and Absolution already on PC, and in my opinion they don’t need remastering, Absolution especially it’s only 7 years old and still looks pretty good on high settings). But that’s PC, so I get why a remaster for consoles would be a good idea seeing as the console hardware doesn’t change like a PC does. But then I saw the $60 pricetag. Half that price I’d totally be there, or maybe $60 if they remade the games in the modern Hitman style and mechanics, but for games I literally already own and look good as they are, I don’t see any need for this pack personally. I hope it does well, but I can see it being reduced on sale in a couple of weeks in some places just like Hitman 2 was if they don’t make the initial sales they want. I want to support IOI because I desperately want a Season 3 and I know WB do NOT mess about with their developers when it comes to monetisation of the product.

I’d pay $60 for a remaster of silent assassin, contracts and blood money because those games are older and the mechanics could be improved hugely with modern game design, but sticking Absolution in doesn’t do it for me, and I didn’t even mind the game, unlike a lot of players who hated it.

My two cents anyway, I’ll prob pick it up on sale at half price in a few months when it’s at a price point that I personally think is reasonable.


Oh the capcom RE2 remake wich they tell all the people what it isnt a remake because then calling RE1 Remake RE1 ReRemake the RE:0 remake sound wierd since they were mostly just ports just like Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition AoE definiteve edition Devil may cry HD collection Ac Rogue Remastered Burnout paradise remastered


Make C47+SA+Contracts+BM pack and sell it for 60 bucks. It must not that hard IOI.

You won’t believe me but I didn’t played C47 because I always used Xbox and never bought a PC. I really want play C47 someday.


Doubt they are gonna bother porting it to consoles cos of contracts having a lot of C47 levels


Contracts has not Aslyum (Training, The Setup, Meet Your Brother) and Colombia missions. Let’s say ok for Colombia but I really want to kill Ort-Meyer with a Minigun.

Gotta get a cheap pc someday, after all even shitty PC’s in nowadays can handle C47.