HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection *IOI Constructive Criticism and Feedback*


So I’m playing BM, coming from someone who only ever played it on PS2 and 360 the heightened framerate is actually quite nice. I also like how the turning speed has been modernized, I literally put it to max in my 360 version and it was still snail-paced. So I guess like others are saying, it’s basically the pc version on console. Still should be drastically cheaper, but it does feel nice to play at least.



Bonus irony points for the meme utilizing poor English skills.


You Played C47 :slight_smile: you played Contracts right?


Not only. Missions in Rotterdam are totally different from Contracts. Only 5 levels are just remakes in Contracts, the one in Budapest and the four in Hong Kong. The others are new missions.
I would buy a collection of all games for new consolles (even C47). But I doubt this will happen


I think everything about C47 is dated and would prove as a challenge. The game is hard to run on modern PC’s, but if they did it would need a lot of work in it before a console release.


C47 is great for a nostalgia trip but the gameplay is very dated, plus so completely different from what Hitman would eventually become, was mindblowing with ideas and potential when I played it in 2000 but it doesn’t quite stand the test of time in the way some of the other great PC games of that era such as Deus Ex or Half Life. Hitman 2 SA was when the series really started progressing and could be good as a remaster


Hopefully this ends up on sale for like £10 down the line. That’s all its worth to me as they are old games and I have played them both to death already.



Bruh the bloom in Absolution remaster looks god awful. Especially the greenhouse is totally fucked.


Have you seen the movie it’s referencing? A direct quote.


I don’t think this is accurate, It ran easier than Contracts and SA on Win10 on my rig.

Win10 is pretty good about backwards compatibility


The Bloom in any of the modern Hitman games is way too strong and looks bad imo but IOI like it that way since they keep putting it into their game engines


It could be worse, they could be lens flares! [cue scare cord] dun dun duuuun!



Yeah? The punctuation is completely missing in a comment knocking someone for having poor English, that was my point.


I have a disc version, but I did purchase the steam version which works fine for the most part.


Honestly if io just port the ps3 versions of contracts and silent assassin with 60 FPS and 4K I will be happy


They could port them and do nothing else and I’d be more than happy with the end result. I just really want to play those two again.


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