HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


Platinum in Absolution is pretty easy. I got that in a couple of days.

There is still no pre order on the playstation store. I think it’s obvious now that it’s just going to pop out to buy on release day.


That’s really cool, but @Travis_IOI what about bring back Hitman Absolution Contracts to live? You promised to do something with that after H2 premiere, and still no response from your side. You relase Enhanced Absolution without working Contract mode - which from customer side it’s “half of game”. I like you work, and i am your biggest fan from begining, but your marketing suck. Honesty.


Yea it probs will just appear on release day. Also I am 99% sure it will be two separate icons on the PlayStation given that for every “collection remaster” I have ever bought they have been seperate. I’m not sure about buying bm or abso separately tho :confused:


I am most intrigued by the ‘Updated Controls’. Like, would Absolution’s controls be slightly revamped to how they are in H2? Obviously, Abs control scheme is what set the precedent / standard for the controls we have today, but obviously small tweaks have been made since.

I’m not going to bother wondering if BMs controls were remade as well (as in: controls like the current game). That’d be fantastic if they were, but nothing that nice ever happens… Right?

I had them on PS3, and I don’t recall if I ever found out how to throw a coin in BM.

I don’t see myself buying them though.


Be grateful that you didn’t

I’m pretty sure that throwing coins in the console versions of that game resulted in permanent, serious thumb joint damage

Hold down the right stick to ready the coin, move the right stick to aim, release to throw. Fuuuuuuck that noise. There’s no way nu-IO is gonna do that to people


Absolution is such a blur for me, I can hardly remember any of the missions on that game although I played it to death, I know there’s a lot of hate on Absolution but I’m looking forward to getting stuck back into it.


Nobody said anything about “the future”. I’m talking present time.

Let me let you in on a little secret. These “notes” are used amongst colleagues at times for jokes. So the context of your “google search” is way off basis. I would suggest stop listening to morons on the internet/twitter that don’t know shit. Lol.

Cool story too but the sky is blue. Ya, no shit some do and some don’t except it still comes down to one thing, still Doable.

And how would YOU know that? Is that wiki telling you that as well? :man_facepalming:

Yet again, obviously. So still doable.

They’ve already remastered Hitman 2: Silent Assassin to HD. They’ve done Nes games. It doesn’t matter that they are “console games”. It’s still a program that can be remastered. Just like any music record can be remastered. We have the tools to do it.

Remastered games can and usually have individual things REDONE.

That’s where my last statement slides in as well. ‘Redone’.

Did they “fix” the code too?
I wouldn’t use “the modding community” as your basis of what’s true and false to everything else.

No, it comes down to demand and investment.
Until it’s there, it’s not worth considering. Just like how Ubisoft is finally remastering Ac3.

No, but it isn’t rocket science as you think it may be. Just like any car, you work on one engine, you can work on any other one. Their pieces are all in different places, but the same blueprint is BASICALLY there.

Doesn’t matter. If it doesn’t, great. If it does, REMAKE.
Again, not rocket science.

Again, if it works, great. If it doesn’t, remake. All part of the process in remastering.

Because it was never built for HD res. Upscaling doesn’t do the job. And console literally has nothing do with it because it would be done to work on console.


finally someone asks the important Questions!


Even today, after the january roadmap, still no preorder option.


I guess they are only interested in your pre-orders when they can bump up the price for a piece of plastic tat.

Why do you need to pre-order it? It’s digital only, so they can’t run out of copies.

And I’m guessing they don’t want people seeing it before they buy it because it’s an unremarkable remaster unworthy of its hefty price tag.


Don’t worry bro I’m sure they wont sell out :joy::wink: I doubt there will be a pre-order option? it’ll no doubt go live at midnight on the 11th


@Jamy47 more interested in the pre load. So I can have it after work instead of waiting for it to download.


Me after finding out:


Okay my bad! that is a fair point.


Dear god… $60? I JUST got those games not too long ago because I thought they were enhanced already on Xbox One X.

I think I’m gonna just pass if it will be that much. It’s bad enough I’m not enjoying Hitman 2 as much as its predecessor, so that’s like $100 I spent poorly. Plus the ‘Improved Lighting’ is putting me at unease. Pls don’t go bloom-happy, IO. ;-; Some of our wee eyes can’t take it.


As far as I know, the $60 price is likely nothing more than a rumour. None of IO’s official pages for the game mention a price. We won’t know for sure how much it is until the 11th.


What is wrong about hitman 2 compared to 2016? they are basically the same lol


I just prefer it over Hitman 2. I do think it did some stuff better, but overall I like 2016 better.


The links to PsStore are not active.Also there is a mysterious mention to a collectors dlc pack for H2.It just links to the free prologue,so maybe it’s a mistake…


Fair, I do believe that 2016 was more consistent in size and quality. H2 has 5 real maps, sgail isn’t great and whittleton creek is small (although it is v good) whereas in 2016 there are 6 good sized and even maps