HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


Like anyone’s gonna buy it for that price lmaooo


I’d really like to see some gameplay footage before I even consider buying, regardless of the price? Why is absolutely no visual material available? I didn’t even see a screenshot, let alone actual gameplay.


Extremely ghetto copy-pastes of images from the NZ playstation store because that’s all that’s available lol


There’s a video too but it’s just cinematics from Absolution, no Blood Money


I think someones playing it on youtube


Oh yeah there hella is


Sounds like they are separate files(blood money /Absolution) from what the guy streaming was saying :slight_smile:


But can we buy them seperately or what?


They are seperate games, but i think you have to buy them both


Looks like it’s one purchase but separate files.
Also looking like no contracts mode :frowning:


Walking on stairs animation is the same! I was right with my theory.
They just improved visuals and that’s it. It seems that the weapons still disappear just like that when you hostel them.

Only improved mechanics is that the buttons are white colored as the last games and not anymore colored (when performing action like picking up, silent kill, open door and such).

And I forgot, they changed Square Eniz logo with WB.


Blood Money looks the same


So, are the blood money controls any different?


LMAO this remaster looks arse for that pricetag.

Absolution back then was easily one of the best looking games on the PS3 and on the PC side of things, you could use mods to achieve visual fidelity that easily surpasses this “remaster”. Not to mention both versions can be acquired for dirt cheap. $60 for this is a rip off.


I’m so not buying this if I get crapsolution with it. I rather wait for the price to drop heavily or for the Trinity to be released in HD enhanced. €60,- for a good game from 13 years ago and a shit game from 7 years ago is the stupidest thing they could do. Even €30,- would be enough.


Same as ps3 version.


Then I guess I wont buy it.


I’m going to wait for a sale to happen. Can’t justify myself purchasing it at that price


All they did from ps2 to ps3 version in regards to the controls was switch shooting to R2 from R1
Reload to R1 from R2
Crouch to L2 from L1
Map to L1 to L2
So Ps4 is Ps3 version basically.

So much for updating the controls


I feel like this is wildly greedy and I am normaly an IO appologist/fanboy. You can’t charge full price for games that are almost free normaly just because you took a few hours, changing the lighting and a few controls.
That being said I would absolutely love a proper remaster of Blood Money for PC. I know it can be modded but I’d still love a reason to replay it


I’ll buy it twice if it’ll make both of you happy?