HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


Anyone getting the HD collection tomorrow?
Hitman HD Enhanced

I found this on Reddit:

So it looks like it is for most gaming platforms :smiley:.


Maybe I finally can play Blood Money which “everybody” is talking about.


Yeah boi :smiley:
I hope it’s not 100% the same build unchanged ,there should be some big fixes and AI enhancements


I love Blood Money but I’m not sure that it is a game that will really look terribly good in 4K, I gotta say.


No love for PC players?


“Updated controls”. I wonder if BM will match more towards the current game, like having walking and sprinting separate. Maybe they add instinct to BM? I doubt it though.


Hold on, why does the release dates say Sep 25th, 2018?


I believe “upgrading your gpu” does the job. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Doesn’t fix the jank controls in BM


Now how about bringing these upgrades to the PC versions? Would be nice to play the older Hitman games with a controller on PC without issues.


Excellent news. I’m eager to finally play Absolution as I never had the chance to do so before. Plus it comes with free BM, whats not to love?

Those dates were placeholders and come from the Absolution and BM rating leak from a few months back. Here’s a thread that talks about this:


No mention of PC release at all on the press release. What the hell @Travis_IOI :frowning:


Great news!!When first reading the announcement I thought that this would work as the Expansion1 pack…Fortunately we ll still get 2 extra locations!!I really hoped that they would give this sweet collection for free to gold/expansion pass owners for a limited time(just like AC odyssey season pass gave for free ACIII+Liberation remastered) but then again if they really refreshed control gameplays , then maybe I ll buy it!!


Instand buy, no matter the price. I’ll purchase it blindfolded.

Now I can finally ditch my potato looking PS2 version and start playing the best version possible.


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So it is the PC versions basically? Skip.


Might be worth a purchase if the price is right.


including many other improvements that bring these two classic titles into 2019 with the attention and love that they deserve.

And where is your Attention & Love for Codename 47, io? The Game has its 20th this Year, but you rather re-release the worst Hitman Game you’ve ever produced and Hitman Blood Money which wasnt updated at all in the Last “HD“ Collection for the Xbox360 .
i’m also not sure if Absolution really deserves attention. i’m disappointed we cant get Codename 47, Silent Assassin and Contracts - because that are your Classics, Io.


Could be decent with some reworking but definitely wasn’t the best I agree.


No SA and Contracts? This is barebones for a HD Collection, similar to the HD Collection of Silent Hill but without the aberrations of bugs, glitches and beta build state.