HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


Makes the Platinum even easier.


I loved Bangkok. Was probably my favourite map. I thought the general consensus was that Colorado was the worst.

  • Complete Hitman: Absolution HD on any professional difficulty
  • Collect all Play Styles

Lol what are these trophies.
What’s an “any professional difficulty”? I thought Professional was a difficulty. (are all difficulties in Ab considered somewhat ‘professional’ because it makes everyone feel cool and edgy?) okay, okay, no they’re not. It’s more complex than it seems.
And whaaat? You can “collect a play style”?? I’ve been playing games wrong for years!


I also really like Bangkok. I think it is better than Marrakesh, which I’m not super fond of


Maybe this is all an early April Fools Joke. I will wait and see what it looks like before I buy


Everybody points fingers at Absolution and says it’s crap but it introduced all the mechanics people love about the newer games.


No. Absolution has Tier Difficulty. Normal and Professional and then different modes within.


Oh… Okay. So there’s sub-difficulties.


Purist mode is the highest. You do just one run at that difficult and you unlock all the other ones. Works for every game out there.
If I remember this correctly. In purist there were more guards and some instinct features were disabled and lasted less. But I might be wrong


I do not look forward to collecting all play styles again. The counter was extremely finicky on Xbox 360. Some of the play styles can be unlocked by doing a required kill, and reloading, others required you to do all kills in one sitting (hello, Pitcher!).


And if you unlocked any play styles during the tutorial level, it’d count toward the total without counting toward the achievement, and thus would stay glitched until you started a brand new playthrough and tried it all again.


And yes, this. Painfully tedious. I wish they actually fix this but not harbouring any hopes at all.


Yes, everyone loves short, linear levels and a broken disguise system.


It introduced contract mode with some of the best/hardest contracts in the series. It had much more limitations than new one but people used them as best as possible. No contract from 2016/H2 impressed me as these from Absolution. Big shame it will never return :disappointed_relieved:


Contract Mode it’s something that Absolution done much better than “The World of Assassination” did. No only because of restrictions, but also because of career mode, unlocks, suits which could be used anywhere. I miss old Contract Mode. The new one don’t have nothing besides of challenges which could pick my attention more than needed to complete these challenges.


Only better thing in Absolution compared to Hitman S1 I can come up with is that you was awarded with money in Contracts mode and could buy weapon upgrades with that money.


There’s no confirmation yet whether contracts mode will get their servers back up. Perhaps this is the whole reason why it took so long, because they were making the remaster and they did say they will come back someday. Seems like the perfect day to come back.

I think it’s best to wait and see as I doubt they’d even mention it in their features for the game like graphics and controls updated.

Hopefully it’s back.


Oh yeah? Then explain the LACK OF GLOVES lol


It’s on xbox store new zealand now, not to buy though


$97 NZD, groooooooosss

That’s full price, so the $60 USD rumour was true. This shit is ridiculous lol. Hitman 2 gold edition is cheaper on the store right now than this collection. They’re dreaming if they think people are gonna pay that much for these games