HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


I’m really hoping to hear a bit more about this. See some gameplay footage, and see the difference in the quality of the originals and the remasters. Feel a bit in the dark for four days before release


This italian article mentions 59.99 euros: https://www.smartworld.it/videogiochi/hitman-hd-enhanced-collection-annuncio.html
Such as this one:
This made me check the italian PSN and the italian XBOX Store.
PSN had nothing. Neither did XBOX Store.
So, how on earth did these websites get the price? If dozens of others had no clue about it?


Pretty much, yeah. I only entered the series with Blood Money, and whole SA and Contracts are okay to play today without having known them back in the day, C47 is a real chore, haven’t played it for more than like 10 minutes.


Anyone else wish they would just remake the best levels from past games like Blood Money and Contracts in the current Hitman 2 engine?


Im not sure I need this collection that bad if the reported price is correct.
I own blood money on ps2 & the hd collection on ps3 & still have the latter console hooked up to my TV & haven’t thought oh it needs to look better.
Ditto for the controls(think they’re okay)apart from the throwing controls (L3 really?)

Absolution I still own too not that I play it much other than when I think ‘it can’t have been that bad i’ll give it another go, then stop when I realise actually this isn’t what I want from a hitman game.’

Think I’d pay £20 tops for this collection as it would be neat to have an easier way to capture footage from Blood Money on ps4’s share function :slight_smile:


It was in the press release sent out by WB. Most places chose not to include the price in their articles.


Ok, thanks for the info!


I think we can expect more info tomorrow with the Jan Roadmap.


Would love a ‘Flashback/Highlights’ Dlc where you redone some previous missions with a plot thread that tied them together, similar to the patient zero campaign.


I did


Did the developers really say that? Or is that all talk? Because if that really part of the expansion that would be incredible!


I also don’t know… but you’d think it would be a no-brainer as DLC for HITMAN 2 and 3…


True. But picking the right mission to remake would be a challenge. Especially since not everyone agrees.

The main “big” ones I can think of would be A New Life, The Murder of Crows and A House of Cards. Those seem to be the most well known favorites by many


Well in my “Red Dragon” teaser image I presume that it might be possible to do 4-mission Mini-Campaigns for each pack. So that would be the 4 Hong Kong Missions for example.

Something like that would be cool.


Would you have it in 1 location?


If it were me it would be Hong Kong 4 times but the locations re imagined.

Instead of a simple Fish Restaurant it might be a recreation of the famed JUMBO seafood restaurant of Hong Kong.

Then maybe Ocean Park… Victoria Peak… culminating in a hit on a massive Mansion.

And you get a mini story… Mei Ling gets more screentime…

Think: “Wolverine in Japan”. One of those off to the side style stories. 47 stays in Hong Kong for the duration of 4 different hits…


I wouldn’t like to see any remakes since they’d get rid of Kyd’s original soundtrack and have Nielsen do the music. And while I think Niels is a very good composer, the old levels just wouldn’t be the same without Jesper’s music :confused:

Plus I’d prefer if IO stuck go making new content instead of remaking stuff from the past, and the old games work fine enough even if they’re clunky to play


Could always put earbuds in and listen to Kyd lol but I hear ya… :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m another one in the ‘I’d pay half price just for blood money’ camp. But I’m not paying £45 for this ‘collection’. It’ll be on sale fairly soon I would guess.


I got platinum on Absolution last summer. It took me 6 goddamn years. There is no way I’m doing that again. And my PS3 copy of Absolution works fine so there is no need for me to throw away 60 bucks for this. I only want Blood Money, and many others with me. I hope by the end of the week it is possible to buy them seperately.