HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


Well it surely gets discounted sometime.


To be honest, I’m not worried about the price because I believe io aren’t greedy enough to charge loads for 2 old games UNLESS they have made meaningful improvements E.G
First person pov in absolution
Subdue feature in blood money
Noticeable graphics improvements
Change to the dumb absolution disguise system
Changing the controls of blood money to fit with hitman 2 and 2016


I’m not guessing they have done these in just saying I wouldn’t worry about the price


Really hope this doesn’t get lost in the thread.


BUT If IO want to republish Blood Money for this console generation for profit, fair enough, remastering for console generations is at this point an accepted practice by console users.

Personally I can’t say that I agree with the logic of the people buying consoles and paying for games multiple times, but hey, people can spend their money how they like, I’m not one to argue these days.


What stuck out at me was the following changes they’ve managed to make to the original release.

  • Heightened shadow map and mirror resolutions

The highest dynamic shadow resolution that was possible on the PC version was by setting the ShadowResolution line in the .ini to 4096, which was undocumented and I had to figure out.

If IO has re-baked the static shadow’s to a higher resolution, please release these to the PC version!

  • Increased texture resolution

From my understanding, there was a limitation with the Glacier 1 engine that would not allow you to increase texture resolution above the original resolution on file. I can’t say I even tested that, however I think it was documented at some point.

I believe the highest texture resolution in Blood Money’s PC release was 512x512 or 1024x256/512, I think it should have been the same on the initial console releases PS2 / Xbox. Not sure if this was changed for the HD collection / Xbox360 generation.

If they’re republishing the textures using a higher resolution original source, why aren’t these being released to PC? Heck, I’d pay for that!

  • Upgraded texture formats

The original PC release had these formats, and I believe they were swizzled on the Xbox release.

TEX Texture TEX Mipmap Import/Export Description
RGBA No TGA Targa 32Bpp with alpha channel
RGBA Yes TGA Targa 32Bpp with alpha channel. MipMap is generated automatically using Lanczos3 algorithm when importing.
DXT1 No DDS Microsoft DirectDraw Surface DXT1 compressed (without mipmaps)
DXT1 Yes DDS Microsoft DirectDraw Surface DXT1 compressed (with same number of mipmaps as in TEX file)
DXT3 No DDS Microsoft DirectDraw Surface DXT3 compressed (without mipmaps)
DXT3 Yes DDS Microsoft DirectDraw Surface DXT3 compressed (with same number of mipmaps as in TEX file)
PALN - TGA Targa 32Bpp with alpha channel with same number of unique colors as in TEX file.
I8 No TGA Targa 8Bpp Greyscale without alpha channel.
I8 Yes TGA Targa 8Bpp Greyscale without alpha channel. MipMap is generated automatically using Lanczos3 algorithm when importing.
U8V8 - TGA 2x Targa 8Bpp Greyscale without alpha channel. Export only.

If IO has changed or added support for BC5/BC7 (Intel compression) those changes to the PC version would be welcome!


Hey IO!, if you’re listening, show some love to PC!


I’m looking at this several times during the day. NOTHING!
Guess at this point it will just pop out at midnight to buy. After all it’s 5 days away the release.

Where do you people know the price tag? I can’t find anything.
EDIT: found it. It’s 60€ for Italy. I’m not okay with it but I’m buying it anyway. The price tag is the same of a full game.


That’ll teach them a lesson.


What website was this on?


This is a popular myth based off the misconception that all software is designed with precise specifications that include knowing how hardware of the future will operate, these specifications never change during the development cycle and the coders are given all the time they need to create “good code”.

None of these things ever happen in real world commercial development which is why we end up with weird code and hilarious comments in code.


Cool story but not really one that helps anything because I already covered that some games transfer better than others - and it is a tendency of teachers to pick games that do that well so that way they streamline the process and teach you the basics without derailing the class into an intense problem solving session.

Well firstly there is no such thing as “simple texture upgrades” because it turns out there’s a lot of work involved with the art team to craft and optimize textures in games - often requiring various shortcuts and odd practices to ensure it runs at specific performance goals.

Blood Money has some textures that are close to 4K quality and could be easily touched up, and it has some that are closer to 480x640 because they’re on scenery pieces in big areas. They weren’t too noticeable in the resolutions of the time (and frankly we were used to it) but they stand out now.

