HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


Just noticed this link to the collectors pack too, so weird ? It has to be a mistake as there nothing being released tomorrow as per the Jan schedule? Strange one



It’s on the press release that WB released announcing the game, which was used as the source for literally every article about it.


To be fair though io would have directly announced it on the website if it was confirmed so I’m still holding my breath on at maximum £40


I’m going to buy it I think as I haven’t played either game and I love 2016 and hitman 2.

Full price does seem a bit much but I figure it will be fun.


Holding out for individual downloads. If I can buy Blood Money on its own, it’s a day one purchase. If I have to buy BM with its loathsome conjoined brother Absolution then I will wait for it to drop to £10.00 on sale.



So…great… 80$ Canadian.

I don’t think some slightly-better-looking games of 7 and 13 years ago are worth that much. Not even together.
And I don’t think they’ll be selling them seperately, folks. Pair up the public’s most hated entry with (what used to be?) the most beloved one in a sweet new package… It’s obvious what fans and the general public are going to be buying the package for. The collection is just a way to justify inflating the price a bit since it’s not just one game you’re buying.

Personally, I don’t know if I’m getting it. It’s just a simple remaster. I don’t know how much ‘better’ BM can look without fully retexturing it from the ground up. It’ll just act smoother. And Absolution? That was already built for modern consoles, and that will at least get the same amount of touch-ups as BM here. (and Blood Money already got an HD release so this might just be that with smoother controls and framerate for the newer gen.) I don’t think either will look like H2016, that’s for sure.
Plus, I already own the HD PS3 collection (haven’t played BM yet though) so I’d only be buying this for a better-playing, more complete Absolution experience. Don’t know if I want to go back to that though since it’s a whole different beast to the normal stealthy Hitman (afaik) and all the buzz is with the new entry.


I was just thinking, I doubt they fix any annoying issues like the walking animation on stairs or hosteling a gun in Absolution.
Because if they did they would had bragged about it the same way they did about the lighting and 60p/4k resolution.

Regardless I’m happy any way. One major issue I had with Blood Money for the ps3 was the huge life bar. It was taking way too much space on the screen, while on pc it had a nice right look and proportion.


But one of the common complaints I have seen surrounding HITMAN 2016 was that no other level in the game compared to the sheer size and quality of Sapienza and in H2 you have a lot more Sapienza styled missions(4 huge maps), much bigger than the vast majority of maps from Season 1.


I’m perfectly okay to replay Blood Money with achievements.

I’m also slightly happy that there’s no Silent Assassin - I never wanted to play Hidden Valley on Professional ever again.


So you would but Bloodmoney on it’s oen for say 20 dollars, but if it comes with Absolution you wouldn’t?
That doesn’t make much sense to me?


Both combined are $60 think what he’s saying is he isn’t bothered about paying $60 for both but would happily buy BM on its own for say half of that


It’s kinda unfair to say sapienza was the only really good map. The worst map is 2016 was probs Bangkok and even that offered hours and hours of replay value. I can’t say the same about hawkes bay or whittleton creek tho. But tbf on H2 the four big maps are outstanding


I gotta say, the annoucement of the Enhanced games with no screenshots this close to release is a weird marketing decision. Never seen this before.

(I don’t mean this in a mean way, I love IO).


You’re not the only one. I actually just finished Absolution on xbox 360 a few months back after playing Hitman S1 on PS4 and the game still holds very well.

It plays more like a story driven action game but the core Hitman feel is still there and as you mentioned, some of the stages are amazing and with the story, highly cinematic. My favorite is the Seven Nuns stage and the story.

And Absolution is an important step in the evolution of the game series, because without that delightful (albeit different) experiment, we wouldn’t have the balanced story and gameplay perfection that is the PS4 Hitman S1 and S2 today.


Still not convinced I’m getting this but if I do
hopefully as an option the original Blood Money/Absolution controls will be included :slight_smile:


Absolution controls where fine. I wonder what they changed that it will make it more like the lasts 2 games.


Expectations: big fixes and AI enhancements; Blood Money will have Hitman 2016 mechanics; graphics looking better than original PC release; $30 price tag
Reality: same bugs and AI; same mechanics; no PC release, because “enhanced” PS2 graphics look worse than original PC release; $60 price tag


lmao @ removing contracts trophies (so no contracts for you guys @Affliction @GreekAgent @Tiki2970) :



True Form
Acquire suit & gloves

That gave me a chuckle. Even IO knows lol.


So Absolution’s servers are never coming back. :joy:

People have been waiting for ages, just to be disappointed.