Also plenty of the texture styles and model designs were built around the idea that nobody would be looking at them in high enough definition to note things like… well that life belt isn’t a ring.

So, while you can - in theory, crank up the texture “quality” and update the frame rate - it doesn’t necessarily make the product look “better” and can in fact just draw attention to the problems. You can see this a lot in modding communities for old games where people try to “fix” the graphics by putting 4K textures on models and it ends up creating graphics glitches and slams you into uncanny valley territory.

Yes, there were other games that were relatively cost effective to remaster.

Super Mario Bros pretty much has zero pain points since all the technology used to create it is now incorporated into pretty much all basic game development software… in part because it’s a project people like to use to train people or get the hang of the code etc. Including HTML5:


There is indeed always a way - including creating the whole game scratch again. However the amount of work involved in making it playable and enjoyable varies wildly from game to game - hence why some games get remasters at the drop of a hat and some don’t.

Did you classes cover extensive development with the Glacier engine and how it operates under the PS2 emulator on a PS4? If so, bravo on your extensive coursework.

Do you feel that higher definition textures will make the guard finger-penis look more or less bizzarre?

How do you think the small texture tiles on walls etc will hold up under high definition? Or the fact that the “grass” is just a generic texture where the shrubs were actually pretty complex models that reused a surprisingly specific and detailed texture?

The game has issues running in HD resolution on PC… surely that’ll mean it’s easier to get to HD in console right?


It was an article about the release and price. Not a retailer.

@thrison I wished more than anything a remastered version of Absolution but not at 60€. I mean 40 is a fair price.


I’m just going to wait until it’s on a sale.

I loathe Absolution (even though it was my first Hitman game) and would never play the remaster, therefore I need to wait for a sale to avoid spending so much just for Blood Money.


Tbh I would only buy if they brought the game to the current hitman engine, essentially remaking the maps rather than the game itself. But to me it seems that the games will remain the same with the same issues but with a slightly higher quality. I would urge anyone to wait until we get some sort of look at the remasters before preordering seeing as we don’t even have a screenshot yet


But even then. I just am curios, will there be 1 menu to choose between 2 games like the ps3 hd collection or 2 separate games with their own icon on the home screen???


I’d say they’re separate as they’ll likely be available separately too. Remember that the games were rated individually by PEGI, as well as a combined unit.

If they can’t be purchased separate, makes no sense why they were rated as such. :confused:


I really hope so! Man friday is going to be a nice day. I work nights, so I will download everything over night.
In the morning after shift I’m going with a coworker in downtown to buy something and eat sushi.
Then! With a full stomach and some whiskey red bull I shall enjoy Absolution on my ps4 :heart_eyes:


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


What? I love that game and I started to play Hitman since 2001.


It’s just funny to me because I hate it so much, yet you’re the opposite.

The first and only time I played it, it took me over six weeks to finish it because I’d get so angry I’d rage, turn the PS3 off and not go back to it for a week or two. When I finally finished it, I removed the disc from the console put it back in the case and then put the case in the bin.

It’s the only PS3 game I purchased that I still don’t have the disc in my possession.


Well depends what you’re after. I’m more a story gamer type of guy I think.
I mean I love Hitman for the story and the character 47. There are many missions I don’t like, but the story, the atmosphere, the way 47 looks, the way he walks, the way he kills. That’s what I like.

I really hope they added something new to the inventory but I don’t have many hopes. In the ps3 release there was no walking on stairs animation. And when you hostel any weapon it would just disappear.
Maybe they changed that now? I doubt they added a briefcase. I really do. But a part wishes they are going to surprise us and give the case from the cut scenes. But I know it won’t happen.

But now ladies and gentlemen. My biggest complain. You ready?
Here it goes :grinning:



how cool would it be if they got rid of the checkpoints in absolution in this remastered version?i would prob consider getting it then.


haha the games I bought in 2018:
10$ horizon zero dawn complete edition
40$ spyro
60$ hitman 2
10$ no mans sky ( it was seeeealed) :wink: haha ive open and played it

I will happily pay like 40$ for this shit
seriously blood money 60fps on console blown load